Slaven Dobrovic

Minister says LNG terminal will strengthen Croatia's energy position

Environmental Protection and Energy Minister Slaven Dobrovic said on Friday the approval of a EUR 102 million grant for the construction of a floating LNG terminal off the northern Adriatic island of Krk was an important step in the strengthening of Croatia's energy position which would bring new know-how and technologies as well as expand the use of gas in Croatia's economy and society.

Croatia's energy minister to travel to Brussels on Friday for talks on INA

Croatia's Energy and Environment Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic, who is travelling to Brussels on Friday for talks with the European Commission concerning Croatian legislation on the privatisation of INA, said on Monday that he hoped that the Commission would show understanding and offer dialogue.

Minister: Public can be sure about protection of Croatian interests in INA

Environment Protection and Energy Minister Slaven Dobrovic said on Wednesday the Croatian public could be sure that national interests in the oil and gas company INA would be protected and that an appeal against an arbitral tribunal's decision in the INA-MOL case was being worked on.

Dobrovic: We've used EU funds well for environment protection projects

Environmental Protection and Energy Minister Slaven Dobrovic said in Osijek on Tuesday that through the implementation of the Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013, Croatia had absorbed HRK 2.1 billion, which, he said, was a good basis for future projects from the Competitiveness and Cohesion programme.

Bridge MP: Minister Dobrovic won't be stopped by those connected with "waste mafia"

Nikola Grmoja, a member of parliament from the ruling Bridge party, on Wednesday countered accusations made by Social Democrat MP and former environment minister Mihael Zmajlovic against the incumbent minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party, saying that Dobrovic would not be stopped by those connected with "the waste mafia".

Croatian delegation joins UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech

A Croatian delegation led by Environment Minister Slaven Dobrovic on Tuesday joined the UN Climate Change Conference which began in Marrakech on November 7.

Croatia begins preparations for ratification of Paris agreement on climate change

The Croatian Minister of Environment and Nature Protection, Slaven Dobrovic, said at a meeting of the EU Environment Council in Brussels on Friday that Croatia fully supported the Paris agreement on climate change and had begun preparations for its ratification.

Dobrovic accuses HDZ over scrapped waste management plan

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party on Friday accused the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of taking the side of individual interests, at the expense of public interest, by scrapping the adoption of a waste management plan.

Govt. officials inspect landfill clean-up in Ludbreg

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic and Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov on Thursday inspected the clean-up of the Meka landfill in the northern Croatian town of Ludbreg worth almost HRK 36 million.

Bonuses to CEOs in public companies unacceptable, says minister

Minister of Environment and Nature Protection Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party on Monday said that it was unacceptable for management personnel in the state-owned forest management  company

Split hosts conference on renewables

Member of the European Parliament Marijana Petir of the Croatian Peasant Party called on Friday for adopting a new national energy development strategy, saying Croatia could reduce its energy dependence by focusing on renewables.

Croatia, Bosnia sign agreement on cooperation in environmental protection

Sarovic called for starting with the implementation of the agreement without delay for the sake of "responsible, wise and sustainable management of resources and the environment."

Croatia has to advance waste recycling system, says minister

Dobrovic announced changes to the system and said that the Waste Management Plan 2016-2022 was almost completed. He underscored that waste sorting plants, pressing machines and waste baling was vital in waste management.

EC greenlights Croatia's new waste management plan framework

He says the advancement of the waste management system will enable Croatia to meet its obligations towards the European Union and not pay penalties, recalling that cities and municipalities have the legal obligation to enable citizens to sort waste.

Environment minister: Waste management has to be sustainable

He added that Croatia, however, was not meeting its obligations from the EU accession agreement regarding waste sorting, stressing that that must change.

Minister promotes reuse centres in Croatia

Minister Dobrovic praised reuse centres as an important segment of sustainable waste management, underscoring that reuse is most environmentally beneficial option

Croatia to adapt to circular economy without changing projects at advanced stage of completion

Croatia will change some of its waste management projects in order to adapt to the concept of circular economy, but it will not be possible to change projects at an advanced stage of completion, Environment Minister Slaven Dobrovic said in Brussels on Friday.

Several northern Croatian towns opt for "Zero Waste 2020"

 The City of Prelog and six municipalities in Medjimurje County in Croatia's north on Wednesday signed a resolution on joining the "Zero Waste 2020" international strategy.

Three ministers discuss air pollution with Slavonski Brod officials

Minister Dobrovic said that it was clear that the Rafinerija Brod oil refinery in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina was the main source of air pollution that significantly impaired the quality of life of the city's residents.

Environmentalists welcome possibility of Plomin C project being scrapped

Croatian environmentalists have welcomed the possibility of the government abandoning its plan to build a coal-fired thermal power plant, as announced by Environment Minister Slaven Dobrovic on Saturday.

Minister says Croatia should prepare new energy strategy

Environment Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic has said that it is logical to expect that Croatia's new energy strategy will jettison plans to build a coal-fired block within the exiting Plomin thermal power plant.

Environment protection minister advocates zero waste policy

The new Environment Protection Minister, Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party, said on Monday that he would wait for findings of an analysis to decide whether the ministry would remain in the ZagrebTower building or leave those premises.