Rijeka's shipyard launches bulk carrier for Canadian client

Rijeka's 3rd May shipyard on Thursday launched a 24,900-ton bulk carrier built for the Canadian shipping company Algoma Central Corporation.

Brodotrogir leases ship to Norwegian company

A US$ 43 million new ship, Songa Pride, built for the transport of chemical and oil products, was delivered to Norway's Blystad Group for a five-year lease in Trogir's Brodotrogir shipyard on...

Croatian shipyard expecting new contract for overhaul of US Navy command ship

The Viktor Lenac shipyard is expecting a new, bigger contract for the overhaul of the US Navy command ship USS Mount Whitney, the Rijeka-based company said on Tuesday.

Rijeka-based dock posts pre-tax profit of EUR 19.5M in 2015

The Rijeka-based 3.Maj shipyard, which is a part of the Uljanik Group, registered the total revenue of HRK 940.8 million in 2015, and its pre-tax profit was HRK 147.9 million, according to...

Rijeka shipyard launches tanker for Spanish client

A 51,000-tonne tanker built by the 3rd May shipyard in Rijeka for the Spanish company Marflet Marine was launched on Friday, the first of the four launches planned for this year.