sexual assaults

Cologne police investigate sexual harassment against female refugees

German police are investigating allegations of sexual harassment against female refugees by security personnel in an emergency accommodation in the western city of Cologne.

Cologne police double numbers for carnival after New Year attacks

Following a string of New Year's Eve sex attacks that shocked Europe, Cologne police on Monday pledged an intensified street presence and additional security measures for the city's next big party, carnival.

Number of complaints filed in Cologne sex assaults now over 500

The number of cases reported to Cologne police following a night of mass sex assaults and thefts continued to rise sharply, with the latest official figures rising to 516 complaints from a previous 379.

Cologne assaults lead German cities to reassess security for carnival

The mass sexual assault on women around Cologne Central Station on New Year's Eve is leading to a reassessment of security during the main carnival events early next month. Cologne, along with other cities on the Rhine, is the main carnival centre.

Number of complaints filed in Cologne assaults rises to 379

The number of women coming forward with assault allegations after a night of sex attacks and thefts in Cologne has risen to 379, a police statement says.

Deporting foreign criminals: When is it allowed in Germany?

Mass sexual assaults on women in Cologne have sparked heated debate in Germany on whether the country's current laws are tough enough on foreigners who do not adhere to them.

Cologne attacks: 22 asylum seekers among the suspects

There is evidence the asylum seekers committed offences such as theft and bodily injury of a non-sexual nature, but none are believed to have engaged in sexual assault, a ministry spokesman says.

Finland, Sweden examine sex assault charges mirroring German cases

Police in Finland and Sweden said Friday they were investigating several criminal complaints from women who say they were sexually attacked on New Year's Eve, in incidents similar to German cases that have caused widespread uproar.

German minister: Mass sexual assault "seems to have been coordinated"

"The whole thing seems to have been coordinated," Heiko Maas told public broadcaster ZDF, adding that the wave of over 90 sexual assaults and one rape in the western German city were unlikely to have coincided by chance.

Cologne mayor draws ire for female code of conduct after mass assault

The mayor of Cologne came under fire on Wednesday after suggesting a code of conduct for women in response to a wave of sexual assaults likely committed by men of North African descent inflamed Germany's ongoing migration debate.

Germany warns against scapegoating refugees after mass sexual assault

The German government condemned a series of sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in the western city of Cologne that has shocked the country, but warned against scapegoating refugees.

Crisis talks in Cologne after mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve

Cologne's mayor and police will conduct crisis talks Tuesday to respond to a wave of sexual assaults around the city's main train station and its famed cathedral on New Year's Eve that have shocked and alarmed German authorities and the public.