Serb National Council

Weekly "Novosti" dismisses NGO's accusations

The newspaper today also dismissed all accusations the NGO presented at a recent news conference, and retorted that the NGO's criticism were ill-intended and untrue accusations.

Council: Nixing grants to "Novosti" would cause far-reaching implications

The Council for National Minorities, a state-level autonomous umbrella organisation for all ethnic minorities in Croatia, has stated that the cancellation of financial grants to the "Novosti", a newspaper of the ethnic Serb minority, would produce far-reaching implications and stir criticism for reduction of free speech and of freedom of expression of the most numerous ethnic minority.

Novosti weekly, Serb National Council dismiss accusations by In the Name of the Family

The Novosti weekly and its publisher - the Serb National Council (SNV) - on Tuesday dismissed claims by the civil society group "In the Name of the Family" that the paper spreads hate towards the Croat people and should therefore be denied state funding, saying that Novosti reports critically about the government and all those who are in positions of power and that by doing so, it promotes and protects fundamental constitutional values.  

Stier reprimands Vucic's envoy over claims about poor status of Croatian Serbs

Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Davor Ivo Stier on Thursday warned a Serbian envoy for claiming that the status of Croatian Serbs was poor, noting that he used the same theories as Slobodan Milosevic, the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

Croatian Serbs do not have their own standard language, hears round table

Croatian Serbs are excluded from the more recent standard Croatian language and do not have their own standard language, Serb National Council (SNV) president Milorad Pupovac said on Tuesday, noting that an even bigger problem was that the language was regarded more as a matter of identity than as a means of communication.

Children from Sisak WWII concentration camp commemorated

The Serb National Council and the Sisak Serb National Minority Council organised at the Sisak children's cemetery on Saturday the traditional Remembrance Day for war orphans who died at the Sisak children's concentration camp during World War II.

Commemorations held for Serb civilians killed in war

Commemorations for 16 elderly Serb civilians killed in August and September 1995, in the aftermath of the Croatian military Operation Storm, were held in Varivode and Gosic on Wednesday.

Orepic urges Pupovac not to discuss issue of false residence registration outside its main context

Minister of the Interior Vlaho Orepic on Sunday called on Serb National Council (SNV) president Milorad Pupovac not to discuss the issue of false residence registrations outside its main context and particularly not in the context of inter-ethnic relations.  

President replies to Pupovac's letter: Intolerance started growing before new gov't was formed

In that context, she believes that chanting the Ustasha salute "For the homeland ready" is entirely unacceptable because it "harms national cohesion, citizens' unity and interests of the Republic of Croatia."

Serb official warns about growing intolerance in letter to Croatian president

"Some respond to political discussions about the government and its platform with a campaign of intolerance and hate, and some see statements by individual members of the government and parliament as encouragement and support to that campaign,"

Serbian PM meets Croatian Serb leader, says wants close cooperation with new Croatian gov't

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said during a meeting with Serb National Council (SNV) president Milorad Pupovac in Belgrade on Friday that Serbia wants to cooperate closely with the new Croatian government despite what he described as numerous indications of problems encountered by the Serb community in Croatia.

Eastern Orthodox Christmas Eve service held in Zagreb

In his sermon, Metropolitan Peric called on the faithful to embark "on the path of transformation because the line that divides good and evil does not run between nations, states, races and classes but through everybody's heart."

Pupovac: Unity in inequality is not possible

"Unity in inequality is not possible, and calls for unity that do not take into account the fact that inequality in our society is growing by the day... cannot result in true unity."

Pupovac says foundation for talks is guarantee that minority rights won't be cut

We met and talked about how the current parliamentary majority, primarily the HDZ planned to practice its policy toward minority rights, the development of regions populated by minorities.

PM designate says priority is to reduce debt and work with partners for better Croatia

Reporters wanted to know what his first moves would be, and Oreskovic responded that he would form the government first and then communicate the main reforms and government moves.

SNV gives reception on occasion of Orthodox Christmas

"Unity in inequality is not possible and calling for unity without having in mind facts that our society is getting more unequal everyday cannot be realised as a true unity," Pupovac said.

Memorial service held for Serb civilians killed, gone missing in war

"All that has become invisible both in the country and in the Serb community. Some Serbs had returned to Pakrac, but after a few years they opted again to emigrate and to leave, I would say, for good."