Croatian president says Russia's meddling posses threat to EU and NATO enlargement

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said in Munich on Thursday that interference by some countries, notably Russia, posed a threat to the integration of the Southeast European countries with the European Union and NATO.

Trump spells out cybersecurity order, but doesn't sign it

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday outlined an executive order aimed at strengthening the cybersecurity of government and private-sector computer networks.

Frankfurt airport test-runs new automatic immigration system

Frankfurt airport was testing out a new automatic immigration system on Thursday, the first time such a system has been tried out in Germany.

Report: US authorities examine terrorist threats ahead of election

US intelligence officials are investigating potential terrorist threats ahead of the US election, US media reported Friday.

RBI to take part in NATO's project to develop nuclear material detector

The NATO-led project "E-SiCURE" which is expected, over the next three years, to develop a specialised machine for detecting nuclear materials aimed at stepping up security at borders and ports, was launched at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute (RBI) in Zagreb this past Wednesday.

Germany's civil defence plan - a breakdown of the key points

The German government has given the green light to a new civil defence plan intended to prepare the country in the event of terrorism, cyberwarfare and attacks on critical infrastructure.

Germany launches civil defence plan to combat new security threats

Germany's new civil defence plan is a "major step" towards preparing authorities and the public for changing security threats, the country's interior minister said Wednesday, as he dismissed reports about the return of military conscription.

Germany mulls military conscription as part of civil defence plan

The German government is considering bringing back compulsory military service as it eyes possible security threats facing the country, according to a confidential document seen by dpa.

Military conducts controlled explosion near Olympic basketball arena

The Brazilian military conducted a controlled explosion of an unattended backpack near the Olympic basketball arena, Rio Games organisers said Thursday.

Security is top priority, Rio organizers insist as incidents continue

Security is a top priority at the Rio Olympics, its organizers said Thursday, as incidents continued to be reported on the sidelines of the Games.

Rio organizers guarantee Olympic safety in wake of bus incident

Olympic organizers said Wednesday they remain determined to make Rio de Janeiro a safe place despite various incidents including an attack on an official media bus the previous day.

Controlled explosion of suspicious backpack at Olympic cycling race

A Brazil police bomb squad conducted a controlled explosion of an unattended backback near the course of the Olympic cycling road race on Saturday.

French city cancels renowned market festival over terrorism concerns

The northern French city of Lille cancelled Friday its annual Braderie street market festival, citing security concerns after a series of terrorist attacks that have shaken the country.

No "specific security threat" at Rio Olympics, Interpol says

The international police agency Interpol said Wednesday that it does not see a "specific security threat" at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where thousands of heavily armed soldiers and police officers have been deployed to ensure safety.

Italy police: Maximum security activated around the Colosseum

A "maximum security" regime, with extra checks on visitors, has been activated around Rome's Colosseum as part of precautionary measures against terrorism, Italian police said Wednesday.

French interior minister: More than 1,000 detentions during Euro 2016

French police have made more than 1,000 arrests or detentions since the start of the European football championship, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a interview with local media published Monday.

Controlled detonation at Stade de France ahead of Euro quarter-final

French security forces on Sunday conducted a controlled detonation on a car near the Stade de France stadium, where France were due to play Iceland in a Euro 2016 quarter-final later in the day.

Minister: Croatia goes from being passive observer to co-creator of EU security policy

Orepic held talks with European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos. After the talks, Avramopoulos told the press that no country could handle the refugee crisis on its own.

Euro organizers hope for great atmosphere despite terrorism concerns

Euro 2016 organizers have received no specific terrorist threat to the tournament in France starting Friday but do not rule out staging matches behind closed doors in certain scenarios.

France beefs up security in Paris around Euro 2016

France is stepping up security for Euro 2016 with an additional 1,200 military personnel deployed in the greater Paris area, officials said Monday.

A week before Euro 2016: France struggles with floods, strikes

Strikes, floods, stadium security lapses and high terrorism alert levels: It seems the number of possible calamities threatening France just a week before the European football championship mounts each day. Will the sun come out in time?

Jahorina declaration focuses on terror threat, better border protection

Alongside regulations, it is necessary to create technical prerequisites such as a data exchange mechanism for persons crossing the borders in the region to more effectively deal with cross-border and organised crime in Southeast Europe, it was said.

Security concerns over Euro 2016 after football match in France

Security concerns stirred by perceived lapses during the domestic cup final at the Stade de France prompted Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to promise improvements to security measures on Monday for the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament.

Euro 2016 organizers try to ease concern with sweeping security

With jittery Europe still reeling from a string of terrorist attacks and flush with accusations of security failures, Euro 2016 organizers are trying to set minds at ease.

Grabar-Kitarovic: Migrant crisis requires comprehensive solution

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said on Friday that the migrant crisis required a single and comprehensive solution taking into account security and economic problems in migrants' countries of origin.

Better to invest in Syria than in migrant transit, says Croatian president

Speaking about security in Europe, she said the refugee crisis was a humanitarian issue, but also a very complex issue of national security, of migrant integration, and an economic and social issue.

Opposition MP: National security system leaderless

The council in charge of coordinating the security system is not functioning because it has not been appointed and the report by the head of the Military Security-Intelligence Agency was not adopted owing to the votes of the Patriotic Coalition and its partners. 

70 Bosnian citizens under investigation for terrorism

The 70 people are suspected of organising terrorist groups, public incitement to terrorist activity, recruitment for terrorism, illegal formation of and recruitment for foreign paramilitary or parapolice units, crimes of terrorism and terrorism-related activities.

Hollande says Euro 2016 will demonstrate unity in face of hate

French President Francois Hollande said Tuesday that the European football championships in France this summer will be a "way of responding" to terrorist attacks that have placed the country on high alert.

Grabar-Kitarovic: I'm glad we agreed on SOA chief

"I am glad that we have agreed. Our cooperation is very good, we are moving on," Grabar-Kitarovic told the press during a stroll through central Zagreb on Saturday.

Major shift in security unlikely after post-Brussels reviews

Despite calls for better sharing of intelligence and tighter security at airports and other transport hubs, analysts say most European governments are already doing nearly everything they can to prevent terrorism.

Italy sets up DNA database, says it's key for national security

The Italian government on Friday approved the creation of a central DNA database, hailing the decision as a key "step forward" for national security.

Brussels attacks prompt tighter security across Europe, elsewhere

Governments in Europe and beyond have responded to the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, calling emergency national security meetings and stepping up controls at airports and other sensitive sites.

Karamarko says has two candidates for post of SOA chief

First Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko said in Obrovac, in the Zadar hinterland, on Saturday that he had two candidates for the post of the Security-Intelligence Agency (SOA) chief.

France tests security prep for Euro 2016 with mock suicide bombing

Hundreds of police officers, soldiers and emergency workers took part in a security exercise in the southern French city of Nimes on Thursday to test safety procedures at stadiums before the country hosts Euro 2016 this summer.

Euro 2016 games could be held the next day in case of threats/attacks

Euro 2016 games in France cancelled because of terror attacks or threats could be staged the next day and behind closed doors, Europe's ruling body UEFA said Tuesday.

Bosnia Islamic community leader placed under protection

Mektic said that Bosnian security services were monitoring all online communications that might be related to terrorism and were promptly responding to any challenges.

Bosnia had to release Syrian from custody despite security risk

Syrian Ismad el-Husein, also known as Abu Hamza, who had been in extradition custody in Sarajevo for eight years as he is regarded as a threat to the security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was released on Thursday, members of his family said.

Croatian president meets several heads of state of Adriatic-Baltic-Black Sea initiative

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic held talks in Munich on Saturday with the presidents of several countries involved in the Adriatic-Baltic-Black Sea initiative on "the continuation of the cooperation in specific projects."

Bridge insists on adding Ostojic's appointment to agenda immediately

"Bridge insists that the Committee be immediately set up through the appointment of the Committee chairman, and the strongest Opposition party is entitled to this position," Strenja Linic said, 

Security and Intelligence Agency refutes newspaper's report

The Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) on Tuesday refuted allegations in the Jutranji List daily about an intelligence scandal in which protagonists went with impunity, as claimed by the daily.

President dismisses two senior security officials

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic has relieved Dragan Lozancic as Director of the Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) for violating the Security and Intelligence System Act, the President's Office announced in a press release on Friday.