Croatians save 432 kuna monthly, 20 kuna less than last year

Eighty percent of Croatians are aware of the importance of saving, and they put aside an average of 432 kuna (57.6 euros) per month, which is 20 kuna (2.6 euros) less than last year, according to a survey carried out by IMAS agency.

Bank deposits up 3.6% to HRK 253.9 billion

Total bank deposits in Croatia at the end of February totalled HRK 253.9 billion, 0.7% less than in the previous month, but 3.6% more than in February 2015, show the latest data from the Croatian National Bank (HNB).

Ex-Slovenian bank clients in Croatia, Bosnia invited to apply for reimbursement

Judging by all accounts, Croatian depositors, about 130,000 of them, will be the first to be reimbursed.