Saudia Arabia

Closing Yemen’s key airport puts millions at risk, aid groups warn

A Saudi-led coalition’s ongoing closure of Yemen’s main airport in the rebel-held capital Sana’a puts millions of lives in the war-torn country at risk, 12 aid groups said on Sunday.

Egypt journalists condemn wave of arrests ahead of planned protests

Egypt's Journalists' Syndicate condemned a wave of arrests ahead of protests planned for Monday against the handover of two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia trades 109 Yemeni prisoners for nine captured Saudis

Saudi Arabia has handed over 109 Yemenis in exchange for nine Saudis captured near the kingdom's southern border with Yemen, the Saudi-led alliance in Yemen said in a Monday statement.

Iran: no plans to join Russian-Saudi oil production freeze

Iran has no plans to freeze its oil production levels at January rates, its oil minister said Sunday, putting a dent in a Russian-Saudi plan announced last month that was designed to slow down the freefall in world oil prices.

Saudi, Russian oil deal appears unable to reverse devastating rout

A conditional deal to limit output by the world's top two oil producers seems unlikely to raise prices.

The many sides of the Syrian conflict

Syria has been stuck in a war involving several domestic and foreign forces for nearly five years with almost no common ground to be found among the main organizations fighting on the ground.