Harsher penalties for traffic offences go into force in Bosnia and Herzegovina

An amended traffic safety law entered into force in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday envisaging draconian fines for offenders who drive under the influence or at excessive speed.

Petrov says Bosnia priority of Croatia's foreign policy

Croatian Parliament Speaker Bozo Petrov announced in Sarajevo on Tuesday the continuation of Croatia's full support for Bosnia and Herzegovina's efforts to preserve its stability and territorial integrity as well as its aspirations to joint Euro-Atlantic associations.

Croatian MEP: Federalism solution for BiH, unclear concept of third entity damaging

Multi-ethnic countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina can be successfully built on federal principles, but forcing the establishment of a third entity makes no sense without a clearly defined idea of what a third entity would mean in territorial terms and without the support of all political stakeholders in the country, Croatian MEP Jozo Rados told the Sarajevo-based Oslobodjenje daily on Monday.

Croatia, Bosnia lay new foundations for security cooperation

Croatian Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic and Bosnia and Herzegovina Security Minister Dragan Mektic announced in Sarajevo on Thursday the strengthening of cooperation in the fight against organised crime, terrorism and illegal migration prevention, saying that the time had come to lay new foundations for the two countries' relations on the security front.

Ivanic: Situation in Bosnia "very grave", ruling coalition not functioning

Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanic, who is the Serb representative in the tripartite body, on Wednesday warned that the situation in his country is "very grave," underscoring the need for the multi-party ruling coalition to undertake more resolute measures to change the situation and embark on vital reforms.

Sarajevo public transport company forced to sell trams to cover debt

The Sarajevo public transport company whose acronym is GRAS is facing the downsizing of its fleet by 36 vehicles that are likely to be put on sale at a public auction scheduled for Wednesday, in a bid to reduce its debt.

3 parties against Sarajevo University decision on no lectures on Friday afternoon

Three left-leaning political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday strongly criticised the decision by the Sarajevo University Senate that no lectures would be given during Jumu'ah, a congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday.

Four indicted for JNA soldiers' execution in Sarajevo in 1992

The Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office on Thursday issued an indictment against four persons for the murder of eight Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) prisoners of war in Sarajevo in April 1992.

Suffocating Sarajevo orders alternating traffic to combat pollution

Air pollution in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo has gone far beyond critical in recent days, prompting an emergency committee to ban half of the city's cars from the roads, the daily Avaz reported Saturday online.

EBRD grants loans to Bosnia for Corridor Vc motorway, Brcko port

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has granted a fresh loan of EUR 76 million for the construction of additional sections of the Corridor Vc motorway through Bosnia and Herzegovina and an additional EUR 10 million for the upgrading of the Sava River port of Brcko.

Sarajevo preparing alcohol-free outdoor NYE party

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is making preparations for a splendid open-air New Year Eve party to usher in 2017, however, discussions on a ban on alcoholic beverages in the square that will be the venue of the New Year Eve concert have cast some doubts on the organisers' assertion that this will be the most spectacular outdoor New Year party in the wider region since the war.

CEI summit in Sarajevo urges concerted action in addressing migrant crisis

Central and eastern European countries that are part of the Central European Initiative (CEI), a regional intergovernmental forum committed to supporting European integration, would like to continue fostering their cooperation and to address, through concerted action, issues such as migrant crises, security threats and terrorism.

Two ex-Bosnian Army soldiers arrested on suspicion of war crimes in Sarajevo

Two former Bosnia and Herzegovina Army soldiers were arrested in Sarajevo on Wednesday on suspicion of committing war crimes in Sarajevo in 1993.

120 Bosnian nationals fighting in Syria, Iraq

In the past six months, departures of nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina wishing to fight in Syria and Iraq have completely stopped, but there are still around 120 Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens in the two countries, fighting on the side of terrorist organisations, Security Minister Dragan Mektic said in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

Survival of EU project key to peace and stability

A European future for southeast Europe is of key significance for stability and the preservation of peace and for the destiny of countries in that region, according to the opinions expressed by participants in an international conference on the situation in Europe held on Tuesday in Sarajevo bringing together distinguished former presidents and prime ministers from the European continent.

Lajcak: Bosnia and Herzegovina has prospect of EU membership

The EU enlargement process continues to have staunch advocates among the member-countries and it will continue despite existing problems, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is among countries that have a prospect of EU membership, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak, whose country currently chairs the EU, said in Sarajevo on Monday.

Minister's not going to Sarajevo unrelated to current events in Bosnia

The Croatian Defence Ministry said on Monday that Minister Damir Krsticevic would not attend a meeting of his Central European counterparts in Sarajevo and that this had nothing to do with current events in Bosnia, but his obligations in the government concerning the 2017 budget.

Croatian ambassador in Sarajevo visits arrested ex-HVO members

Croatia's ambassador in Sarajevo on Tuesday visited the former members of the HVO Bosnian Croat forces suspected of war crimes against Serbs, saying that Croatia's next steps depended on whether they would be released on their own recognisance.

Plenkovic's meetings in Sarajevo reflect understanding and desire for greater cooperation

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Friday pledged support for efforts for achieving full equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina's peoples and citizens, Sarajevo Archbishop Cardinal Vinko Puljic said after meeting with Plenkovic in the Bosnian capital.

Croatia Airlines celebrates 20 years of flights to Sarajevo

Croatia's national air carrier, Croatia Airlines on Wednesday celebrated 20 years of Zagreb - Sarajevo flights with the airline's CEO Kresimir Kucko announcing the airline's stronger presence in the future on the Bosnia and Herzegovina market.

AfD politician born in Bosnia under investigation

Police in Freiburg have searched the flat of Dubravko Mandic, a lawyer and politician of the right-populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, as part of an investigation of this Sarajevo native for insults, German media reported on Saturday.

Eurostat: Bosnia census results valid

The results of the first post-war census in Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted three years ago are valid and the entire process was conducted in compliance with international standards, and some deviations that occurred in subsequent checks do not question the accuracy of the whole data, Pieter Everaers, Director at Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, said in Sarajevo on Wednesday.

Suspects interviewed over unconstitutional Bosnian Serb entity referendum

Two members of a commission which carried out an unconstitutional referendum in the Bosnian Serb entity on September 25 were interviewed at the Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office in Sarajevo on Monday, telling reporters afterwards that there had been nothing unlawful in the entire case.

Sarajevo audience 'protests' its way into theatre to watch Croatian director's play

The performance was earlier opposed by the Croatian cultural society "Napredak" and several Bosniak associations which claimed that the play offended the religious feelings of Catholics and Muslims.

Bosnian authorities say Italian journalist "set up" scene of illegal arms purchase

Italian journalist Luigi Pelazza, who filmed a story on an illegal arms purchase in Bosnia and Herzegovina, "set up" the evidence to portray the country as a free market for supplying weapons to terrorists, according to the results of an investigation carried out by the State Prosecutor's Office and police announced in Sarajevo on Friday

More than 100 parties to run in Bosnia's local elections on Oct 2

Slightly more than 3.2 million registered voters will have the opportunity to elect new municipal and town councils as well as municipal heads and mayors in 141 communities, including Brcko District, in local elections to be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday, October 2.

Bosnian prosecution investigating Serb entity referendum

The Bosnian Prosecutor's Office has launched an investigation into a Bosnian Serb entity referendum which breached the law and the constitution, and the persons responsible for organising it will be interrogated in the days ahead, the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) said in a press release on Monday.

Plenkovic says his first visit abroad will be to Sarajevo

The president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), a relative winner of the September 11 parliamentary election in Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, said in an interview for Al Jazeera on Friday that his first visit abroad would be Sarajevo, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Candidate status - way to defuse rows in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The decision by the European Union (EU) General Affairs Council (GAC) to launch the process that could bring Bosnia and Herzegovina to candidate status for accession to the EU, is an important step for that country and could contribute to defusing political tension, international and domestic officials have said after Bosnia's European path was unblocked on Tuesday.

Bosnian Constitutional Court temporarily bans Serb entity referendum

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday dismissed a motion by the Serb entity's government that the Court reconsider its decision to contest the entity's decision to observe January 9 as its day, and temporarily banned a referendum which the entity plans to hold on September 25.

Reis Kavazovic says Bosnia cannot tolerate fear of war again

It cannot be tolerated that people in Bosnia today again fear a war because of the same threats that were made before the bloody conflicts of two decades ago, the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reis Husein Kavazovic, said in Sarajevo on Monday.

Croatian FM says Bosnian Serb entity referendum unacceptable

Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac said on Wednesday that a referendum in the Bosnian Serb entity scheduled for September was not acceptable to Croatia and that Croatia expected Serbia's authorities to urge the entity leaders to scrap the referendum.

PIC ambassadors to decide on Bosnian Serb entity referendum

Izetbegovic recalled that Dodik's SNSD party adopted a declaration on 25 April 2015 which said that if the political situation did not unfold in line with their expectations, the RS parliament should call a referendum in 2018 on the independence of the Serb entity.

Bosnia Croat leader warns of separatism and unitarisation

The survival of Bosnia and Herzegovina and consequently, the stability of the entire region are undermined by separatist and unitarisation policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and local Croats have nothing to do with such polices, nor are they responsible for the ongoing crisis, and they are utterly worried about their own fate, Bosnian Croat leader Dragan Covic writes in a letter sent to international diplomats in Sarajevo.

Bosnian govt. adopts decision on system for coordinating relations with EU

The Bosnian Council of Ministers on Tuesday adopted a decision to establish a mechanism for coordinating relations with the European Union, formally meeting a requirement for considering Bosnia and Herzegovina's application for membership candidate status.

Plans for Sept referendum in Serb entity fuel political conflicts in Bosnia

The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has deteriorated in recent months and that will have not only political but also economic repercussions, the Austrian ambassador to that country said in an interview with a local daily.

22nd Sarajevo Film Festival opens

The 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival opened on Friday with the screening of a restored version of Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver", attended by the star of the 1976 film, Robert De Niro, the guest of honour at this year's event.

Several hundred demonstrators in Sarajevo express support for Turkish gov't

Several hundred people rallied in central Sarajevo on Friday evening to demonstrate their support for the government in Turkey following a recent coup attempt.

Cavusoglu: Turkey will protect Bosniaks in Bosnia

Turkey is determined to protect the Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and will not allow crimes such as the 1995 Srebrenica genocide to be committed against them again, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview with the Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni Avaz, published on Tuesday.

EU, U.S. warn Bosnian politicians country will not get money without reforms

The European Union and the United States have warned Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday that if it continues to block reforms on the path to the EU, it would be faced with financial sanctions.

Talgo trains to start running between Sarajevo and Zagreb soon

Talgo technicians are already in Sarajevo to check the trains before putting them into operation, Cabric said, explaining that Croatia has already given its green-light to the introduction of this type of Spanish trains.

Local government elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina called for Oct 2

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Central Electoral Commission (SIP) announced on Wednesday that municipal elections would be held in the country on October 2 with the exception of Mostar where electoral rules have not yet been adopted due to political controversy.

Sarajevo: April Fool's joke rally in support of government

The informal group known as KarAKTer (Character) organised the rally in fact as an April Fool's joke.

Siege of Sarajevo lifted 20 years ago

On 29 February 1996, the Federation's police entered the municipality of Ilijas, north-east of Sarajevo, removing the blockade of the road running from Sarajevo to the central city of Zenica. This put an end to the siege that had lasted 1425 days. 

Bosnia can take 2,000 refugees at the most

It is estimated, however, that some refugees arriving in Serbia could attempt to continue on route to the West by crossing through Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Trebinje crossing in the south of the country and at Bijeljina in the north.

Next Brdo-Brijuni summit to be held in Bosnia in May

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will host the next Brdo-Brijuni summit in late May, BiH Presidency Chairman Dragan Covic has said, as quoted by Sarajevo's Dnevni Avaz daily on Monday.

Two videos threatening terrorist attacks in Bosnia posted

Two videos have been posted on social networks in which two Bosniaks in the Syrian war zone call for terrorist attacks in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the execution of the head of the Islamic Community in BiH, Husein Kavazovic.

Austrian FM: Macedonia cannot manage refugee crisis alone

Sarajevo is Kurz's first stop on his regional tour of Balkan states affected by the migrant crisis, however, his talks with his hosts in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital were dominated by European integration and bilateral relations.

Protest rally held in Sarajevo over hijab ban

Several hundred protesters, mostly women, rallied in central Sarajevo on Sunday to voice their discontent with the decision by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (VSTV) to ban the wearing of the hijab, as a religious symbol, for judicial office holders in the country.

Bosnian Presidency and visiting Croatian FM hold meeting

Bosnia and Herzegovina's (B-H) presidency and Croatia's Foreign Minister Miro Kovac agreed on Friday in Sarajevo that strengthening friendly relations between the two countries was of mutual interest and a priority, announcing that efforts to reinforce bilateral relations would continue during the new Croatian government's term.

Lajcak: If Schengen disappears, Western Balkans to suffer most

The migration crisis rocking Europe has seriously brought into question the Schengen Agreement and if it fails, Western Balkan countries will feel it the most, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said in an interview with Bosnia and Herzegovina's Nezavisne Novine daily.

Illegal communities defying Bosnian Islamic leadership's ban

The Islamic Community's main body, called the Riyasat, said in a statement that activities were under way to integrate "alternative groups" into the official structures of the Community in line with Bosnian legislation on religious liberties and communities.

Austrian police say European capitals have been warned of possible attack

Vienna police said on Saturday that a 'friendly intelligence service' has warned numerous European capitals of the possibility of a shooting or bomb attack in Europe before the New Year.

Bosnia: 11 arrested in Sarajevo on suspicion of links with ISIL

The arrestees have been reportedly in touch with radical groups, including people who were engaged in the wars in Syria and Iraq.

Bosnia: Sarajevo coated in smog, residents advised to stay at home

All manufacturing plants using solid fuels were instructed to reduce their operational capacities or lower temperatures by three centigrades.

Bosniak political and religious leaders warn of danger of Islamic radicalism

The head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic, who initiated the meeting, told the press that the aim was to reaffirm their "commitment to the path of the good in a time full of violence". 

Bosnia activists hope EU bid will help end anti-gay violence, discrimination

Gay campaigners are hoping that Bosnia's bid to join the European Union, which has put its human rights record under greater scrutiny, will lead to change.

Tusk reaffirms support for Bosnia's EU perspective

The European Union is ready to provide assistance in stabilising the situation, Tusk told a press conference after meeting members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency.

Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Croatian Anonymous don't have our database

The Ministry of Security of BiH point out that all the data now published Croatian Anonymous were available earlier, and published in the media and on social networks.

Islamic dignitary calls on Bosnian Muslims to defy terrorists

He added that one must not condone those who kill innocent people in Gaza and Syria either, recalling that the most numerous victims of criminals "and those who allegedly fight against them" are Muslims.

Bosnian Defence Ministry says murder of two soldiers terrorist act

"This was an act of terrorism against members of the armed forces," Suljagic said, recalling that BiH was a member of the global coalition fighting Islamic State and that BiH soldiers participated in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.