same-sex marriage

Norway approves new liturgy for same-sex church marriages

The Church of Norway on Monday approved a new liturgy for all church marriages including same-sex weddings, following last year's decision by the country's largest religious denomination to approve same-sex weddings in church.

Thousands urge Taiwan lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage rights

More than 10,000 people rallied outside Taiwan's parliament Monday to demand quick legislative action that would clear the way for Taiwan to become the first Asian nation to recognize same-sex marriage.

Planned popular vote on gay marriage ignites debate in Australia

The Australian government has proposed a date for a compulsory plebiscite on same-sex marriage, as concerns over expense and funding fuel opposition to the plan.

Ireland's gay marriage vote spurs surge in openness, survey finds

Ireland's approval of same-sex marriage has spurred hundreds of young people to come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) over the last year, according to survey results released on Sunday, one year after the referendum took place.

Ireland celebrates first anniversary of same-sex marriage vote

More than 400 couples have wed since a referendum succeeded in making Ireland the first nation to approve same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

Protestant Church in Germany to vote on allowing same-sex weddings

The second largest Protestant church in Germany is scheduled to vote Friday on whether to permit same-sex wedding ceremonies in its churches.

Chinese court agrees to hear first same-sex marriage lawsuit

A Chinese court has agreed to hear the country's first same-sex marriage case, filed by a gay man in the southern province of Hunan, media reports said.

Slovenians reject same-sex marriages in a referendum

The rival, pro-gay marriage group voiced disappointment and promised to press for a return of a law allowing marriage, the STA news agency reported.

Slovenia votes in referendum on same-sex marriage

The parties of the centre-left government coalition supports the same-sex law, saying that it eliminated discrimination against gays.