Dodik to abandon EU path if Bosnian Serb entity sanctioned for referendum

The President of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Serb entity Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, on Friday threatened that the entity would abandon the country's European integration if the European Union attempts to introduce any penalties in the wake of the unconstitutional September referendum in the entity which questioned the authority of the Bosnian Constitutional Court.

Bosnian Serb authorities intend to use police records as electoral roll

The commission is not worried about the fact that the SIP last week decided not to forward the electoral roll to them after describing the referendum and the body working on its implementation as illegal.

Izetbegovic says Dodik has crossed the red line

The Chairman of the Bosnian collective Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic (Bosniak), on Tuesday assessed that president of the Republika Srpska (RS)

30,000 demonstrators gather in Banja Luka for rival political rallies

An estimated 30,000 people gathered in the Republika Srpska (RS) capital of Banja Luka at noon on Saturday for separate demonstrations called by the government and the opposition in the Serb entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Inzko presents report on Bosnia and Herzegovina to UN Security Council

The Austrian diplomat says that Bosnia and Herzegovina is being prevented from activating its path to NATO membership because authorities in RS refuse to cooperate in fulfilling prerequisites such as the registration of military property.

Bosnian Serb president opens student dormitory named after indicted war criminal

"With this move we give our support to the man who put his signature for the construction of the university in East Sarajevo. We hope that the outcome of the trial will be satisfactory. I am glad that his wife and daughter are here, because he deserves it,"

Cardinal Puljic tells Patriarch Irinej Bosnian Serb entity founded on crime, not God's truth

Puljic says in the letter that what Irinej said on that occasion caused "disbelief, shock and disappointment," notably his claim that RS was founded on "God's truth and justice." 

Bosnian Serb authorities opposed to radioactive waste disposal in Croatian border area

All competent institutions in RS and in Bosnia and Herzegovina should take a united stance and take all the necessary steps to prevent any activities at that location ...

Bosnian state court cautions RS for violating constitution

RS parliament's decision came in the wake of several arrests of Bosnian Serbs suspected of war crimes and in the process SIPA searched a police station in Bosanski Novi.