Rockets from Syria fall on southern Turkey for third straight day

Three rocket fired from Syria landed Wednesday in Kilis province, southern Turkey, for the third straight day, the state run Anadolu news agency reported.

Second wave of rockets from Syria hits southern Turkey, injures eight

Rockets fired from Syria for the second time this week left eight people injured Tuesday in Turkey's southern Kilis province, according to a statement from the governor's office.

Rockets fired into Turkey from Islamic State-controlled area in Syria

Two rockets were launched on Thursday into the Turkish border town of Kilis from a Syrian area controlled by the extremist militia Islamic State, Turkish news agency DHA reported.

North Korea tests rocket engine, state media reports

North Korea says it has successfully tested a solid-fuel rocket engine, state media said Thursday.

Russia, US disagree whether Iran rocket tests violated UN resolution

The United States and Russia disagreed Monday over whether recent ballistic missile tests conducted by Iran violated a UN Security Council resolution.

Iran defends rocket tests as legitimate

Iran on Thursday defended its recent test of ballistic missiles, two of which carried anti-Israeli inscriptions.

Anti-Israeli inscription on tested rockets raises questions on Iran

An anti-Israeli inscription was written on two rockets used in military tests in central Iran, Fars News Agency reported Wednesday, just days after the country's president said that the nation is looking for reconciliation with the outside world.

Seoul: North Korea fires rockets, hours after UN sanctions vote

North Korea fired several short-range rockets off its the eastern coast Thursday, South Korea said, just hours after the UN imposed its strictest sanctions ever on Pyongyang.