Robert Podolnjak

Podolnjak: Bridge supports Oreskovic gov't, parliament's dissolution possible if gov't given vote of no confidence

Deputy Parliament Speaker and Bridge member of Parliament Robert Podolnjak said on Monday that Bridge supported the government led by Tihomir Oreskovic and would not take party in any government reshuffles and that it would sign a motion for the dissolution of the parliament only if the parliament voted no confidence in the government.

46 applicants compete for 10 vacancies in Cons. Court.

As many as 46 valid applications for 10 vacant places for Constitutional Court judges have been sent to the Croatian parliamentary Committee on the Constitution.

Consultations on nominations for Const. Court judges under way

The chairman of the Croatian parliamentary committee on the Constitution and the political system, Robert Podolnjak of the Bridge reformist party, on Friday said that the consultations on candidates for Constitutional Court judges would last until early March and after that advertisement for those positions should be published.

Bridge expects culture minister to clearly distance himself from Ustasha regime

Deputy Parliament Speaker Robert Podolnjak said on Wednesday that his Bridge party expected Culture Minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic to clearly say that he was a staunch antifascist and to clearly distance himself from the Ustasha regime ...

Bridge: There won't be a tripartite government

"There won't be a tripartite government," Podolnjak said, adding that his party would continue negotiations with the centre-left Croatia Is Growing coalition, led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

New parliament fails to appoint its speaker

We said that we would accept the candidacy for Parliament Speaker if it is supported by the two biggest political camps, and they each have more than a third of parliamentary seats.

First attempt to inaugurate parliament fails

Podolnjak said that he would accept his appointment only if the parliament voted him in by consensus, ...

Podolnjak says MOST can't nominate its parliament speaker candidate

He also said that at talks with both the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Bridge discussed all possibilities and potential names.

HDZ says high degree of agreement with Bridge on exclusive economic zone in Adriatic

We have reached a high degree of consensus and agreed that we will both support a decision to declare an exclusive economic zone. 

Bridge, SDP to continue discussing exclusive economic zone

Regarding the Exclusive Economic Zone, we have exchanged our opinions and shown Croatia's international obligations. We will continue discussing this, Bauk said.