razor-wire fence

Slovenia replacing razor-wire with garden fencing

Slovenian soldiers have begun to take down the razor-wire fence on the section of the border with Croatia along the Dragonja river in Istria, Slovenia's Defence Ministry reported on Wednesday and added that the dangerous razor-wire will be replaced with panels of garden fencing.  

Slovenia denies removal of wire fence soon

Upon the spillover of the migrant crisis to Slovenia a few months ago, Ljubljana erected the razor wire fence along 156 kilometres of its 671-kilometre-long land frontier with Croatia.

Slovenia hands Croatia protest note over Savudrija Bay "incident"

Over past 45 days Croatia has forwarded eight protest notes to Ljubljana against the razor-wire fence being set up along the border and on Croatian territory in some areas.

New protest note to Slovenia against wire fence on border

The ministry notes that the first rains this year and rising rivers have demonstrated their force and have pulled the razor-wire fence into the rivers and that this could cause more problems in the foreseeable period.

Protest rally against razor fence at Slovenian-Croatian border crossing

"From the idea of Europe as a space of openness and enlargement, we have come to the process of closing up and the idea of social protectionism, and that's a false illusion," Gherghetta said.

Cerar wants to discuss regugee crisis with Croatia's new PM

He said a final solution to the refugee crisis required the cooperation of all European Union countries and better control of the external borders.

Slovenian port of Koper has Nativity scene with razor wire fence

The Church of the Assumption of Mary in Slovenian seaport of Koper has decorated this year's Nativity scene with a miniature razor wire fence, alongside sheep and saints of plaster, in response to the ongoing refugee issue.

Environment in 2015: Protests against oil drilling in Adriatic, Plomin C project, Slovenian border fence

Green activists staged several protests during the year against oil drilling in the Adriatic and the Plomin C project, calling for a low carbon dioxide development policy and a ban on coal-fired thermal power plants and oil drilling.

Croatian FM urges Slovenia to treat refugees better

...  Croatia had the best supervision and organisation in tackling the migrant crisis compared to other countries through which refugees are passing on their way from Turkey to Germany.

Alpe Adria Green presses charges against Slovenian govt. over razor fence

By putting up the razor fence on the border with Croatia, the Slovenian government has breached international agreements and Slovenian laws, including on the protection of animals and the environment, 

Istrians protest against razor wire fence on Croatia-Slovenia border

"If we are Europeans and respect European values, we must remember that this barbed wire caused big wounds to our continent not that many years ago,"

Ostojic: We expect Slovenia to remove wire fence

 We expect the Slovenian side to remove the wire fence of its own accord," Ostojic said in Slavonski Brod, commenting on the razor-wire fence Slovenian police had put up on Croatian territory.

Ethnic Italians urge removal of barbed wire on Slovenia-Croatia border

Following the eventful 20th century marked by tragedies and sufferings, local residents in "pluralistic Istria" have embraced cooperation and peaceful coexistence in the European Union, ...

Croatian-Slovenian protest volleyball match across razor wire fence Saturday

The City of Pula and Istria County have entered the European Cultural Capital +2020 competition with the theme of demilitarisation

Slovenia not considering removal of border fence for now

 Slovenia has so far put up a razor-wire fence along 140 kilometres of its green border with Croatia.

Croatian FM writes to EC over Slovenian border fence

The razor-wire fence that is being put along the Croatian-Slovenian border is an impassable barrier to migrating wild animal species in one of the best preserved corners of Europe, 

Picula warns EC of wildlife caught in razor-wire fence on Slovenian border

"The first victims of Slovenia's policy, apart from good neighbourly relations and cross-border communication, are wild animals as their habitats do not recognise formal territorial demarcation between countries,"