Ranko Ostojic

Davor Bernardic and Ranko Ostojic will face off in a runoff election for SDP chief

Davor Bernardic and Ranko Ostojic are two candidates that entered the second round of the election for the leadership of Croatia's strongest opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), according to preliminary results released on Saturday.

Ranko Ostojic to run for SDP president

Social Democratic Party (SDP) vice president Ranko Ostojic on Wednesday officially announced his candidacy for party president and called on his opponents to conduct a constructive election campaign.

SDP to launch procedure for leadership election on Thursday

The leadership of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) meets on Thursday to start the procedure for a party election, and the party is expected to choose a new leader by the end of November or no later than mid-December.

Ranko Ostojic to run for SDP president

Social Democratic Party (SDP) Vice President Ranko Ostojic has announced his candidacy for the new party leader after the incumbent Zoran Milanovic said on Monday he would not re-run for the SDP president.

SDP collecting signatures to dissolve parliament

He would not say how many signatures the SDP group had. "We have collected enough signatures at the very start which should mean that this is serious."

Opposition MP: National security system leaderless

The council in charge of coordinating the security system is not functioning because it has not been appointed and the report by the head of the Military Security-Intelligence Agency was not adopted owing to the votes of the Patriotic Coalition and its partners. 

Committee on Constitution: Domestic Policy Committee should have discussed SOA chief's replacement

Objections to an agenda may be submitted at the session only if the session is called on the day when it is being held or the day before, the Committee on the Constitution decided.

Karamarko: HDZ, Bridge have same opinion of Ostojic

The HDZ agrees with its coalition partners on all important matters and has a very good political relationship with them, said the HDZ leader.

Ostojic: Advertisement for civil monitoring council being prepared

"Today we briefly agreed on how the committee would function and we defined responsibilities regarding data confidentiality," he said.

SDP chief wonders if appointment delay was necessary for HDZ

"Was this really necessary for the HDZ? I am not sure what they were aiming at a week ago when they rejected the appointment. Now he (Ostojic) has been appointed with the help of votes from their coalition partner and us. That's very unusual behaviour. 

Ostojic appointed chair of parliamentary Domestic Policy Committee

Former Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) was appointed Chairman of the Domestic Policy and National Security Committee of the Croatian Parliament on Friday.

Bridge insists on adding Ostojic's appointment to agenda immediately

"Bridge insists that the Committee be immediately set up through the appointment of the Committee chairman, and the strongest Opposition party is entitled to this position," Strenja Linic said, 

Sabor Speaker: Opposition has made "big story" out of nonappointment

The Opposition's proposal to appoint former interior minister Ostojic (SDP) as the Home Affairs and National Security Committee's chairman was rejected Elections and Appointments Committee by a majority vote on Friday morning.

Ostojic: Reiner's claim about domestic policy committee dangerous

Social Democratic Party (SDP) MP and former interior minister Ranko Ostojic said on Friday he considered a statement by Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner dangerous, after Reiner said that the Domestic Policy and National Security Committee could continue working even without a chair.

Opposition: Ruling majority violating law by refusing Ostojic's appointment

"The decision of the Elections and Appointments Committee is truly unprecedented," said Dragovan, noting that never before had the parliamentary majority decided on who would fill the quota belonging to the parliamentary minority and vice versa.

Ruling majority doesn't want Ranko Ostojic to chair Home Affairs Committee

Ostojic's nomination was supported only by three MPs from the SDP and the Croatian People's Party (HNS), while committee members from the Patriotic Coalition and Bridge voted against.

Interior minister visits refugee transit centre

"Croatia is a safe and decent country, there is nothing to add to that. We have responded entirely, regarding our obligations in this crisis," said Orepic.

Outgoing interior minister talks migration restrictions

Speaking at a press conference, he told "advocates of the wire fence" that aside from putting it up along the border with Serbia, they must not forget Croatia's 1,000-km-long border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia to introduce new rules for migrants

Caretaker Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Wednesday that, after Austria introduced and Slovenia announced a new regime for migrants crossing the border, Croatia would introduce new rules too.

Croatian police procure state-of-the-art helicopter

Croatia's police air fleet has a new modern AW139 helicopter valued at HRK 119 million, purchased with funds from the Schengen Facility Fund for the purpose of border surveillance.

Interior minister says Croatia hasn't become hotspot for refugees

"I heard his statement... and I can see that he has been doing some copying. Miro Kovac says that he was asked by the Germans why (Croatia's) national police director did not attend a recent meeting of the Austrian and Slovenian police chiefs.

Outgoing Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic says will sue Grmoja

Ostojic intends to sue Grmoja who claims that there are indications that Bridge leader Bozo Petrov was illegally investigated by the PNUSKOK police anti-corruption investigators.

Ostojic: USKOK confirmed Grmoja and Petrov's allegations false

An investigation has revealed that Petrov was not under surveillance, that his phone calls were not tapped or data on his phone contacts examined, USKOK said on its website.

Anti-corruption office says Petrov wasn't under surveillance

The anti-corruption agency USKOK said on Wednesday that Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov had not been under any kind of surveillance measures.

New group of Croatian police going to Greece as part of Frontex

Asked by Hina about Croatian police participation in Frontex, Ostojic said Croatia would continue to participate in the Poseidon and Triton operations, and that it was also present on the Macedonian border with equipment and experts.

581,590 migrants have passed through Croatia, 31 undergoing readmission

Since mid-September, when they first started arriving, 581,590 migrants have passed through Croatia and 31 persons are in the process of readmission, caretaker Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told reporters at the refugee transit centre in Slavonski Brod on Saturday.

Petrov says Ostojic should face parl. committee on home affairs, national security

"If the SDP had not tried to cheat us, his (Kosic's) speech would have definitely made me go with the Croatia Is Growing coalition."

Ostojic says Slovenia's requests unilateral and irresponsible

Ostojic said border police chiefs from Italy, Slovenia and Austria would meet on Thursday. The meeting was proposed by the Austrian interior minister so as to discuss conclusions of the Brussels meeting held in October 2015.

Grmoja: Ostojic nervous and speaking inappropriately

Commenting on Ostojic's claims that Petrov had not been tapped, Grmoja said he had entirely expected such a reaction.

Ostojic reiterates Petrov was not under surveillance

Ostojic called on all those reporting such things to file criminal charges, so that he could defend himself from such charges but also to be able to prosecute them later, should evidence show that they were telling untruths.

Interior minister: Petrov was not under surveillance

Ostojic said that Bridge spokesman Nikola Grmoja was accusing him without providing any evidence and called on Petrov to face him publicly and discuss the allegations.

Bridge spokesman gives deposition about Petrov surveillance

"I didn't say I had evidence. The parliamentary committee confirmed that the complaint arrived. Institutions should now do their job and establish if that is true or not," he added.

USKOK looking into Grmoja's claims about Petrov surveillance

The Police Directorate would not comment on Grmoja's claims, and outgoing Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojic said he would hold a news conference on Wednesday.

Ostojic: We expect Slovenia to remove wire fence

 We expect the Slovenian side to remove the wire fence of its own accord," Ostojic said in Slavonski Brod, commenting on the razor-wire fence Slovenian police had put up on Croatian territory.

Ostojic: Dublin Regulation created for other circumstances

The regulation requires refugees to be registered in the first country of the European Union they enter and it is that country that they will be returned to if they are not granted asylum. 

There are no problems with management of migrant crisis in Croatia, says minister

He underlined that the Croatian authorities were treating migrants humanely and that Croatia should not be punished because of that.

Ban on economic migrants to stay in force until EU takes clear position, says minister

The minister recalled that differentiating between refugees was due to a unilateral decision by Slovenian authorities and their request for the readmission to economic migrants by Croatia.

Croatia refuses to take back economic migrants from Slovenia, says minister

A total of 439,840 migrants have passed through Croatia since mid-September, he told reporters at the Slavonski Brod refugee transit centre.

Croatian Interior Minister says economic migrants make up only 1.6% of refugee wave

The minister also explained what intensified EU border control meant, which was one of the three topics discussed at a meeting of EU interior ministers on Friday.

Ministers agree tighter control on external borders for EU citizens too

"This doesn't refer only to Schengen but to the EU's external borders too, where systematic control would be carried out not only for citizens from third countries, but EU citizens too," Ostojic said.

Ostojic: Croatia on highest level of alert

"We must always be on alert. I've never said that a risk of terrorism does not exist. We are on the highest level of alert," Ostojic said

Croatia to turn back migrants not coming from war-affected countries

Ostojic said that Croatia had previously denied passage to citizens of Algeria, Turkey, Kosovo and in one case Haiti.

Nobel Peace Prize winners visit Croatian refugee centre

Apart from those three Nobel Prize winners, the campaign whose aim is also to support women in Syria and female refugees has involved a dozen non-governmental organisations, too.

Croatia to stop taking refugees if transit to Germany stopped

Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Tuesday that Croatia would stop accepting refugees if their transit towards Germany was stopped.

Minister says services doing their best to make Croatia as safe as possible

"No one can guarantee you that a terrorist act cannot occur - it would be absolutely irresponsible and inappropriate. But we are doing our best

PM says government at highest possible level of alert

"Heinous, coordinated, clearly terrorist attacks whose perpetrators are not yet know have shaken Europe and the world," and they are "a blow to the fundamental human values,"

Slovak delegation visits Slavonski Brod refugee centre

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic on Friday received a Slovak Interior Ministry delegation at the Slavonski Brod refugee transit centre to see how it is organised and how it works.

Newly-elected SDP MPs support Milanovic as PM-designate

"We have gathered our signatures and are certain that we will have far more signatures than any other party. We consider ourselves the winners of this election

Croatia insists that all honour Juncker plan in dealing with refugee crisis

The Croatian minister said that one of the reasons for convening the meeting would be to clarify the matter of implementing the Dublin Regulation on asylum.

Croatian minister: Slovenia wasting money on border fence

"Erecting a wire fence is a waste of money. It would be more important for (Slovenia) to set up a temporary shelter for refugees with a capacity as that of our shelter ...

HDZ-led coalition is election loser, says Ostojic

Citizens said 'no' to those who thought they could crush someone and have the opportunity to apply methods against those with different views,

Slavonski Brod transit centre can receive increased migrant influx

There are currently up to 2,000 people at the winter transit centre in Slavonski Brod.

Trains with migrants arrive in Slavonski Brod day earlier

In case of congestion on the border, the winter reception centre in Slavonski Brod will be able to receive up to 5,000 people, said Ostojic.

Migrants arriving in Slavonski Brod transit centre as of Tuesday

The first train with 1,000 refugees from the camp at Opatovac will arrive at the provisional winter transit centre for migrants at Slavonski Brod at 8 am on Tuesday

Refugee crisis has cost Croatia EUR 9.2m so far

Asked by the press if this meant that communication with Slovenia had improved, he said, "Frankly, we behaved in the same way towards Serbia. It's logical behaviour.

Minister says only rest stops in Croatia not hotspots

"Croatia has been asking from the beginning that the migrant problem be dealt with at its source -- in Greece. Greece must finally become a country ...

Croatian, Serbian ministers agree mechanism for solving migrant crisis at border

According to Ostojic, as soon as the winter transit centre in Slavonski Brod is completed, migrants and refugees will no longer enter Croatia through Bapska

Govt. to request intl. assistance in organising reception of migrants

Speaking to the press ahead of the government session, Ostojic said that given the weather, up to 13,000 blankets were necessary in one night.

Minister says refugee situation under control

 Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said in an interview with Hina on Wednesday that Croatia had sufficient capacities for refugees in transit towards Slovenia, 

Minister: Croatia honoured deal with Slovenia but migrants were met by dogs and fences

"Croatia has respected the agreements with Slovenia but there were dogs and fences at locations where those people should have been transported," Ostojic said

President says can only respond to Minister Ostojic's statement with irony

Grabar-Kitarovic said on her official Facebook on Saturday that Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic admitted that the caretaker government was incapable of running the country

PM says didn't read president's Facebook post, had more important things to do

"I haven't seen it or read it because I didn't have time, so it would not be fair of me to comment on it. We have more important things to do, no offence to anyone.

HDZ calls on government to stop attacking president

Today she said her post was ironic. "You can reply to the latest statements by Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic with nothing but irony. That's what I did ...

Ostojic: We have no other choice but to send migrants on to Schengen area

"They should say that a wall will be built on the Croatian-Serbian border. But you can be sure that wire fences have never proved effective," he said.