PLO: US rejecting Fayyad's UN appointment is 'discrimination'

The United States' rejection of former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad to the role of United Nations' envoy to Libya is "a case of blatant discrimination against him on the basis of his...

Palestinians warn Trump against relocating US embassy to Jerusalem

The suggestion that the next US ambassador to Israel might relocate the embassy to Jerusalem roiled the region Friday as Israelis and Palestinians tried to assess the impact of such a specific,...

Palestinian official criticizes arrests in response to wildfire

A senior Palestinian official on Monday criticized the Israeli government for several arrests in connection with wildfires that have left large swathes of the country ravaged.

Palestinian local elections put on hold by high court

Campaigning for upcoming local elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip was suspended Thursday by a Palestinian court, according to a Central Elections Commission official in Ramallah.

Palestinian man shot by Israeli soldiers in West Bank

A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers Friday as he ran towards them on the West Bank, according to an army spokeswoman.