Pupovac : We don't differentiate between innocent victims

Speaking at the 75th anniversary of the uprising against fascism of the people of the Lika region in WWII, Serb National Council (SNV) president Milorad Pupovac said that they had not gathered in...

Croat Serb leader Pupovac comments on possible obstruction of anti-fascist commemoration

The police, he added, overlooked or did not wish to see the fact that the applicants to put up that tent are "followers of the defeated Ustasha ideology and World War II forces, who are promoting...

Pupovac: Those who keep quiet about horrors should consider what kind of sainthood they talk about

SABA leader Franjo Habulin said that among some 30,000-40,000 victims killed and thrown into karst pits at Jadovno were also Croats who believed that a Croatian state should be different from what...

Vucic and Pupovac call for dialogue and cooperation between Serbia and Croatia

Vucic reiterated "Serbia's commitment to building good-neighbourly relations with Croatia, regional cooperation and cooperation within the European integration process."

Pupovac says early election one of possible ways out of crisis

The president of the Serb National Council (SNV), Milorad Pupovac, has told the Belgrade media that election is one of the possible ways out of the crisis that Croatia is currently faced with.

74th anniversary of WWII Partisan operation commemorated at Petrova Gora

The Alliance of Anti-fascist Fighters and Anti-fascists of Croatia and of the municipalities of Vojnic, Krnjak, Gvozd and Topusko and the Serb National Council (SNV) on Saturday commemorated on...

Pupovac: ICTY resembles shop before closing

"This verdict is a shock to all victims of war policies, notably the policy connected with Vojislav Seselj, and at the same time it shows that the tribunal in The Hague is wrapping up its work in...

Pupovac condemns attack on young man in Vukovar

"My party and the SNV have condemned this criminal act committed by three young men and I am condemning it now," Pupovac said in an interview with Croatian Radio