LGBTIQ activists rally in Zagreb after night club incident

About a thousand protesters gathered in central Zagreb on Monday evening for a rally in support of LGBTIQ rights after a tear gas was thrown in a night club during an LGBTIQ party this weekend.

A-HSP party protests conclusion on removal of Jasenovac plaque, police arrest its leader

The leader of the non-parliamentary far-right Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights (A-HSP), Drazen Keleminec, and four other people were arrested for disturbing the peace at a protest rally held in downtown Zagreb on Saturday, police confirmed to Hina.

PM underlines importance of media freedoms at Radio 101 protest anniversary

The 20th anniversary of a protest of support for Zagreb's Radio 101 was marked at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb on Thursday evening, with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic attending.

Sarajevo audience 'protests' its way into theatre to watch Croatian director's play

The performance was earlier opposed by the Croatian cultural society "Napredak" and several Bosniak associations which claimed that the play offended the religious feelings of Catholics and Muslims.

Italy protest party: Euro is destroying southern European economies

Europe's common currency, the euro, is wrecking the economies of Italy, Spain and Greece and must be fundamentally reformed or broken up, Italy's main opposition party, the Five Star Movement (M5S), said Tuesday.

Millions of workers strike in India over reforms, wages

Tens of millions of workers and government employees went on a day-long strike across India on Friday, protesting the government's labour reform policies and demanding better pay.

Massive rally held in Sana'a in support of rebel ruling body

Thousands of Yemenis on Saturday rallied in central Sana'a in a show of support to a council set up by rebels to rule the war-wracked country.

73-year-old woman killed in police demonstration

A 73-year-old woman taking part in a role-playing police exercise was killed after being shot multiple times by an officer, police said Wednesday in Florida.

Erdogan arrives at mass rally in Istanbul against attempted coup

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived at a massive rally of hundreds of thousands of people in Istanbul on Sunday to protest last month's failed coup attempt by elements of the Turkish military.

Istanbul set for mass rally against attempted coup

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend a massive rally in Istanbul on Sunday to protest last month's failed coup attempt by elements of the Turkish military.

Anti-war protest elicits harsh counter-protest

A peaceful anti-war protest was held in Zagreb's main square at 6 pm on Thursday, eliciting a peaceful counter-protest by Croatian war and civil associations and a strong response from representatives of war veterans' associations.

Radiohead condemns violence at party in Istanbul, as police crush protest

Turkish police used tear gas and water cannons on hundreds of protestors who rallied in Istanbul Saturday against the previous night's attack on a small record shop holding a listening party for the new Radiohead album.

Protesters urge continuation of curricular reform, early election

Several hundred citizens, including leaders of some trade unions and numerous members of expert groups working on the curricular reform, said the current government was ignoring the reform.

Croatia Can Do Better Initiative announces rally for change of government

The Initiative called on Croatian citizens to join in the support for the comprehensive curriculum reform and send out the message that education is a priority for Croatian society.

200 protest outside INA demanding protection of national interests

"Croatia has been looted and humiliated, the list of (white-collar) scandals and criminal offences is being extended, while the Croatian people are living in poverty," said Vilibor Sincic

Protest against sale of state-owned assets

A protest against the sale of state-owned assets was held in Zagreb's main square on Saturday at which about 200 people demanded the replacement of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, telling him that "a sale is not a reform."

Protesters say politicians should keep away from curricular reform

According to police estimates, 25,000 people gathered for the protest. There were no reports of incidents.

Thousands attend protest of support for curricular reform

Thousands of citizens, concerned about the possible discontinuation of an integral curricular reform over political pressure, gathered for a protest of support for the reform in Zagreb's central Ban Josip Jelacic Square on Wednesday.

Over 300 organisations support curricular reform protest

About six hours before a protest in Zagreb in support of a curricular reform scheduled for 6 pm on Wednesday, about 15 Croats living in Shanghai rallied to voice their support and send an important message from the other side of the world.

Protest held against privatisation of Koncar Electrical Industry

Some 300 members of the Croatian Metal Workers' Union gathered outside the government headquarters in Zagreb on Monday for a protest against "privatising Koncar at any costs."

Croatia Can Do Better initiative calls for education minister's resignation

This civil society organisations making up the group called on citizens to attend the rallies set for June 1 at 6 pm to "clearly and loudly say that education is a priority for Croatian society."

Rally held against renaming streets, squares bearing Tito's name

A protest was held in Zagreb's Marshal Tito Square on Saturday against the renaming of this and all other squares and streets in the country bearing Tito's name.

Iraqi authorities close bridges, roads after violent Baghdad protests

Iraqi authorities tightened security in the capital Baghdad on Saturday, one day after protesters demanding reforms breached the city's heavily fortified Green Zone.

Iraqi protesters withdraw from Green Zone after curfew

Iraqi protesters withdrew Friday from the Green Zone a few hours after Iraqi authorities had declared a state of emergency in the capital Baghdad, security sources told dpa.

French police protest violence against officers

French police protested Wednesday what they say is a surge in violence against officers that has taken place during labour reform demonstrations in recent months and left many injured.

Labour Party to organise protest against Podravka sale

The Croatian Labour Party announced at a news conference in Koprivnica on Monday that they would organise a protest in Zagreb on Saturday against the sale of the Podravka food company and other strategic Croatian companies.

Three attacks on reporters recorded in Banja Luka on Saturday

The BN TV crew was also verbally attacked by SNSD supporters while covering the pro-government rally in the main square. Reporter Danina Milakovic and cameraman Pavle Ivanovic were called "traitors" by Dodik's sympathisers.

30,000 demonstrators gather in Banja Luka for rival political rallies

An estimated 30,000 people gathered in the Republika Srpska (RS) capital of Banja Luka at noon on Saturday for separate demonstrations called by the government and the opposition in the Serb entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

State of emergency invoked in Banja Luka ahead of protest rallies

A special crisis management team set up by the law enforcement authorities in Banja Luka decided to impose a state of emergency which includes a ban on the work of all cafes and restaurants and on the sale of alcoholic beverages in shops on Saturday.

Mine removal specialists protest against low wages

About 300 mine removal specialists on Wednesday held a protest march from Zagreb's main square Trg Bana Jelacica to St Mark's Square where government headquarters are located, to warn about a very low pay per hour they receive.

Journalists protest against deteriorated media freedom

Protesters laid down their pens in front of the ministry under a banner with the UN human rights charter and the constitutional article guaranteeing freedom of the press, as a symbolic gesture to show that the government is downplaying these guaranteed rights.

Police in Istanbul use teargas and water cannon against protesters

Turkish police used teargas and water cannon to disperse Labour Day protesters in Istanbul on Sunday, with several groups of anti-government demonstrators shouting "Down with fascism" and "Long liv

Iraqi protesters abandon Green Zone after arrest threat

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters calmly filed out of Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Sunday after they breached the area's walls and stormed parliament to demand reforms one day earlier.

Iraq leaders demand arrest of protesters who attacked lawmakers

Iraq's top leaders Sunday demanded the arrest of protesters who attacked lawmakers when they stormed parliament in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad.

Hundreds camping in Baghdad's Green Zone in pro-reform protest

Hundreds of protesters were camping near parliament in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad on Sunday, a day after they stormed the assembly demanding reforms.

Zagreb marks int'ln workers' day

The main celebration of May Day, International Workers' Day, in Croatia took place in Zagreb's Maksimir Park where a protest rally was held under the slogan "People before profit", organised by five trade union federations.

Hundreds camp outside Iraq parliament as political crisis deepens

Hundreds of protesters were camping outside Iraq's parliament in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad on Sunday, a day after they stormed the assembly demanding reforms.

Hundreds detained after clashes at German right-wing party congress

Police detained 500 leftist protesters Saturday outside the venue of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party's congress in Stuttgart, in clashes that stretched several hours.

Iraqi protesters storm parliament amid political crisis

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters stormed parliament Saturday demanding sweeping reforms to tackle corruption, in a dramatic escalation of the country's crippling political crisis.

Iraqi protesters storm parliament demanding reforms

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters stormed parliament on Saturday demanding sweeping reforms to tackle corruption, in a dramatic escalation of the country's crippling political crisis.

Hundreds protest in Australia against detention of asylum seekers

About 400 people protested in the Australian city of Melbourne Saturday against the offshore detention of asylum seekers, a news report said, as the future of the detention centre on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island remains uncertain.

Police ban night marches in central Paris as labour protests continue

French police issued a temporary ban on night processions from Paris' central Republic plaza on Thursday, as people protesting against a planned labour reform held demonstrations across the country.

After 555 days disabled veterans to end their tent protest outside ministry

After 555 days, the war veterans' protest outside the Veterans' Affairs Ministry is ending, one of the protest organisers and president of an association of fully-disabled veterans, Djuro Glogoski, told a news conference on Tuesday.

Trade unions to organise protest rally on May 1

The SSSH and NHS trade union federations will mark International Workers' Day, May 1, by staging a protest rally against the government's plans to reform the health and pension systems.

Bosnian farmers block southern border crossing with Croatia

Bosnian agricultural producers blocked the Bijaca-Metkovic border crossing with Croatia on Tuesday in protest at a delay in the payment of incentives and poor protection of domestic production.

Slavonski Brod residents protest against air pollution caused by Bosnian oil refinery

The protest was organised by an informal citizens' initiative called "We want clean air in Slavonski Brod," which said one could no longer remain passive about the air pollution issue because, after eight years, nothing had been done to reduce the pollution.

French minister promises crackdown on violence after protest rampage

A small group of French protesters stormed through Paris overnight smashing the windows of shops and bus stations, leading Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve to declare Friday that the protesters promoting violence would be detained "tirelessly."

Third night of violent protests against pardons in Macedonian capital

Pro-opposition demonstrators in increasingly volatile Macedonia protested Thursday in Skopje for a third consecutive night at President Gorge Ivanov's blanket pardon of politicians accused of corruption and illegal wiretapping.

Rocker Bryan Adams shuns Mississippi in protest of same-sex law

Rock musician Bryan Adams cancelled his upcoming concert in Mississippi to protest the southern US state's "extremely discriminatory" new law that allows businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples.

Protesters promise return to Paris plaza after police clearing

Demonstrators protesting labour reforms and inequality promised Monday to return to a central square to continue their 11-night encampment, after French police cleared the Parisian plaza in the early morning.

Thousands of protesters renew calls for early elections in Iceland

Thousands of people protested Saturday outside Iceland's parliament for the sixth day running, calling for early elections in the wake of a major data leak that resulted in the resignation of the former prime minister.

Workers in Europe protest planned job cuts at US's General Electric

Thousands of workers in around 40 cities across Europe on Friday protested against planned job cuts at US company General Electric, the international trade union association Industriall said.

Several thousand people attend anti-migrant rally in Ljubljana

Opposition leader and former Prime Minister Janez Jansa said that the European Union's open-door policy towards refugees from the Middle East was wrong and that it showed "false solidarity" because of which Europe would become unstable.

Calm returns to Brussels memorial after arrests at "hooligan" protest

Police have cleared crowds of self-proclaimed "hooligans" from a makeshift memorial site for the victims of the recent triple bombing attack in Brussels, the Belga news agency reported, while adding that there was still a high security presence.

Call for calm at Brussels memorial site as "hooligans" protest

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel on Sunday called for restraint in the face of self-proclaimed "hooligans" who have gathered at a makeshift memorial site for the victims of last week's triple bombing attack in Brussels.

Trial opens for Vietnamese blogger amid protests

Prominent Vietnamese activist blogger Nguyen Huu Vinh and his assistant Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy saw their trial open in court in Hanoi Wednesday amid a rare dissident protest.

Migrants in Greece protest border closures, deportations

Hundreds of migrants demonstrated Thursday in Greek reception centres against border blockades and deportations, demanding passage to wealthy parts of Europe.

Protests simmer in north-western Syria despite al-Nusra crackdown

Activists in north-western Syria criticized Monday a worsening crackdown by al-Qaeda’s al-Nusra Front, following clashes in recent days which gave the extremists a stronger foothold in Idlib, the only province almost entirely under rebel control.

Activists: Closing of Balkan migrant route - capitulation of EU

With its decision, the EU and all countries on the Balkan migrant route have given the green light to people smugglers, Skrabalo said.

Protest rally held in Zagreb to mark Int'l Women's Day

Bojana Genov of the Women's Network said that they did not wish abortion to be criminalised and expressed dissatisfaction with the deteriorating status of women in society, which's why Croatia should have a Ministry for Women.

Turkish police tear-gas Kurdish anti-curfew protesters in Diyarbakir

The Turkish police used plastic bullets, tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators protesting a curfew in the largely Kurdish city of Diyarbakir on Wednesday.

Migrants protest at Greek border one day after police fired tear gas

Around 100 migrants gathered to protest the closure of the passage from Greece to Macedonia on Tuesday, one day after Macedonian police fired tear gas at people storming a fence along the border.

Demonstrations for, against migrants held in Ljubljana

More than 1,000 people gathered outside the hotel, carrying red flags and banners reading "Migrants, welcome" and "Death to fascism, freedom to the people, and asking that Slovenia be hospitable and tolerant towards foreigners and settlers. 

Fears of eroding democracy prompt thousands of Poles out to protest

Fears that Polish democracy is in danger of withering under its recently installed government prompted thousands of Poles to take to the streets of Warsaw on Saturday demanding that their rights be protected.

30 killed in Indian caste violence, rape rumours being probed

A total of 30 people have been killed during protests over caste quotas in jobs and education and investigations into rumours that women were raped during the violence, police said Friday.

Water crisis looms for New Delhi after fatal protests in Haryana

New Delhi faces a water crisis after agitators shut a key water supply amid deadly protests about caste-based quotas for jobs and education in Indian's northern state of Haryana, officials said Sunday.

Greeks protest refugee registration centres amid more arrivals

Greece began processing 530 newly arrived migrants on Piraeus on Monday and the coastguard rescued hundreds more from the sea over the weekend, as popular resistance against the arrivals grows.

Protest rally held in Sarajevo over hijab ban

Several hundred protesters, mostly women, rallied in central Sarajevo on Sunday to voice their discontent with the decision by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (VSTV) to ban the wearing of the hijab, as a religious symbol, for judicial office holders in the country.

Anti-Islam Pegida draws crowds on home turf, less support elsewhere

Thousands of anti-asylum protesters marched through the German city of Dresden on Saturday for the Islamophobic Pegida movement, but crowds supporting the group at other locations across Europe looked small in comparison to its home audience.

Greece paralysed by nationwide strikes against pension reform

Greeks launched nationwide strikes on Thursday against pension reforms and tax increases demanded by the country's creditors, in what is being seen as the largest such action in years.

Protesting veterans: If minister has violated law, he should leave

Klemm also said that war veterans were not in favour of "a register of traitors", which is advocated by Crnoja, but that they were in favour of punishing crimes.

HNS: Protest outside media council attempt to threaten rule of law

He recalled that the Electronic Media Council had suspended Z1's operating licence for three days in line with its duty to report to the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor (DORH) "hate speech and fomenting of panic and unease among citizens."

New protests staged in Podgorica against Djukanovic government

Several thousand Montenegrins rallied on Sunday in Podgorica at the invitation of the pro-Serbian opposition to protest against the government led by Milo Djukanovic on which the parliament will take a vote of confidence on Monday.

Thousands rally in Moldova to demand early elections

Thousands of protesters gathered in the capital of Moldova on Sunday to call for early elections and an end to the political influence of oligarchs in the poor Eastern European nation.

Thousands protest in Morocco over education job cuts

Thousands of trainee teachers Sunday protested in the Moroccan capital Rabat against a government plan to cut education jobs.

Tunisia: Security situation under control after violent protests

The security situation in Tunisia is under control, Prime Minister Habib Essid said on Saturday, a day after authorities announced a night-time curfew across the country following violent protests against unemployment.

Tunisia imposes nationwide curfew after protests over unemployment

Tunisia imposed a night-time curfew across the country on Friday following violent protests against unemployment.

Tunisia's anti-unemployment protests spread amid violence

Anti-unemployment protests, which started earlier this week in Tunisia's western central province of Kasserine, have spread to other areas of the country, including the capital Tunis, security officials said Friday, in the worst unrest since the 2010 uprising.

Thousands in Hong Kong protest march over missing booksellers

Thousands of people took to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday to protest at the mysterious disappearance of five booksellers amid suspicions of China's role in the abductions.

15 injured, 24 arrested in Pristina protest

Kosovo opposition sympathisers protested against a Belgrade-Pristina agreement reached in Brussels, which gives greater local powers to the Serb minority, and a Kosovo-Montenegro border agreement.

Tens of thousands of Poles protest government's media reforms

Opposition groups massed in demonstrations across Poland Saturday, enraged by the new government's efforts to exert its influence on the nation's media supervisor and top courts.

Rightist protests over assaults pose new challenge for Cologne police

Cologne police were gearing up for a day of highly charged demonstrations on Saturday, with 1,000 far-right protesters expected to hit the streets in response to a night of mass sex assaults and thefts targeting women on New Year's Eve.

Kosovo opposition to protest deal for more ethnic Serb autonomy

Members of Kosovo's opposition bloc are set to protest Saturday in Pristina against an EU-brokered agreement with Serbia.

Naked artist braces cold to protest Cologne assaults

A German artist stood naked outside Cologne's famed Cathedral on Friday to protest a series of sexual assaults reported there on New Year's Eve.

Protest rally against razor fence at Slovenian-Croatian border crossing

"From the idea of Europe as a space of openness and enlargement, we have come to the process of closing up and the idea of social protectionism, and that's a false illusion," Gherghetta said.

Istrians protest against razor wire fence on Croatia-Slovenia border

"If we are Europeans and respect European values, we must remember that this barbed wire caused big wounds to our continent not that many years ago,"

Rail workers protest in Zagreb

They also demanded that the existing collective agreement be expanded to include workers of the AGIT company, that AGIT's business unit Dom Express continue operating, ....

Hypo Bank announces new annexes to CHF loan agreements concerning conversion

HAAB said it was among the first banks to send information and calculations regarding the loan conversion to its clients. 

Franak activists block RBA and Hypo Bank offices in central Zagreb

Franak said it was blocking the RBA and HAAB offices because of irregularities in the conversion of CHF loans into euro-denominated loans.

Croatian activists attend Paris protests against climate changes

Green Action president Bernard Ivcic told Hina that some 15 representatives of Green Action and their partners organisations from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia would take part in several public protests

Franak activists block Sberbank office in central Zagreb

Franak announced similar protests at the Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank Austria and Hypo-Alpe-Adria-Bank offices in central Zagreb for Saturday.

Protesting veterans considering ending their protest

"We are considering ending the protest but we still do not know when we will do it," said Glogoski, who also leads the Association of Homeland War Veterans with 100% Disability.

Dinamo fans stage protest

The protest was secured by a large number of riot police and the streets in the vicinity of the ministry were closed to traffic due to the large number of protesters.

17 policemen injured in rioting in Pristina

The incident in the parliament chamber was followed by clashes between protesters and the police outside the parliament building, with protesters throwing stones and red paint at the police.

Hundred protest against transit centre for refugees in Slavonski Brod

We are not afraid of those people (migrants), but the decision (on the centre) should have been preceded by a public debate, with residents included ...