PM reassures Croats they won't feel gas price rise

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Tuesday that gas price tariffs would be determined towards the main supplier, the state power provider HEP, that would sell it to other wholesale suppliers in the network and that price formation would be conducted in such a way that Croatians did not feel any price rise.

Croatia among EU countries with biggest drop in industrial producer prices

In May 2016 Croatia was among EU countries that recorded the biggest annual drop in industrial producer prices, show data from the EU's statistical office Eurostat.

Consumer prices in May drop by record high 1.8 pct

In May 2016, consumer prices decreased by a record high 1.8 percent on the year, the first time since 2000 and more than expected, mainly due to a steep fall in fuel prices, the national statistical office said on Thursday.

Producer prices down for 37th consecutive month

Industrial producer prices in Croatia dropped in May by 6.4% from the same month of last year, and May was the 37th consecutive month to see an annual drop in those prices, the national statistical office (DZS) reported on Monday.    

Manufacturing prices in agriculture go down

The average manufacturing prices of agricultural products in the first quarter of 2016 were down 1.9 per cent on the year, the national statistical office (DZS) said Tuesday.

Industrial producer prices down y-o-y in EU28, Croatia follows trend

In March 2016, industrial producer prices fell year-on-year in all EU member states, while on the month they stabilised in the majority of EUI28, including Croatia, according to estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. 

Japan slips back to deflation as markets slide

Japan's consumer prices fell at the fastest rate in nearly three years in March, by 0.3 per cent, as the markets reacted negatively to news that there would be no extra stimulus measures to help revive economic growth.

Croatia and two more EU members with house price fall in Q4 2015

In Q4 2015, the residential property price in Croatia, measured by the Eurostat House Price Index (HPI), decreased by 2.1% on the year. In Q3 2015, this fall was 3%.

Consumer prices in March fall by record 1.7 pct

In March 2016, consumer prices in Croatia fell by a record 1.7 percent on the year, mainly due to a 13.1% plunge in fuel prices, the national statistical office said on Thursday.

Gov't adopts decisions on 18% cut in prices of natural gas for households

The Croatian government on Wednesday adopted decisions based on which prices of natural gas for households should go down 18% as of April 1.

Producer prices fall for 33rd straight month in Jan 2016

Industrial producer prices in Croatia in January 2016 fell 3.1 percent on the year, making it the 33rd month in a row that they decreased annually, since May 2013, the national statistical office said on Friday.

Eurostat: Prices in Croatia mildly decrease in January

The European Union annual inflation was 0.2% in January 2016, stable compared with December, and Croatia, Bulgaria and Spain were among the countries with a mild annual price decrease, the EU statistical office Eurostat said on Thursday.

Russia, Saudi Arabia agree to freeze oil output to prevent price drop

The world's two largest oil producers

EU cracks down on Chinese, Russian steel as European industry ails

The European Union is tightening the screws on Chinese and Russian steel exports, the bloc's executive said Friday, amid concerns that the two nations are unfairly undercutting prices.

IMF warns central Africa against falling oil prices

“With oil prices projected to remain low for long and oil reserves depleting, macroeconomic stability will hinge on smart fiscal policies and determined structural reforms to strengthen the business climate and regional integration,” 

Croatia records decline in producer prices for 27 straight months

Producer prices in October were 0.1 per cent higher than in September. They remained stable on the domestic market, while on the foreign market they increased by 0.4 per cent.