8.7% of Croats can't afford a drink/meal with friends/family once a month

8.7% of Croatians aged 16 or over cannot afford to get together with their friends or family for a drink or a meal at least once a moth, while 9.3% do not have enough money to regularly participate in a leisure activity, according to figures provided by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

Poverty rate 19.4 pct in continental, 12.6 pct in Adriatic Croatia

The findings of poverty estimates for small geographical areas indicate that poverty is heterogeneous in Croatia, 18.4% in continental Croatia and 12.6% in Adriatic Croatia, it was said on Monday at a presentation of poverty maps, the spatial distribution of poverty and social exclusion in the country.

Study finds nearly 385 million children worldwide live in poverty

Nearly 385 million children worldwide live in extreme poverty, UNICEF and the World Bank said Monday.

Poverty relatively high in EU, Croatia's poverty rate 20%

Nino Zganec of the Croatian Anti-Poverty Network said that 20% of Croatian citizens cannot provide for their basic needs.

Nepal's fuel crisis will push almost a million people into poverty

Experts say this economic and humanitarian crisis is likely to have a much wider and longer-term impact.