Every fifth resident in Germany of migrant background

A record high 17.1 million people of foreign background were registered in Germany in 2015, which was a fifth of Germany's population, and 297,875 Croatian passport-holders lived in Germany at the end of last year, the German statistical office has stated.

Croatia sees population decrease

In mid-2015, Croatia's population stood at 4,203,604, down by 34,785 or 0.8% from 2014, according to figures provided by the national statistical office (DZS).

Croatia's population declining

In 2015, the number of deceased residents in Croatia was by 16,702 higher than the number of newborns, and in addition, 17,945 more people emigrated than immigrated according to the figures provided by the national statistical office (DZS).

Pula - Croatian city with highest ratio of entrepreneurs per 1,000 inhabitants

Pula boasts of 67 individual entrepreneurs per 1,000 inhabitants of the economically active population, and is followed by the capital of Zagreb (65) and Split (53), according to figures released by the Croatian Financial Agency (FINA).

Results of Bosnian population census to create new political crisis?

"We won't participate in that nor publish anything," Nezavisne Novine daily quoted him as saying. He said two years of negotiations aimed at agreeing a methodology for processing the results had been wasted. 

Petrova maternity hospital declared child-friendly by UNICEF

The maternity hospital in Petrova Street in the capital of Zagreb was on Tuesday officially declared child-friendly by UNICEF.