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Political parties comment on INA's future

The way the INA oil company is managed needs to change and INA should once again be in Croatian ownership, political party representatives said at a roundtable debate on Wednesday.  

Parliamentary parties reluctant to disclose their creditors

Not even after the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) was shocked by a revelation that the party took out loans from private companies, are other parliamentary parties willing to disclose who their creditors are or conditions under which they have taken their loans.

Parliament talks models for financing political parties

Opposition lawmakers on Friday described a bill of amendments to the law on financing political activities and election campaigning as pure demagogy with accusations of corruption flying on all sides.

Unions might form own political parties, roundtable hears

Some participants said that the name of the round table - "Is it time for unions to get politically active?" was inappropriate because it is not a question of whether they should, but what model would be the most appropriate for that.

NGOs: Disabled not among priorities of political parties

Although half a million people in Croatia are disabled and 465,000 of them are eligible to vote, the people with disabilities are not among the priorities of the political parties, ...