HDZ official: We wouldn't have proposed Maric if we weren't confident of majority support

"The HDZ Presidency has made a decision that Maric is their choice for PM-designate," Butkovic said when asked why Maric had been chosen since he was not a member of the HDZ and did not have electoral legitimacy.

HDZ proposes Finance Minister Zdravko Maric as new prime minister-designate

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Presidency decided on Friday afternoon to propose incumbent Finance Minister Zdravko Maric as the new prime minister-designate in a government reshuffle. 

New Croatian government approved by parliament

The new government was supported by 83 members of Parliament, while 61 voted against and 5 abstained.

PM-designate given 30 more days to form gov't

The President did so at Oreskovic's request, she signed her decision and it became effective immediately.

Bridge member Lovrinovic says won't support government

Lovrinovic said that the agreement signed this evening between Bridge and the Patriotic Coalition revealed "a lack of competence, resolve and professionalism."

PM-Designate negotiates with minority MPs, no agreement yet

"We had a brief discussion, very positive, it is going in the right direction, we're going to take a little more time and we will meet again tonight, nevertheless, we are going in the right direction," Oreskovic said after the meeting.

Culture Minister nominee says is exposed to "ideological lynching"

Hasanbegovic called on critics such as SDP PM Nenad Stazic to read all his interviews and papers to be acquainted with his position as a historian.

SDP MPs slam Oreskovic's plan, Culture Minister nominee

"I hope that this is not a symbol of Free Masons and the Illuminati," the SDP parliamentarian said, wondering if Oreskovic "is advocating a new world order".

Unionist urges govt not to cut workers' rights

It is interesting that in his keynote presentation, Oreskovic did not indicate that he would do all this in cooperation with social partners and workers have been mentioned in only one part which reads that a flexible labour force is expected to contribute to all this.

New government's economic agenda guidelines

According to the document on the cabinet's 2016-2019 term, the future government will focus on "further smart fiscal consolidation" with the aim of reducing the budget deficit and public debt.

Karamarko positive new gov't will be stable

Asked by reporters in the HDZ headquarters about the prospects of the Oreskovic cabinet, Karamarko said today it would be "a stable government."

Milanovic: Length of debate on new gov't to be decided by MPs

Milanovic said that he was leaving a better and freer Croatia with more stable finances, better tax revenues and greater human freedoms.

PM designate praises his team as right mix of experts

Oreskovic, whose nickname is Tim, said at the start of the news conference that this would be "Tim's team". Before the conference, a list with the names of the candidates was handed out to reporters.

PM-designate presents ministerial nominees

Presenting his team, Oreskovic said he had held a meeting with the nominees on Thursday morning, describing the meeting as "very positive and full of energy".

HDZ chief rules out any new taxes

PM-Designate Oreskovic and his interlocutors in Kitzbuehel agreed that the imbalance between the revenue and expenditure side of the budget needs to be curtailed by HRK 4.5 billion however, without the introduction of new taxes,"

CHF loan holders invite PM-designate to meeting

The association of holders of Swiss franc-indexed loans that goes by the name of KREDA on Tuesday proposed that Prime Minister-designate Tihomir Oreskovic hold a meeting with the association's representatives ...

Pusic says three months of searching for ministers not good

She said that "it would be logical to allow all parliamentary deputies to discuss such an important matter as the appointment of a new government."

HDZ chief: Names of cabinet ministers to be revealed by Thursday

"I hope the process (of negotiations on the future cabinet) will be finalised on Wednesday, or by noon Thursday at the latest, and we have agreed not to go public with the names until the last moment,"

Health system debt in 2015 down by HRK 350 mln

In 2015, the health administration reduced the debt of the health system by HRK 350 million, owing to reforms that were launched, and the new health minister will inherit a system with a debt of HRK 2.5 billion.

Grabar-Kitarovic: Oreskovic's not coming from political milieu is his advantage

"I disgree with those who criticise the fact that Mr Oreskovic lacks sufficient political experience because Croatia now does not need more politicians, it needs more statespeople,"

Milanovic: Oreskovic has no say in anything

"I used to say to Angela Markel, yes, you are bigger and stronger, but this can go and this cannot. I could say that because I had the political authority in my party. That's why I find this unusual," Milanovic said.

HGK expects implementation of reforms announced by PM-designate

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) said on Friday that some of the measures announced by Prime Minister-designate Tihomir Oreskovic had also been in the focus of the previous governments, but few had been implemented.

Oreskovic says enjoys support of HDZ, Bridge to implement reforms

He said that he had presented his plan to the investors and received support from them. "But most of them wanted to know if I had the support of the political parties for the implementation of the reforms," he added.

PM-designate says Kitzbuehel talks with investors successful

"The meeting was very successful, I am very happy," Oreskovic said at Zagreb Airport upon his return from the Tyrolean ski resort.

PM-designate talks with foreign financiers of Croatia's debt

The media said that the first response of Oreskovic's interlocutors in the Tyrolean ski resort was positive, while he is expected to give an official statement on Friday when he comes back to Zagreb.

PM-Designate, President discuss ways to strengthen economy

"The main topic of the meeting was the economy. The President and I are partners and we discussed the economic situation in the country and how we can cooperate in improving the investment climate and attracting foreign investments,"

Bridge leader says list of candidates for ministerial positions ready

"At the meeting of the National Council we will be discussing operational steps, the parliament, committee seats, as well as when our candidates might be interviewed by PM-Designate Oreskovic," Petrov said.

Oreskovic commends Tourism Minister on results

"We met in the Tourism Ministry and I wanted to congratulate him on the 7 percent growth in tourism which is excellent for Croatia. It would be excellent for the country for other sectors to have that sort of growth,"

Oreskovic declines comment on Milanovic's statement on "accidental PM-Designate"

"I haven't seen Milanovic's statement. I am now  the PM-Designate, and when the government is formed, I am confident that I will be the Prime Minister. I am ready to take over the responsibility in order to help Croatia and its citizens," 

HDZ chief says it's good PM-designate is talking with outgoing ministers

Karamarko said he had not talked with anyone about the possibility of Mrak Taritas of the Croatian People's Party (HNS) and Lorencin of the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) being in the new government.

Oreskovic, Karamarko, Zagreb University chancellor agree on education suited to economy

"We spoke about the need to strengthen know-how in the country and the possibility of connecting universities and the private sector," Oreskovic told reporters afterwards.

Lorencin: PM-Designate hasn't contacted me, IDS to decide on support to new gov't

Mr Oreskovic has not contacted me and there have been no talks with him yet. I have known him from the time when I was Assistant Minister in charge of investments at the Economy Ministry and he was chairman of the Pliva Management Board.

PM designate says priority is to reduce debt and work with partners for better Croatia

Reporters wanted to know what his first moves would be, and Oreskovic responded that he would form the government first and then communicate the main reforms and government moves.

Bridge member says Petrov should be PM

"Petrov should be the Prime Minister because he deserves it," Vukovac told reporters during a break in a session of the Bridge National Council.

Grabar-Kitarovic: PM-designate must be nominated by Wednesday evening

By tomorrow evening, we will either have a Prime Minister-designate or I will appoint an interim non-partisan government and call early parliamentary elections

Bridge agreeing strategy for negotiations with SDP

"We have always supported him. He's an honest man, a new face in Croatian politics representing change," Ivan Lovrinovic said 

Bridge party says new PM should be neutral or its rep

Bridge is offering the formation of a government comprising representatives of Bridge and the two coalitions and non-partisan experts. All nominees would become part of the government only by consensus.

Meeting on PM-Designate ends inconclusively

Petrov described the atmosphere during the two-hour talks in Zagreb as positive, and said he expected "the things to unravel in the next 24 hours".

Petrov dismisses speculations about Bridge rift

"There was no such meeting. There have been various rumours over the past three weeks most of which are untrue and insinuations,"

Bridge says neither Milanovic nor Karamarko should be PM-designate

Our position is that neither Mr Milanovic nor Mr Karamarko should be given the mandate to form the new government because we believe that Croatia should take a new course and this entire reform process requires a new person

Bridge wants HDZ, SDP to voice their opinion on non-partisan PM in a week

Petrov's proposal to nominate a non-partisan prime minister designate was not well received by SDP chief Milanovic and HDZ chief Karamarko.

Petrov says today's meeting historic

There is also a possibilities that both blocs turn down Bridge's proposal. "In that case, new elections will be held," Petrov said.

Bridge leader suggests nominating non-partisan PM-designate

The most important thing at this point is a consensus of all three sides on a non-partisan candidate jointly proposed by all the parties involved.