Pentagon, State Department await contact with Trump team

The US Defence and State departments are still waiting to hear from president-elect Donald Trump's team regarding the presidential transition, both agencies said Monday.

Pentagon: Islamic State fired mustard gas at coalition forces

The Islamic State extremist group fired a munition at an Iraqi air force base that tested positive for mustard gas, the US Defence Department said Wednesday.

US claims Islamic State movement's propaganda chief killed in strike

The propaganda chief of extremist group Islamic State was killed in an airstrike by forces of the US-led coalition fighting the militia in Iraq and Syria, according to the Pentagon.

Pentagon confirms US airstrike killed Islamic State spokesman

The Pentagon on Monday confirmed that the main spokesman of the Islamic State extremist group, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, was killed last month in northern Syria.

Pentagon: US patrol ship harassed by Iranian fast boats in Gulf

The US Navy said Tuesday one of its ships had again been harassed by Iranian vessels in international waters in the Persian Gulf.

Pentagon: Islamic State leader in Afghanistan killed in airstrike

The leader of the Islamic State movement's Afghanistan branch was killed last month in a US airstrike, the Pentagon said Friday.

Pentagon: Russian jets made "aggressive" moves over US ship in Baltic

Russian fighter jets made numerous low-altitude passes close to a US military ship in the Baltic Sea earlier this week, US defence officials said Wednesday.