Higher tobacco product excise taxes as of 1 Dec.

The Croatian government on Thursday increased excise duties on cigarettes, fine-cut tobacco and other smoking tobacco, and the effect of this increase is that the price of a pack of cigarettes cannot rise by more than one kuna.

Everyone will be welfare case unless pension system is reformed, minister says

Labour and Pension System Minister Nada Sikic said on Friday that the current pension system was untenable and that, unless it was reformed, everyone might become a welfare case when they retired.

Croatia's ratio of workers to pensioners 1,16 to 1

The ratio of workers to pensioners slightly improved in 2015 to 1.16 to 1 as against the ratio of 1.14 to 1 in 2014, the director of the Croatian Pension Insurance Agency (HZMO), Srecko Vukovic said in the national parliament on Thursday.