Pavao Miljavac

Croatia wasn't aggressor in Bosnia, says retired general

Croatia only protected its national interests during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and its goal was neither military aggression nor annexation of its territory, retired general Pavao Miljavac said on Thursday.

Retired generals launch declaration with guidelines for Croatia's policies

The association of retired Croatian generals and admirals that goes by the abbreviation "HGZ" on Saturday launched its declaration that contains "guidelines that should in the long run create Croatia's policies, primarily with the aim protecting national interests," HGZ chairman Pavao Miljavac said.

Arrest of alleged spy matter of Serbia's daily politics

Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac on Saturday portrayed the apprehension of an alleged spy, a Croatian citizen, in Belgrade on espionage charges, as "a third rate soap opera", while the chairman of the association of Croatian generals, retired general Pavao Miljavac, said that the arrest was something to do with daily goings in Belgrade.