Paul Ryan

Republicans told not to squander majority as new Congress is seated

The new Republican-dominated US Congress must not squander its chance at pushing through its agenda, warned the top Republican in the House of Representatives Tuesday as the body convened in Washington.

Democrats in US Senate choose new leader; no change for Republicans

Democrats in the US Senate on Wednesday chose a new leader, while Republicans decided to keep the one they have.

Americans should "put their minds at ease" about Trump, Ryan says

Millions of Americans who worry about how Donald Trump's administration will change the country should rest assured that it will remain pluralistic and inclusive, a top Republican said Sunday.

Top Republican Paul Ryan says he will no longer defend Trump

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House of Representatives, said Monday that he will no longer defend Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to US media reports.

Trump finally endorses Ryan, McCain in their re-election bids

After initially withholding his support, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan and Arizona Senator John McCain in their re-election bids, in a speech in Green Bay on Friday.

US House of Representatives won't vote on Pacific trade deal

The US House of Representatives will not vote on a 12-nation Asia-Pacific trade deal this year, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Friday.

Trump and Ryan call for Republican unity after fractious primaries

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Thursday following a closely watched meeting that it is necessary to unite in order to defeat Democrats in the November general election.

Ryan: Trump meeting "encouraging" - but stops short of endorsement

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says a meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was "encouraging" but that it was only the start of an effort to unify the party after a long, bitter primary campaign.