Patriotic Coalition

HSS leader says Patriotic Coalition no longer exists

"The Patriotic Coalition as such simply no longer exists. Even though the communication between political parties (making up the coalition) was very bad in recent months, the HSS was patient and justified the situation with problems between the HDZ and Bridge.  

Karamarko to step down as Deputy PM - unofficial sources

The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said that Karamarko had stated that his resignation was a part of the strategy of the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition.

HDZ-led coalition positive it will topple PM Thursday

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) secretary-general Domagoj Milosevic said after a Patriotic Coalition meeting at the HDZ's headquarters on Tuesday that the coalition was united in its positions and the steps it would take in the days ahead.

Group of MPs from Patriotic Coalition writes to UN against Pusic's candidacy

The candidacy of Vesna Pusic has no legal validity because she was nominated by the outgoing government led by Zoran Milanovic, and she exploited the legal vacuum before the formation of the new government, ...

Karamarko says firmly supports Hasanbegovic, SOA chief to be replaced soon

Answering a reporter's question, he said that there would be a lot of inquiries in SOA because there had been indications of irregularities in its work and that time would show in which ways Lozancic had violated the law.

Council for Cooperation between Patriotic Coalition, Bridge appointed

The secretary-general of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Milijan Brkic, has confirmed that the Council for Cooperation between the HDZ, the Bridge party and the Milan Bandic 365 party has been established in line with an agreement signed by the three sides to that effect, noting that the Council will have 16 members instead of the originally planned 14.

Bulk of reformist government deal is about demographic recovery

Thus, one of the measure to halt depopulating trends includes incentives for youth employment in rural areas and in the areas of the special state concern and on islands.

PM-Designate negotiates with minority MPs, no agreement yet

"We had a brief discussion, very positive, it is going in the right direction, we're going to take a little more time and we will meet again tonight, nevertheless, we are going in the right direction," Oreskovic said after the meeting.

Milanovic: Nobody won elections, gov't will be weak

In an interview in the "Nedjeljom u dva" political talk show on Croatian Television on Sunday, Milanovic said that the SDP had lost the opportunity to form the government in post-election negotiations "very narrowly and in extra time."

Oreskovic says enjoys support of HDZ, Bridge to implement reforms

He said that he had presented his plan to the investors and received support from them. "But most of them wanted to know if I had the support of the political parties for the implementation of the reforms," he added.

HRID leader: We can expect a conservative revolution

The leader of the HRID party, Drago Prgomet, has said that after the Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge reformist party form a government, one can expect a conservative revolution and the adoption of retrograde laws.

HDZ presidency to talk ministers Monday

"We will start discussing tomorrow which ministries will be under the control of Bridge and which under the control of the Patriotic Coalition. At the same time we will propose to prime minister designate concrete individuals for concrete ministries.

Karamarko says Patriotic Coalition, Bridge cooperating well

Speaking to the press in Split, he said there were attempts by "some media" to create disagreements between the Patriotic Coalition and Bridge, but that the two sides "are cooperating very well" and communicating well.

Bridge: Agreement on six ministries reached in principle

Bridge has been demanding six ministries since the start of the talks with the Patriotic Coalition -- the environment protection, justice, agriculture, economy, administration and the interior, Grmoja told Hina.

Petrov: Bridge supports idea of reorganising ministries, but in 6 months' time

Another reason to postpone the reorganisation is that the current ministries are in the process of applying for EU funds and any reorganisation at this time could delay the payment of these funds.

Petrov: Bridge seeks six ministries, including Interior Ministry

Asked what if the HDZ insisted on any of these ministries, he said: "We will talk. I think we are in for a week of negotiations and I believe we will reach an agreement." 

Croatia's political life in 2015 marked by elections

Grabar-Kitarovic defeated the then incumbent Ivo Josipovic by a narrow margin,  50.7% to 49.3%, although media and opinion polls had predicted a strong victory for Josipovic.

Caretaker ministers have reservations about possibly lower wages

Environment Protection Minister Mihael Zmajlovic said that cost-cutting was always welcome but "one should see the point and reason for that".

Bridge: Reforms start from us

We supported academician (Zeljko) Reiner as the Patriotic Coalition's candidate and now we are starting the process of forming a government headed by (Tihomir) Oreskovic and we have full confidence in his expertise and experience.

Bridge to back HDZ nominee for Parliament Speaker

"The HDZ needs more deputies from our slates (than the SDP), and this is probably why they have been to date fairer in our relations," Grmoja said.

Milanovic: Whom did Bridge, Patriotic Coalition support as PM-designate?

He added that that question should be put to the politicians concerned over and over again, "otherwise the state is not run by institutions."

Patriotic Coalition, Bridge prove to President they have majority in parliament

"We have proved to the President that we have a parliamentary majority and that we have 78 signatures - 63 from the Patriotic Coalition and 15 from Bridge," 

Petrov says Patriotic Coalition given 24 hrs to rejoin negotiations

he joint body of members of parliament and the National Council decided that, because of equality, just as we gave the Croatia Is Growing coalition a certain additional time... 

Bridge continuing negotiations with SDP-led coalition, Milanovic will no longer be PM

"No names of prime ministers-designate were on the table. We talked about the format of and how we see the next government," Petrov said after the two-hour meeting with the SDP.

Petrov expects talks with Patriotic Coalition to end in week or two

"Since the SDP (Social Democratic Party) rejected our proposals, we decided to continue the talks with he Patriotic Coalition and we believe we could complete them very quickly," 

Bridge to continue talks with HDZ coalition, leaves door open to SDP

HNS member Goran Beus Richembergh has said that Bridge's negotiations are a farce and that Bridge and the HDZ are only negotiating about how to divide positions.

Milanovic: Only Karamarko or I can be prime minister

Milanovic said that a non-partisan prime minister, as proposed by the Bridge reformist party, would be "a deception of the voters" and would weaken Croatia.

HDZ: Patriotic Coalition spent HRK 15.5 mln on campaigning

Of the HRK 11.5 million available, HRK 7.3 million came from donations and HRK 4.2 million was from their own assets. 

Bridge to meet separately with two coalitions Wednesday

"The Patriotic Coalition has requested an additional meeting concerning Bridge's proposals put forward at yesterday's meeting in the Esplanade (hotel). 

President invites political parties for third round of consultations on Monday

The meeting with the political leaders will be preceded by consultations with constitutional law experts from all four Croatian universities.

Karamarko: Talks to resume; party to discuss Bridge's proposals Mosta

"Today's meeting is a step towards expressing good will to take action. Someone showed more good will, while someone else showed less,"

MOST invites two party blocs for joint meeting

In the event that only one of the two blocs appears at the scheduled meeting, Bridge will resume negotiations with that side on forming a reformist government, 

Podolnjak says MOST can't nominate its parliament speaker candidate

He also said that at talks with both the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Bridge discussed all possibilities and potential names.

HDZ chief: News of 7 ethnic minority MPs supporting SDP small deception

"This is a small deception and Mr. Milorad Pupovac (an ethnic Serb MP) will have to explain how it is possible for one man to give signatures on behalf of three persons," 

Karamarko: It's vital to revive rural areas and food production

"We both think it is important to renew food production in order to strike a balance with the so-called import lobby," Karamarko told the press outside the HDZ headquarters

HDZ optimistic about talks on new government

"I am definitely optimistic and we believe that the necessary changes will happen. There are no unacceptable points because all the points are focused on entrepreneurship and its development

Bridge party unveils reform demands for judiciary and entrepreneurship

In the guidelines for the development of entrepreneurship, Bridge proposes a review of pre-bankruptcy settlement deals and of the method of creditor protection over the next two years.

HDZ leader says dealing with economic crisis of utmost importance

"There is an agreement to discuss such issues at the end. Economic problems are now crucial issues and we have to start dealing with them," 

HDZ leader says Patriotic Coalition, MOST to discuss entrepreneurship, judiciary Tuesday

Asked if there had been informal meetings between him and Bridge, he said that the HDZ was negotiating with Bridge exclusively officially.

Petrov reiterates there'll be no coalition with HDZ or SDP

Petrov said that both the SDP and the HDZ were well aware "who they are dealing with and know that any such pressure might be counterproductive for them."

Karamarko says gov't destroying Croatian sports, causing divisions

"... this government has to a great extent destroyed Croatian sports which was an exceptional export product. Everybody around the globe knew about the Croatian coat-of-arms, ...