HDZ chief seeks support of all ethnic minorities

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic, who is the likeliest Prime Minister-Designate after the September 11 early parliamentary elections, on Friday held talks with the eight elected representatives of ethnic minorities

Plenkovic expects stable government with clear agenda

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said in an interview with the commercial RTL television channel on Tuesday that negotiations with the Bridge party were going well and without ultimatums, adding that he expects to form a stable government with a clear programme for the next four years.

Beljak says HSS definitely won't be part of future government

"We respect the legitimacy of the parties that won the election and those are the HDZ and the Bridge party. We wish them best of luck and we hope they will reach an agreement soon and start working as soon as possible," the HSS chief said.

Milanovic looks set to step down as SDP chief

The SDP expects the new party leadership to be elected by December and Tonino PIcula, Sinisa Hajdas-Doncic and Ranko Ostojic are mentioned as possible candidates for the position of party chief.

Plenkovic on possible cooperation with Bridge

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic, commenting on criticism from Bridge leader Bozo Petrov that the two largest parties, the HDZ and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), were ignoring calls by Bridge to declare their position on its terms for post-election cooperation, said in Pula on Tuesday that it was yet to be seen how parties and coalitions would fare in the September 11 election.

Labour Party on cycling whistle-stop tour of Croatia ahead of 11 Sept poll

The Croatian Labour Party on Thursday started its whistle-stop tour ahead of the 11 September parliamentary election with "the start line" of this cycling tour being the yard outside the former Kamensko clothes factory in Zagreb.

Bridge and HDZ reps trade accusations over lack of reform

Public Administration Minister Dubravka Alibegovic of the Bridge party on Thursday accused the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of having halted the reform in the public administration, while Ivana Maletic of the HDZ countered that this reform failed due to the inability of the relevant ministry led by the Bridge party to draw up an acceptable action plan.

HDZ leaders visit Osijek, Sisak on whistle-stop tour

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led government will make a thorough effort to facilitate progress of Slavonia, and will endeavour to enable Croatia to have an economic growth of 5% by 2020, the HDZ leader Andrej Plenkovic said in the eastern city of Osijek where he stopped on the campaign trail in the run-up to an early parliamentary election set for 11 September.

HNS chief says his party's ideology is to show results

Croatian People's Party (NS) leader Ivan Vrdoljak said on Saturday that the ideology of this party, a junior partner in the People's Coalition, was never the division between (WW2) Partizans and Ustasha but that its ideology was the results of those in power.

HDZ harmonises slates for Sept 11 parliamentary election

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) national council late on Thursday evening harmonised the slates for the September 11 parliamentary election and contrary to media speculation, HDZ deputy chief Milijan Brkic will not be at the helm of any slate, but candidate no.14 on the slate for Constituency no. 2.

HDZ proposes gov't cut campaign funding by 25%

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is proposing that the government at its session on Thursday adopt a decision to cut by 25 percent the amount of funding for election campaigning for the early election on September 11, to which political parties and independent slates are entitled under the law, according to a statement released by the party on Wednesday.

Petrov announces possibility of running for prime minister

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, said he would soon present his party's election platform in which Bridge would again insist on reforms, announcing the possibility of his candidacy for the position of prime minister after the September 11 parliamentary election.

Plenkovic: I'm glad Milanovic has evolved

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said on Monday he was ready to face Social Democratic Party (SDP) chief Zoran Milanovic in a TV debate, noting that the SDP was running in the September 11 parliamentary election with the same people and the same programme based on which they had lost the previous election.

Petrov does not rule out cooperation with SDP but without Milanovic

The leader of the Bridge party and Deputy Prime Minister, Bozo Petrov, said in the northern coastal city of Rijeka on Monday that he believed that ethics and fair play were possible in politics and that this time Bridge would seek stronger guarantees from possible partners and that he was not excluding cooperation with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) but without Milanovic in executive government.

SDP says Milanovic didn't use catering in Costabella villa

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Tuesday refuted in the strongest terms allegations that SDP chief and former prime minister Zoran Milanovic and his family used catering services in the state-owned villa Costabella, saying that such services were used exclusively for official meetings.

Kovacic says cosmetic change at HDZ's helm not enough

A member of the Bridge party, Ivan Kovacic, said in the southern Croatian town of Omis on Monday that the statement by the new Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief, Andrej Plenkovic, that his party was prepared to cooperate with Bridge was pretentious, because a cosmetic change in the party leadership meant nothing if he kept the same people around from before.

Ex-HDZ leader congratulates his successor

The former Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader, Tomislav Karamarko, on Monday congratulated his successor, Andrej Plenkovic, who took the helm of this party after his candidacy was supported by party members in Sunday's election.

A-HSP leader barred from entering Srb and fined EUR 700

The Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights (A-HSP)  leader, Drazen Keleminec, was fined 5,200 kuna and was told not to enter the village of Serb in the next six months, according to a ruling made by the Gracac municipal court on Sunday evening.

Plenkovic poised for premiership

The new Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader, Andrej Plenkovic, said after he cast his ballot at the HDZ leadership election on Sunday, that he was focused on his party's victory of the snap parliamentary election set for 11 September and that he was also willing to cooperate with the Bridge reformist party.

Current and former HSS leaders differ in view of new coalition

Former Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) leader Branko Hrg said on Sunday that he decided to leave the HSS after the new leadership opted for a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the run-up to the snap parliamentary election on 11 September.

HDZ officials say party poised for election victory

The chairman of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) team for preparations for the parliamentary election, Damir Jelic, on Saturday said this party welcomed President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's decision to call a snap parliamentary vote for 11 September and added that the HDZ was hopeful of having its leader as the new Croatian Prime Minister. 

People's Coalition sign election agreement

Leaders of the parties in the People's Coalition in Zabok on Saturday signed an agreement on running together at the coming parliamentary election.

HDZ to elected party chief on Sunday - Plenkovic only candidate

Andrej Plenkovic, is expected to be elected as the new Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president on Sunday, July 17, as the only candidate, following the principle "one member-one vote".

HNS deputy chief theatens his party might leave coalition over SDP behaviour

Varazdin County Prefect and deputy chief of the Croatian People's Party (HNS) Predrag Stromar has said he is outraged by the behaviour of the Social Democratic Party (SDP9 regarding talks on how to run together in the coming parliamentary election, threatening the HNS would run independently.

HDZ foundation says its financing is in line with law

The  Croatian Democratic Union 's (HDZ) Croatian Statehood Foundation has stated that the financing of the activities of this foundation is in accordance with laws and that also the funds received from the "Nova Pokoljenja" foundation was in compliance with rules and laws.

Plenkovic open to cooperation with all members of Patriotic Coalition

The candidate for the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, Andrej Plenkovic, said in Dubrovnik on Sunday that he was open to cooperation with all members of the present Patriotic Coalition.

Petrov waiting for Oreskovic to decide whether he'll be Bridge's candidate for PM

The leader of the Bridge reformist party, Bozo Petrov, said on Sunday they were still waiting for Tihomir Oreskovic to decide whether he would be their candidate for prime minister, and if he declined, Petrov was ready to take up the post.  

IDS says cooperation with SDP-led coalition possible

The Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) will decide on election cooperation with other political parties in the coming weeks, the party's secretary-general Giovanni Sponza said on Saturday, adding that cooperation with the coalition led by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) was possible.

Plenkovic presents election platform to HDZ's Varazdin branch

The candidate for the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Andrej Plenkovic, visited the northwestern city of Varazdin on Saturday to present his election platform to the party's local branch.

SDP to run in coalition with HNS, HSS and HSU

The main committee of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) on Saturday appointed an election team for the forthcoming early parliamentary election and chose the party's coalition partners -

Reformist Party led by Cacic opts for coalition with Bandic party

The Reformist Party will run in the upcoming early parliamentary election with the party of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic and other minor centrist parties in order to better use the potential of the electorate inclined to them, Reformist Party leader Radimir Cacic said on Saturday.

Plenkovic says will comment on report after studying it

"When we (I and my team) get acquainted with all details, I will present my view on the financial operation. Furthermore, I will be responsible for the HDZ operations only after 17 July. I will make sure that the operations are transparent and in accordance with laws. I will take care of every kuna," Plenkovic said in Sisak where he arrived to present his platform.

SDP receives close to HRK 100,000 in donations in H1

In the first half of 2016, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) received close to HRK 98,000 in donations, slightly less than in the same period last year, shows a report on donations the party published on its official web site on Friday.

SDP leader welcomes HSS's decision

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic on Friday welcomed the decision of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) Main Committee to cooperate with his party in the forthcoming snap parliamentary election. 

Plenkovic regrets HSS's decision

The candidate for the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, Andrej Plenkovic, said on Friday that the HDZ was now the only Christian Democratic party in Croatia after the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) decided to run in the early election in a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

HSS to run in coalition with SDP

The Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) will run in the forthcoming early parliamentary election in a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the party's Main Committee decided at a meeting in Jastrebarsko, just southwest of Zagreb, late on Thursday evening.

Leader: HSS coalition with SDP only if backed by strong majority

Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) leader Kreso Beljak said on Thursday that the party's main committee was discussing the proposal of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for a coalition for a snap parliamentary election, and that only if an overwhelming majority of the committee backed it, the HSS would enter that coalition.

HDZ ministers on reports on party's loan from private company

Transport and Infrastructure Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) vice-president Oleg Butkovic said on Wednesday that he had asked the party bodies to provide him with information about a loan the HDZ had taken from a private company and was now in arrears and he believes that this matter will be discussed at the party's presidency set for Monday.

New political party, Let's Change Croatia, founded

A new political party, Let's Change Croatia, was founded in Zagreb on Saturday and its elected president, Ivan Lovrinovic, said its priority would be economic change.

New party representing Serb minority holds inaugural session

A new party of the Serb minority in Croatia -- the Democratic Alliance of Serbs (DSS) -- on Monday held its inaugural session at which the party leadership announced the DSS will be an alternative to the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) at the coming parliamentary election in Constituency no. 12 in which representatives of ethnic minorities were being elected.

HDZ to draw up amendments to party statute

The presidency of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Monday formed a task force to draw up amendments to the party Statute so as to strengthen party bodies and make party president "first among equals", HDZ deputy chief Milijan Brkic told the press after the session.

Several HDZ founders demand Karamarko's resignation

The nine founders of the HDZ say in a press release that the HDZ under Karamarko's chairmanship was a discontinuation of the party policy pursued by Franjo Tudjman, the founder and the first president of the HDZ and Croatia.

Karamarko: HDZ ready for election but still working on reshuffle

After a ceremony marking the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the HDZ in Zagreb Karamarko said that his party had not yet abandoned the possibility of a government reshuffle.

Karamarko has conflict of interest, says commission

Croatia's government and MOL, INA's two major stakeholders, are involved in two arbitration proceedings over their relations in INA.

HDZ junior partners against idea of SDSS in reshuffled cabinet

Croatian Party of Rights Ante Starcevic (HSP AS) MP Pero Coric said on Thursday he would not agree to any government reshuffle other than the one with the two ruling parties -

Tudjman says Oreskovic's staying at gov't helm unrealistic

Tudjman told the press in parliament he had no information on the names mentioned as possible new prime ministers- designate, such as incumbent ministers Zdravko Maric and Oleg Butkovic, but noted that "they are decent people".

Hrast in favour of further cooperation with Bridge, against early election

Hrast said that an early election would cost too much and would give the Social Democratic Party (SDP) a chance to return to power. It said that it would support only those moves by the HDZ that were agreed with Bridge.

HDZ chief says party is launching no-confidence vote in PM

"This government is dysfunctional," said Karamarko, while citing reasons why the HDZ would vote no confidence in the current government.

SDP to support motion for no-confidence vote in PM

The government has an eight-day deadline to express its opinion on the motion, which could be then put to the vote in the 151-seat legislature on 17 June at the earliest.

Tomasic: Both Petrov and Karamarko should resign

"I don't believe in a reshuffle and we can't have a new election because, as you have heard, that would cost us several billion euros, and we cannot afford that," Tomasic told Hina 

HDZ and SDP seem to have agreed on Constitutional Court judges

Two major political parties -- the HDZ and the SDP -- seem to have come to an agreement on the 10 shortlisted nominees for Constitutional Court judges who are to be appointed by lawmakers on Friday, according to unofficial reports on Thursday.

No official statement made after HDZ-led coalition's meeting

Representatives of the parties making up the Patriotic Coalition led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Wednesday morning held a meeting in the national parliament, but no official statement was made after the talks.

Panenic says Bridge party unanimous, homogeneous

Asked if he expected Karamarko to step down, he said, "We voted for that." He added that Bridge MPs would also vote to that effect.

HDZ chief says situation in his party stable

"There are no (internal) frictions. This is misinformation launched by those who are trying to destabilise the HDZ, which has been the election winner for the past four years. The party is united,"

Opposition chief says Croatia is without government

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Saturday that Croatia currently had no government which he found to be worrisome.

Petrov sees no reason for gov't to break apart

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov has said that he could see no reason for the incumbent government to break apart, and added that his party will not succumb to ultimatums.

Opposition chief criticises government

The president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and former Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, said on Friday the incumbent government had not done anything in its first 100 days in office, adding that the announced reforms "are nothing but a pose."

Miroslav Simic new head of Bridge club of MPs

Miroslav Simic is the new head of the Bridge party club of deputies in the national parliament, after Ivan Kovacic resigned earlier on Thursday.

SDP MP accuses gov't of dismantling welfare state in Croatia

Social Democrat parliamentarian and former Labour and Pension System Minister Mirando Mrsic on Thursday criticised a government plan which, according to the latest media reports, would lead to raising the statutory age for old-age retirement.

Vrdoljak: Croatia provoked into launching arbitration procedure against MOL

Croatia was provoked into launching the international arbitration procedure against MOL because "three years ago the Hungarians attempted to collect a payment from Croatia in the amount of 3 billion kuna, based on the contract signed by Ivo Sanader," 

Reformist Party chief warns against growing causal employment

Cacic called on lawmakers to support his initiative to amend the relevant legislation and urged the government to address this matter in the next three months.

New leader says HSS won't be engaged in political trade-off any longer

Beljak, the mayor of Samobor, a town west of Zagreb, has said that HSS mayors of cities and municipalities would be added to the party's Main Committee.

Bandic gives ultimatum to gov't to launch projects

The leader of the Bandic Milan 365 - Labour and Solidarity Party, Milan Bandic, on Saturday gave the ruling coalition three months to propose specific projects or his party would initiate a government reshuffle.

Karamarko: Oreskovic still has HDZ's support

"As far as my confidence in the prime minister goes, Tihomir Oreskovic still enjoys the support of the HDZ as the strongest parliamentary party. When he won't have that support then he will no longer be prime minister," 

SDP asks court to assess constitutionality of three laws

The parliamentary group of the strongest opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) filed a request with the Constitutional Court on Tuesday to assess whether recent amendments to the laws on defence, border control and rehabilitation of public institutions were in line with the Constitution, the SDP said in a statement.

Tomislav Karamarko sole candidate for HDZ leader

The HDZ will hold an intra-party election on April 17 and for the first time voting will be conducted on a one-member-one-vote basis.

Karamarko welcomes Arbitral Tribunal's decision

"That is a positive decision. Unlawful and unfair actions on Slovenia's part have been uncovered, and we cannot lose a piece of our territory because someone was unfair in that process," Karamarko said on Friday 

Petrov hopes veterans minister will be chosen within a week

He told the press that a session, which was also attended by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and at which deputies discussed draft 2016 budget, was constructive and positive.

Vrdoljak not surprised by Moody's decision

Croatian People's Party (HNS) deputy leader and former economy minister Ivan Vrdoljak said on Saturday he was not surprised that Moody's ratings agency had downgraded Croatia's long-term credit rating.

HNS rules out cooperation with HDZ

Ivan Vrdoljak, so far the only candidate running for leader of the opposition Croatian People's Party (HNS), on Saturday ruled out the possibility of cooperation between the HNS and the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

Bridge and HDZ: It was a misunderstanding

The opposition and Bridge MPs walked out of the Parliament chamber because the HDZ would not put the report on the activities of the Croatian National Bank (HNB) in 2014 to a vote.

SDP chief accuses President of infringing on premier's powers

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic has assessed that Croatia currently "has neither a government nor Prime Minister", and criticised President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of claiming powers to which she is not entitled.

Bridge MP says there's no coinflict between his party and HDZ

"Bridge, of course, is to blame for everything because distribution of political functions would have been easier if the Patriotic Coalition had won the elections on its own and if it had a majority in parliament," Kovacic told the press in the parliament building.

Junior ruling party chief dissatisfied with how gov't works

He went on to say that he was angered by this way of functioning of the ruling coalition and the government.

HDZ chief says Commission report is assessment of ex-government

Karamarko said that the new government had the strength and knowledge to implement the recommendations made by the Commission.

Milanovic: GDP growth result of my government's work

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Friday that the 1.9% increase of GDP in the final quarter of 2015 was the result of the work of his government over the previous four years.

Karamarko hopes Brkic will become new war veterans' minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko has said that he still expects the appointment of HDZ Secretary-General Milijan Brkic as the War Veterans' Affairs Minister.

Ruling party criticises national broadcaster

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) said on Monday that Croatian Radio Television (HRT) was not serving its purpose of being a public broadcaster in accordance with European values -

HDZ minister says partiotic criteria implied, Bridge minister doesn't know about it

Kruscevic told reporters that talks with candidates for the said positions would be launched already today and that a decision would be made in the near future.

SDP leader comments on Lozancic case

Milanovic was speaking to the press in the northern city of Varzadin while attending a celebration of the 25th anniversary of establishment of his party's Varazdin County branch.

Milakovic announces initiative to establish new Serb party

The deputy mayor of Vukovar, Srdjan Milakovic, announced on Saturday that a new Serb party would be established in Croatia after several senior Serb officials met in Zagreb on Friday and expressed their dissatisfaction at how the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) was protecting the interests of the ethnic Serbs in the country.

Brkic says Coordination Council working around the clock

Brkic recalled that the Cooperation Council of the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition and the Bridge party was an advisory body while the ministers would decide on whom to select for their deputies and assistants based on the proposals made by the council.

Milanovic dismisses Karamarko's statement about growth forecast as unfounded

Tim's PowerPoint presentation did not provide any impulse to these results and the Commission's revision of its growth forecast for the Croatian economy for this year from 1.4 to 2.1 per cent speaks of the work of our government. 

SDP chief says his party will be constructive Opposition

Social Democrat (SDP) leader and former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Wednesday after he took an oath as a parliamentary deputy that when it came to national interests, his party would be competent and constructive Opposition.

Bridge MP says review to determine if professionals work at security agency

Bridge party MP Miro Bulj said on Wednesday his party did not want to be in charge of the supervision of the Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA), but that it insisted that SOA be led by professionals and that a review would determine if that was the case.

Bridge party wants veterans' minister replaced

The Bridge party has asked the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) to replace Minister of Veterans' Affairs Mijo Crnoja, sources close to this party said on Tuesday.