parliament speaker

Speaker says parliament to convene Jan 20

The parliament speaker underscored that this was a huge task that "has begun and is underway" and would entail a great deal of negotiation and agreement, expressing hope that it will be completed on time.

MOST invites two party blocs for joint meeting

In the event that only one of the two blocs appears at the scheduled meeting, Bridge will resume negotiations with that side on forming a reformist government, 

Petrov says responsibility cannot be shifted onto 10 pct of MPs

At this moment I would like to see them finally reach an agreement and let them elect their parliament speaker

Karamarko: We didn't support Podolnjak because of 'done deal' approach

Asked why the HDZ had given up on Zeljko Reiner as its candidate for Parliament Speaker, Karamarko said that they had wanted to see what would happen during the session.

New parliament fails to appoint its speaker

We said that we would accept the candidacy for Parliament Speaker if it is supported by the two biggest political camps, and they each have more than a third of parliamentary seats.

Bridge MP disappointed with failed attempt of new parliament

Lovrinovic claimed that it was clear that it was not Bridge that was obstructing the government's formation and the election of the chairman of the eighth legislature.

President sets new round of talks with parties for Monday

"I call on the newly elected parliamentary deputies to show responsibility towards citizens, towards the voters who elected them," the president told the press after leaving the parliament

First attempt to inaugurate parliament fails

Podolnjak said that he would accept his appointment only if the parliament voted him in by consensus, ...

Podolnjak says MOST can't nominate its parliament speaker candidate

He also said that at talks with both the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Bridge discussed all possibilities and potential names.

Leko: No reason for nervousness in anticipation of new parliament

"I have not been involved in negotiations (on a post-election coalition) and am not familiar with how far the negotiations have advanced," Leko said.

Reiner says isn't HDZ parliament speaker candidate

Reiner declined to speculate how many stand-ins the HDZ would send to parliament for its deputies holding local offices,