Speaker opposes Trump speech in British parliament

The speaker of the British parliament's lower house, who chairs debates and hosts guests, on Monday said he opposes any speech in parliament by US President Donald Trump.

PM says hasn't heard of any better model for INA buyout than HEP IPO

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic repeated in the parliament on Tuesday that the government planned to buy back Hungarian oil and gas company MOL's stake in INA, adding that so far he had not heard "of any better or more efficient model (of purchase) that would not include an increase in public debt, than the proposal for an initial public offering of 25% minus one share of the HEP power company."

HDSSB joins parliamentary majority

Josip Salapic, the only member of Parliament from the Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB), has joined the parliamentary group of the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) and the Croatian Christian Democrat Party (HDS), thus becoming part of the parliamentary majority.

Sabor adopts PM's report on European Council meeting

The Croatian parliament on Friday adopted by a majority vote a report by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on the meeting of the European Council held in Brussels on October 20-21.

Everything ready for Friday's inaugural parliament session

Outgoing parliament speaker Zeljko Reiner confirmed on Wednesday that everything was ready for Friday's inaugural session of the new parliament.

Bosnia-Herzegovina MPs ask that Republika Srpska referendum be prevented

A group of deputies in the Bosnian parliament's House of Representatives on Tuesday asked the most influential western countries to get involved and prevent the implementation of a referendum by which the authorities of the Bosnian Serb entity plan to bring into questions the respect of the decisions handed down by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court.

Croatia ranked 92nd by percentage of women in parliament

The Government Office for Gender Equality on Tuesday called on political parties in Croatia to abide by the law and include at least 40 percent of women on their slates for the forthcoming early parliamentary election, noting that Croatia ranks 92nd out of 193 countries in the world by percentage of women in its national parliament.

Croatian parliament speaker receives incoming British ambassador

Croatian Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner on Monday received incoming British Ambassador to Croatia Andrew Dalgleish with whom he agreed that relations between Croatia and Great Britain were "extremely good" but that there was also an outstanding issue of the access of Croatian citizens to Britain's labour market.

People's Coalition sign election agreement

Leaders of the parties in the People's Coalition in Zabok on Saturday signed an agreement on running together at the coming parliamentary election.

Turkey to hold emergency parliament session after failed coup

The Turkish parliament was to hold an emergency session Saturday after a coup by a military faction was foiled overnight, leaving at least 90 dead.

Reiner says 8th parliament fails to meet expectations

Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner has said that the 8th parliament, which was officially dissolved on Friday, has failed to do what it was expected of it, namely it failed to implement structural reforms.

Eighth Croatian parliament to be formally dissolved on Friday

The decision of the eighth Croatian legislature to dissolve itself after the Tihomir Oreskovic cabinet ouster and failure of the HDZ party to form a new ruling majority takes effect on Friday, 15 July. 

Parliament not to meet due to SDP's objection, speaker says

Members of the Croatian Parliament will not be meeting by Friday July 15 when the decision on the self-dissolution of Parliament takes effect, Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner told the press after a Parliament Presidency session on Monday.

Parliament commemorates 21st anniversary of Srebrenica genocide

"It seems as though the world has not learned a lesson from that mass atrocity because justice has not been satisfied, the victims have not received gratification and as a civilisation we are even further away from peace," said Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic

Reiner says won't convene parliament, accuses Bridge of hypocrisy

He recalled that Bridge submitted the final amendments to the said law only yesterday and wondered why it had not done it earlier.

Bridge wants parliament to remain in session until dissolution

The Bridge party on Monday asked Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner to call a new regular session of the national parliament which would last until July 15, when a decision on its dissolution takes effect.

Petrov: All key decisions in parliament were passively or actively agreed by SDP, HDZ

Asked if Bridge would form a coalition with the HDZ after the coming election if Andrej Plenkovic was elected HDZ president, Petrov said it was pointless to talk hypothetically or interfere in other parties' processes.

Parliament marks Statehood Day

Statehood Day was celebrated on Saturday with a special session of the Croatian Parliament at which President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner and Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic said that over the past quarter of a century Croatia had achieved a lot, calling for consensus on fundamental national interests and determination to realise that.

Parliamentary session marking Statehood Day starts

The Croatian Parliament is is celebrating Statehood Day on Saturday, 25 June, with a special session recalling the constitutional decision on Croatia's independence and sovereignty adopted by the parliament on 25 June 1991.

Milanovic: Dissolution of parliament only way to snap election

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Zoran Milanovic on Monday said that he didn't consider parliament's dissolution decision as a great success and reiterated that the SDP supported the option for parliament to be dissolved immediately.

Foreign media: Croatian parliament votes to dissolve, snap polls in September

The Croatian parliament ended a political deadlock Monday, voting to dissolve itself on July 15 and pave the way for snap polls in September, just 10 months after the previous vote produced a hung legislature.

Karamarko reactivates term as MP

On Monday, after adopting a decision to dissolve itself effective July 15, the Croatian parliament upheld a report by the Credentials and Privileges Commission under which the former First Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union president Tomislav Karamarko is returning to parliament.  

Parliament dissolved with 137 votes for

The Croatian parliament on Monday passed a decision on its self-dissolution to take effect on July 15, with 137 MPs voting in favour of the decision.

Sabor puts motion for its dissolution on its agenda

The Croatian parliament on Monday included in its agenda a motion for its self-dissolution, and the decision was followed by a debate on the item.

SDP expects discussion on parliament's dissolution to be put on agenda of Monday session

Asked when his party wanted early elections to be held, Dragovan said that it was in the interest of citizens to hold elections in early September but that the decision on that was in the hands of President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.

Reiner: Election probably in the autumn but there's plenty of time till then

He said that "the parliament certainly won't sit after that (the dissolution). It's more than likely that nothing will happen before then nor after that because that would go against the Constitution."

President urges Croatian parliament to dissolve, force snap polls

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic on Friday urged the country's political leaders to swiftly dissolve the parliament and pave way for snap elections as the way out of a long-standing government deadlock.

President calls for parliament dissolution, early election

President Grabar-Kitarovic said that an absolute majority of lawmakers had told her that they were in favour of a snap parliamentary election.

85 signatures collected for parliament dissolution

The signatures of 85 members of Parliament requesting the dissolution of the parliament were submitted to the parliament by Friday afternoon, parliamentary services confirmed to Hina.

Karamarko re-activates his term as MP

The parliament's Credentials and Privileges Commission on Friday unanimously supported a request to re-activate the term of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko as a member of Parliament.

Parliament to convene on Monday to decide on dissolution, says SDP chief

I have talked with the Speaker and it has been agreed that the parliament should convene at noon Monday to decide on its dissolution, Milanovic told the press in the Sabor.

Bridge in favour of parliament dissolution and snap election in September

This is necessary because of those citizens with seasonal jobs and so that we can secure as high turnout as possible, Simic said outside the President's Office.

Croatia on course towards snap polls after government falls

Croatia was on course towards snap polls on Friday, a day after the government of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic fell in a no-confidence vote and only seven months after the last parliamentary elections.

Bridge MPs submit signatures for parliament dissolution

Asked if it was true that July 15 had been agreed as the date for the parliament's dissolution, Simic said that that date was acceptable to Bridge.

Enough signatures collected to dissolve parliament

According to unofficial information, the Opposition and the Bridge party will submit a joint proposal requesting that parliament be dissolved on 15 July, which would postpone snap elections for this fall.

Consultations in President's Office start

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Friday started talks in her office with parliamentary deputies and groups after the parliament on Thursday voted no confidence in non-partisan Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, whereby his cabinet was toppled.

Deadlines for gov't reshuffle or snap vote start running

The Oreskovic cabinet, which consists of ministers from the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)-led coalition and the Bridge party, will be serving as a caretaker government until the appointment of a new one.

PM says is being impeached for refusing to appoint intelligence agency chief who didn't meet conditions

Oreskovic underscored that he made the decision to appoint Daniel Markic as SOA chief together with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, in the best interest of Croatia, adding that Markic's work so far was proof that his decision was the right one.

Parliament opens discussion on PM's impeachment

Oreskovic arrived in parliament accompanied only by the ministers from the Bridge party. "History is being written, let's finish what what we started," he said when asked by the press how it felt to be impeached by those who brought him to power. 

Karamarko, HDZ ministers won't attend parliamentary debate on PM's impeachment

The HDZ insists on the decision that parliament gives a vote of no confidence in Oreskovic after a joint debate on government-sponsored amendments to the law on mandatory health insurance and on health care.

Karamarko sure HDZ reshuffle plan to be backed by 76 MPs

"We will have them and that's why we are doing this," he told reporters after a Patriotic Coalition meeting when asked if they would have 76 votes of support in the 151-seat parliament.

SDP chief says parl must be dissolved, new election called

At this moment SDP is faring well in polls, but that does not mean that we will win the new election, however, the people have realised that we are good and that this experiment (with the current government) has failed, Milanovic told N1 television.

Podolnjak: Bridge supports Oreskovic gov't, parliament's dissolution possible if gov't given vote of no confidence

Deputy Parliament Speaker and Bridge member of Parliament Robert Podolnjak said on Monday that Bridge supported the government led by Tihomir Oreskovic and would not take party in any government reshuffles and that it would sign a motion for the dissolution of the parliament only if the parliament voted no confidence in the government.

Sabor refuses to adopt report by Children's Ombudswoman

The proposal by the Committee for Family, Youth and Sport, which is chaired by Ivan Vrdoljak of the opposition HNS party, that the report be adopted was supported by only 56 MPs while 64 voted against.

Conflict of Interest Commission to decide on Karamarko Wednesday

The Commission, which is established by the parliament and which consists of independent experts, stated on Friday that it would make the decision next Wednesday.

Seks says HDZ should withdraw motion for PM's impeachment

He said such a bottom would be reached if the PM was impeached and if no parliamentary majority could be found. "Then an election will be called, which the HDZ and Bridge rightly wish to avoid because they can't expect to achieve good results.

Opposition: Bridge vital in bid to collect signatures for parl. dissolution

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Zoran Milanovic said on Friday that his party would collect the sufficient number of signatures from lawmakers, if MPs from the Bridge party joined them in this attempt.

HND accuses committee of ignoring request for Novi List debate

The agenda of the committee's session, set for Friday, 10 June, does not include any topic about the sale of the Novi List newspaper, despite the fact that the HND filed a motion for this discussion two months ago.

SDP collecting signatures to dissolve parliament

He would not say how many signatures the SDP group had. "We have collected enough signatures at the very start which should mean that this is serious."

Tudjman says Oreskovic's staying at gov't helm unrealistic

Tudjman told the press in parliament he had no information on the names mentioned as possible new prime ministers- designate, such as incumbent ministers Zdravko Maric and Oleg Butkovic, but noted that "they are decent people".

Opposition requests parliament's dissolution

The parliamentary groups of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Labour Party and the Croatian People's Party requested on Wednesday that parliament be dissolved and an early election called.

Motion to impeach PM added to parliamentary agenda

The Croatian Parliament on Wednesday added to its agenda a motion to impeach Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, put forward by MPs of the Patriotic Coalition's HDZ and HSP AS parties.

Reiner: It's logical to discuss confidence in PM first

Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) said on Tuesday that it was logical that Parliament should first discuss the HDZ's motion for a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic.

Reiner says has talked with President about Croatia's stability

Croatian Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner said on Monday that earlier in the day he had talked with President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic about "the stability of the Croatian state."

Petrov: I wish best of luck to those who can secure a majority in parl.

Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov has said that he wishes the best of luck to those who might try to ensure a new majority in the 151-seat legislature.

Butkovic: HDZ most likely to seek PM's impeachment

The ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) will most likely seek the impeachment of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic in Parliament, the party's deputy leader and transport minister, Oleg Butkovic, said on Saturday.

HDZ and SDP seem to have agreed on Constitutional Court judges

Two major political parties -- the HDZ and the SDP -- seem to have come to an agreement on the 10 shortlisted nominees for Constitutional Court judges who are to be appointed by lawmakers on Friday, according to unofficial reports on Thursday.

Hungary and Croatia for civilised resolution of outstanding issues

Croatia and Hungary need to resolve outstanding issues in a civilised manner, the two countries' Parliament Speakers Zeljko Reiner and Laszlo Kover said in Zagreb on Thursday without explicitly mentioning the INA-MOL dispute.

Parliament continues debate on gender ombudswoman's report in polemical atmosphere

Students have not received their scholarships since January, Bernardic said during a debate on the work of the Gender Equality Ombudswoman, asking Tepes to investigate the matter and report on it to MPs by the end of the day.

Committee on Constitution again adjourns meeting

Explaining the SDP's request, its parliamentarian Pedja Grbin said that after months of talks with the ruling majority, the SDP was given a list of nominees this morning containing the names of candidates favoured by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

HDZ MP: Execs in Croatian road authorities appointed temporarily

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) MP Ivan Suker on Tuesday said that new executives in the country's motorway operator (HAC) and road authority (HC) were not being appointed but "temporarily posted."

HNS MP calls for support to curricular reform

Member of Parliament Anka Mrak Taritas of the opposition Croatian People's Party (HNS) on Tuesday called on the parliament to give the integral curricular reform a chance, which, she said, would ensure a more meaningful and useful education for children.

SDP urges decision on debate, vote of no confidence in Karamarko

After he was ordered out of the parliament on Tuesday, Social Democrat MP Pedja Grbin called on First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko to leave the government as soon as possible and prevent further damage, ...

SDP insists on Karamarko's resignation, SDP MP ordered out of parliament

After a break, which was requested over a different topic, Grbin recalled that three weeks ago the SDP had asked that Karamarko should step down because "it has transpired that, like his colleagues before, he put his private interests above public interests."

Milanovic: I don't see how Karamarko could get majority support in parliament

Milanovic made the statement in an interview with Nova TV, noting that he was not following the current developments between the partners in the government "either with amusement or with approval."

Iran's new pro-reform parliament inaugurated

Iran's new parliament was sworn in Saturday with a very different make-up after reformist and moderate lawmakers allied with President Hassan Rowhani made strong gains in recent elections for the 290-seat body.

Turkish parliament strips immunity of lawmakers; Kurds concerned

The Turkish parliament voted by a two-thirds majority Friday in favour of a constitutional amendment lifting the immunity from prosecution of 138 members of parliament, including nearly all the pro-Kurdish legislators.

Ombudswoman sees non-adoption of report as political pressure

Vidovic believes that the result of the vote in parliament is confirmation that Croatia needs to continue with critical debate and propose systematic changes directed toward better human rights and suppression of discrimination.

16 Opposition MPs accuse Culture Minister of harming Croatia's image

Sixteen opposition lawmakers submitted an interpellation in parliament concerning Culture Minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic's responsibility , accusing him for damaging the country's reputation, ....

Motion for Deputy PM Karamarko's impeachment on parl. agenda

Opposition MPs believe that this casts doubt on Karamarko being able to adopt objective decisions in the interest of Croatia and its citizens. Parliament has 30 days to decide on the motion for Karamarko's impeachment.

MP: Parliament must be included in decisions on strategic property

MP Ivan Lovrinovic of the ruling Bridge party said on Friday that decisions on the sale of state property should be made by the Croatian parliament and not just by the government.

Parliament rejects public ombudswoman's report; minority MPs outraged

"It is unheard of that a report by the ombudswoman is not approved of and I demand a recess," the ethnic Italian MP Radin said after the report had been rejected by 63 lawmakers against 43 supporting the report and 4 abstentions.

Turkish parliament votes to strip lawmakers' immunity, worrying Kurds

The Turkish parliament voted by a two-thirds majority Friday in favour of lifting the immunity from prosecution of 138 members of parliament, including nearly all the pro-Kurdish legislators.

Montenegrin parliament speaker replaced, new gov't ministers appointed

Deputies in the Montenegrin parliament on Thursday replaced Speaker Ranko Krivokapic and appointed four new government ministers and a deputy prime minister from opposition ranks.

Parliament cancels Mesic's entitlement to office space

The Croatian parliament on Wednesday cancelled former President Stjepan Mesic's entitlement to office space.

HDZ chief says lack of quorum in parliament won't happen again

Speaking to reporters after a session of the Patriotic Coalition caucus, Karamarko expressed dissatisfaction that last Friday there was no quorum in the parliament and that it failed to vote on proposed legislation three times.

Bosnian Serb hosts fail to display Croatian flag during Reiner's visit

RS Parliament Deputy Speaker Zeljka Stojicic regretted the incident, saying it was a protocol oversight. The protocol service said its practice was not to display the flag of a visiting official's country.

Croatian MEP Jakovcic addresses Bosnian Federation entity parliament

Jakovcic was at the helm of a delegation of the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) and on that occasion said that it had been of vital importance before the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide to recall those horrific war events and human suffering.

Petrov says hasn't forecast snap vote for fall

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party chief Bozo Petrov said on Tuesday that the government was stable at this moment, and refuted media interpretations of his earlier statement that a snap vote might happen in the autumn.

Deputy PM talks lack of quorum in parliament

"Honestly, to me this is a disgrace," Petrov said, adding that an initiative would be launched this summer under which MPs who fail to show up for work would receive "a minimum wage at the most."

Reiner: Croatia offering cooperation, help to Bosnia

Croatian Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner confirmed in Sarajevo on Monday that Croatia would continue fully supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina and helping it in its efforts to join the European Union as soon as possible.

Jandrokovic and Mlakar resign as deputy chairs in HDZ caucus

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) MPs Gordan Jandrokovic and Davorin Mlakar on Friday resigned as deputy chairs of the party's caucus in parliament.

Parliament talks models for financing political parties

Opposition lawmakers on Friday described a bill of amendments to the law on financing political activities and election campaigning as pure demagogy with accusations of corruption flying on all sides.

Parliament fails to appoint HBOR Supervisory Board

Croatian lawmakers on Friday appointed several commissions and parliamentary delegations, but failed to appoint the Supervisory Board of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), although that was also on their agenda.

Croatian and Polish parliament officials talk economic cooperation

Croatian Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner has said on the margins of a forum of Croatian and Polish regions, which took place in Dubrovnik on Thursday, that there is great potential to increase Croatia's exports into Poland.

46 applicants compete for 10 vacancies in Cons. Court.

As many as 46 valid applications for 10 vacant places for Constitutional Court judges have been sent to the Croatian parliamentary Committee on the Constitution.

Lawmakers shocked with govt decision to sell strategic companies

"A decision is being made about the sale of those companies via a conference call yet we have a whole set of examples of how to save billions of kuna through quality management of the existing state property. This is a chaotic situation," said Lovrinovic.

SDP demands Karamarko's resignation

"If he refuses to go, if he shows utter contempt for Croatian citizens and their interests, the SDP group will then initiate a procedure for his impeachment in Parliament," SDP MP Pedja Grbin said.

Parliament speaker says ruling coalition has stable majority

Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner on Monday refuted claims that voting on a bill to abolish the office of former president Stjepan Mesic had been postponed twice because the ruling coalition doesn't have a majority support for that bill ...

Croatian MPs receive family of Slovak peacekeeper killed in 1990s war

Slovakia and the Czech Republic parted ways peacefully, but Croatia was not given such an opportunity, Demo said at the talks with the dead soldier's mother, Eva Rigova. He also stressed that war was the worst calamity that could hit the mankind.

Labour Party wants commission of inquiry to investigate president's allegations against Lozancic

Tomislav Koncevski of the Labour party asked in parliament on Friday that a commission of inquiry be set up to investigate allegations made by President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic that former Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) chief Dragan Lozancic was a personal intelligence officer for former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.  

Par'l committee rejects EC directive on posted workers' salaries

Under the EU directive, companies in one European Union member-state that conduct their business in another member-state will have to pay their workers the same wages paid for workers in the host country.

MP Petrina slams PM over TTIP

"I ask that the prime minister and some government ministers be recalled because of the TTIP which has been kept back from parliament and its deputies, namely because of arrival of Monsanto in Croatia," Petrina said at the start of today's session.

Parliament Speaker points out importance of media freedoms and responsibilities

Reiner underscored it was the responsibility of all of society to advocate freedom of expression "however, a freedom that needs to be expressed in a fair manner with regard to whoever or whatever is being reported about."

Iraqi protesters storm parliament amid political crisis

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters stormed parliament Saturday demanding sweeping reforms to tackle corruption, in a dramatic escalation of the country's crippling political crisis.

Reformists aim for further victories in Iranian parliamentary run-off

Iranians took to the polls on Friday to vote in a run-off election for the remaining 68 of parliament's 290 seats, with the first results due to be announced on Saturday evening.

SDP proposes bills on referendum, financing of political activities

The strongest opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) parliamentary group on Friday forwarded to parliament a referendum bill and a bill on the financing of political activities and electoral and referendum promotion.

Serbian election outcome to remain unclear for at least another week

The post-election confusion in Serbia extended into the fifth day on Friday and was set to continue for at least another week, with one party provisionally eliminated from parliament after a partial recount of ballots.

Miroslav Simic new head of Bridge club of MPs

Miroslav Simic is the new head of the Bridge party club of deputies in the national parliament, after Ivan Kovacic resigned earlier on Thursday.

Fistfight breaks out in Turkish parliament, delaying key votes

A late night brawl in the Turkish parliament between opposition members and lawmakers from the ruling party about the conflict in the mostly Kurdish south-east has forced a delay on legislation crucial to an EU migration deal.