Papua New Guinea

Venezuela, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu lose UN vote over unpaid fees

Venezuela, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu are among six nations who have lost the right to vote at the United Nations General Assembly for not paying their compulsory annual contributions.

Major earthquake hits Papua New Guinea, but no tsunami risk

A tsunami warning was lifted Sunday after fears were raised following a major earthquake between Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Tsunami warning lifted after powerful earthquake off Papuan coast

The tsunami warning that was prompted after a magnitude-7.9 earthquake was registered off the coast of Papua New Guinea has passed, authorities said.

Somali refugee in Manus Island detention centre attacked by locals

A Somali refugee held at the Australia-run detention centre in Manus Island was viciously attacked over the weekend, a human rights group said Monday, asking the government to bring those being held to Australia.

Police shoot at protestors in Papua New Guinea, 10 injured

At least 10 people were injured Wednesday in Papua New Guinea when police opened fire on university students protesting against the government, officials and local media said.

Papua New Guinea's political corruption scandal

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has faced public anger over financial mismanagement and a long-running corruption investigation that he has been seen as dodging.

Migrants' fate uncertain as Papua New Guinea plans to close camp

Papua New Guinea said Wednesday it will close down the Australia-run migrant centre on Manus Island after the Supreme Court found it to be unconstitutional.

Papua New Guinea says will close down Australia-run migrant camp

Papua New Guinea's government said Wednesday it will close down the Manus Island detention centre following a ruling by the Supreme Court that found it to be unconstitutional.

PNG Supreme Court rules Australian-run migrant camp illegal

An Australian-run migrant camp in Papua New Guinea is illegal, the Supreme Court in Port Moresby said Tuesday, arguing that it breached the right to personal liberty of those detained.

Plane crash kills 12 in Papua New Guinea

A light plane crashed while trying to land in Papua New Guinea, killing 12 people, Australian officials and news reports said Thursday.