End of an offshore era? Panama signs tax transparency treaty

Panama signed an international convention for tax transparency Thursday, agreeing to work with other countries against tax fraud and money laundering, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and...

Danish tax authority pays source for names mentioned in Panama Papers

Denmark will pay an anonymous source for information about hundreds of Danish nationals mentioned in a data leak from a Panama-based law firm linked to tax-dodging schemes, the Danish minister of...

The Panama Canal and its expansion project

The Panama Canal is one of the most important inland waterways of the world, linking the Atlantic with the Pacific across the Central American isthmus.

Almodovar's Cannes screening overshadowed by Panama papers claims

Leading Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar made his fourth bid for top honours at Cannes on Tuesday but with the screening his new film overshadadowed by revelations that his name was among...

Obama orders actions against tax loopholes in wake of Panama Papers

US President Barack Obama announced measures Friday to combat tax loopholes exploited by both US and foreign taxpayers, and called on Congress to take further legislative action.

Suspected Panama money-launderer arrested

Influential Panamanian businessman Nidal Waked has been arrested in Bogota on suspicion of money-laundering, local media reported Thursday.

Panama vows to comply with international tax reporting measures

Panama will comply with international standards for automatic tax information sharing, a top official from the country's Economy Ministry said Thursday in Washington.

OECD: Panama to comply with international tax reporting

Panama will comply with international standards for automatic tax information sharing, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Secretary-General Angel Gurria says.

Putin: Panama Papers financial data leak had US sponsors

The massive Panama Papers financial data leak had US sponsors, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Iceland premier says "not afraid" of facing electorate

Iceland's beleaguered Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson says he is "not afraid" of facing voters after meeting with coalition partner Bjarni Benediktsson, the finance minister who heads...

Tax scandal a setback in Panama's drive for financial respectability

"We have to get rid of this image in the world that Panamanians are money launderers. This affects all of us," Annette Planells of the Movin political movement told television broadcaster TVN on...

Cameron says father's use of Panama Papers lawyers "a private matter"

British Prime Minister David Cameron's office on Tuesday said the use of Panama-based lawyers Mossack Fonseca by his late father's offshore company, as part of a tax avoidance scheme, was "a...

Widened Panama Canal to reopen in May, president says

After several years of works to widen the Panama Canal, the important waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans will be reopened in May, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela announced...