Museum of tastes opens in Osijek

A museum of tastes was formally opened in Osijek by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Friday on the occasion of marking Osijek City Day.

7 Croatian cities to get EUR 345 mln from EU urban development scheme

Seven Croatian cities - Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Slavonski Brod and Pula - will have access to EUR 345.35 million from European structural and investment funds for the development of...

Osijek set to streamline public transport system

The City of Osijek and the public transportation utility (GPP) have launched a 100-million-euro project of overhaul and development of the public transportation fleet, and the city authorities and...

Eco-industrial zone Nemetin opens its doors to businesses

The 33-million kuna eco-industrial zone Nemetin outside Osijek was formally presented by Regional Development and EU Funds Minister Tomislav Toulusic at a news conference in Osijek on Thursday....

EC approves financing of Osijek port terminal

The European Commission has approved the financing of a bulk cargo handling terminal at Osijek's river port worth EUR 17.3 million, of which EUR 15.6 million can come from European Union funds,...

Minister says second phase of Baranja irrigation system nearing completion

Romic said the tender for the rural development programme of public irrigation would be open three months.

Gov't to provide funds for storm-hit Osijek hospital

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric in the caretaker government said on Wednesday that the necessary funds from the state budgets would be allotted to offset damage inflicted on the Osijek hospital...

Ministers visit storm-hit Osijek, local hospital to be renovated

Health Minister Dario Nakic said in Osijek on Tuesday that the damage caused to the city hospital by a storm that hit Osijek on Monday, would be removed and that it was estimated at five million...

President to suggest joint economic forum with Serbia in Osijek

She expressed concern over demographic trends in eastern Slavonia from where young people are emigrating every day, assessing that it is necessary to create conditions that will enable young...

Osijek County prefect pleads not guilty to abuse of power

Osijek-Baranja County Prefect Vladimir Sisljagic and a former head of the County Development Agency, Martin Marolin, pleaded not guilty to abuse of office and power at the commencement of their...

Environment minister: Waste management has to be sustainable

He added that Croatia, however, was not meeting its obligations from the EU accession agreement regarding waste sorting, stressing that that must change.

World's biggest Easter nest built in Osijek

The world's biggest Easter nest has been built in the eastern city of Osijek as part of a programme called "Easter in Osijek".  

1st European Capital of Culture in Croatia to be announced Thursday afternoon

The commission, which includes officials from EU institutions and two experts from Croatia, is chaired by Steve Green.

Prince Charles impressed with local produce in Osijek

Prince Charles said he was impressed with home-made and home-grown products and handicrafts displayed on stands in the Tvrdja, to which they were treated by local family farms and various...

Prince of Wales meets religious dignitaries, entrepreneurs in Osijek

There are more than 30 religious communities in eastern Slavonia, the biggest ones being the Catholic, Serb Orthodox and Muslim communities.