Police deny report of engaging suspected illegal arms dealer as volunteer

The web portal also claimed that Halo had volunteered for some time in the Opatovac reception centre for refugees crossing into Croatia from Serbia.

Croatian police confirm one of suspects in Paris attacks registered in Croatia on Oct 8

"At France's request we have made checks and found that the person named in their query passed the registration process at the Opatovac reception centre on October 8.

Nearly 300,000 pass through Croata since start of refugee crisis

On Sunday morning , the eastern Croatian reception centre at Opatovac catered for 2,000 migrants and refugees. 

Female Afghan refugee dies in Opatovac

The family of the deceased person expressed a wish that she be buried in the nearest Muslim cemetery

105-year-old Afghan woman arrives in Opatovac

According to Dzigumovic the 105-year-old lady arrived around midday with a group of refugees and migrants that entered Croatia from Serbia.

Refugees, migrants continue to arrive at Opatovac reception centre

Police are keeping under control the situation at Bapska, a village near the Serbian border where refugees and migrants are entering Croatia.

Ostojic: We have no other choice but to send migrants on to Schengen area

"They should say that a wall will be built on the Croatian-Serbian border. But you can be sure that wire fences have never proved effective," he said.