New City of Vienna PR office opened in Zagreb

The city of Vienna has opened a new office for international communication, called Eurocomm-PR, which will perform public relations services for Vienna Holding in Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo and Sofia.

Mesic: Amended law stripping me of my office is unconstitutional

Mesic told a press conference in his office that he would request a delay in the application of the amended law until the court decided whether it was in line with the constitution or not.

Parliament cancels Mesic's entitlement to office space

The Croatian parliament on Wednesday cancelled former President Stjepan Mesic's entitlement to office space.

Mesic: Gov't wants to silence me by closing down my office

"And if I see something that is evidently Ustasha-like conduct, if I see someone behave and speak like an Ustasha, I will describe them as such."