nuclear weapons

North Korea: Nuclear tests are "righteous self-defensive measures"

North Korea defended its recent testing of nuclear warheads and ballistic technology at the UN General Assembly on Friday, calling them "righteous self-defensive measures" to preserve the country's sovereignty from outside interference.

In leaked emails, Colin Powell says Israel has 200 nukes

Israel has 200 nuclear weapons, former US secretary of state Colin Powell said in a leaked email, part of a trove that has been released online.

US scientist: North Korea could have 20 nuclear bombs this year

North Korea could have enough plutonium and highly enriched uranium by the end of 2016 to build up to 20 nuclear bombs, a leading US nuclear scientist says.

World leaders consider further sanctions against North Korea

World leaders on Friday spoke of further sanctions against North Korea in reaction to the Stalinist country's announcement of carrying out its fifth nuclear test.

Iran stations anti-aircraft missiles at nuclear facility

Iran has placed Russian-supplied anti-aircraft missiles at one of its nuclear facilities, the Iranian news agency Fars reported Sunday.