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Afghan parliament dismisses three ministers for spending too little

Three cabinet ministers were dismissed by the Afghan parliament on Saturday after the ministers failed to spend their annual development budget.

Moroccan woman takes late husband's bowels on flight to Austria

Austrian airport officials made the "strangest find of the past year" after discovering a man's intestines being taken through customs by a female passenger.

Nepal bans Indian couple for fake photo of Mount Everest climb

Nepal on Tuesday banned an Indian couple from mountaineering in the country for ten years, after they doctored a photo to acquire a highly sought-after summit certificate despite failing to scale Mount Everest.

India minister asks foreign tourists not to wear skirts

India's tourism and culture minister, Mahesh Sharma, on Monday drew widespread criticism after he advised foreign tourists not to wear skirts in the country.

Burkini allows women to have freedom and fun, says Australian creator

Invented in 2004 by an Australian woman, the burkini has come under attack in Germany and France. Banning the full-body swimwear would rob many women of the freedom to have fun in public, says its creator.

Clogged toilet leads to massive bar fight in south-western Germany

What started with a clogged toilet at a bar in south-western Germany led to a massive punch-up involving 30 people Saturday night that had to be broken up, a police statement said.