Northern Ireland Assembly election 2017

Sinn Fein attacks British, Irish governments amid power-sharing push

The British and Irish governments have come up short in their efforts to broker power-sharing in Northern Ireland, argued republican party Sinn Fein on Monday, calling into question their ability to forge a new devolved government after elections last week.

Britain pushes power-sharing talks after Northern Ireland election

The British government was set to begin talks aimed at resolving Northern Ireland's power-sharing impasse on Monday, following last week's elections to the regional assembly.

Unionists take slim lead in Northern Ireland elections, lose majority

The pro-British Democratic Unionist's Party (DUP) has narrowly won the most seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly, edging ahead of Republican Party Sinn Fein by just one seat.

High turnout in Northern Ireland poll, but impasse likely to continue

About 65 per cent of electors voted in Thursday's polls for the Northern Ireland Assembly, but the highest turnout since 1998 appeared unlikely to help break an impasse over power-sharing in the devolved government.

Northern Ireland votes, but power-sharing crisis expected to continue

Northern Ireland voted in elections to its devolved assembly on Thursday, but the result was not expected to change the political balance significantly or help resolve a power-sharing impasse.

Northern Ireland heads to polls amid Brexit uncertainty

Many Northern Irish voters are plagued by uncertainties about security and the repercussions of Brexit as they head to the polls in new elections. They still are haunted by the Troubles - the decades of internal strife between Catholics and Protestants.