North Korea

South Korea: North Korea has enough plutonium for 10 nukes

North Korea has enough weapons-grade plutonium to produce 10 nuclear bombs, South Korea's Defence Ministry claimed on Wednesday.

Trump dismisses North Korea's nuclear capability via tweet

US president-elect Donald Trump said Monday on Twitter that North Korea won't succeed in reaching the United States with a nuclear weapon.

North Korea commemorates former dictator Kim Jong Il in silence

North Korea commemorated the fifth anniversary of the death of long-time dictator Kim Jong Il on Saturday with three minutes of silence and wailing sirens across the country, according to state...

Red Cross to reduce North Korea flood aid after failed funding drive

Red Cross flood relief efforts in North Korea will have to be scaled back after the aid agency failed to meet funding goals, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (...

North Korea simulates attacks on South Korean government facilities

North Korea carried out military exercises to simulate attacks on facilities in neighbouring South Korea, including the presidential palace, North Korean state media reported Sunday.

North Korea ups military ante in response to sanctions

North Korea has carried out a series of military exercises simulating attacks on South Korean military bases and the country's central government, North Korean state media reported on Friday.

UN Security Council tightens sanctions on North Korea

The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution tightening sanctions on North Korea on Wednesday in response to the country's latest nuclear test conducted in September.

Trump assures Seoul of continued US support over Pyongyang threat

President-elect Donald Trump has assured South Korea of continued US protection against North Korea once he takes office.

Red Cross: Only quarter of aid target raised after North Korea flood

Following a rare appeal for aid from North Korea following severe flooding in the country, the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) said Saturday it has only raised a quarter of its target...

North Korea wins under-17 Women's World Cup, again

North Korea has become the first nation to win the Women's under-17 football World Cup for a second time, after beating Japan on penalties in Amman on Friday night.

Seoul: Failed rocket test shows "limits" of North Korean technology

A failed rocket test carried out by North Korea on Thursday demonstrates the "limits" of the communist country's technology, South Korean Defence Minister Han Min Koo said after talks with his US ...

Carter: North Korea would face US military might for nuclear attack

The US would respond with the "full spectrum of American military might" if North Korea were to undertake a nuclear attack, US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter says following the latest failed...

US and South Korea condemn Pyongyang's failed missile launch

The US and South Korea have condemned Saturday's failed missile launch by North Korea near the north-western city of Kusong.

Russian border patrol kills North Korean sailor during boat search

Russian border protection soldiers killed a North Korean sailor during a brawl on a boat that the Russian authorities had stopped to search.

North Korean soldier makes rare defection to South over land border

A North Korean soldier has defected to the South across the country's heavily guarded land border, the South Korean military said Thursday.