Nikola Grmoja

Ex-HT CEO dismisses lawmaker's accusations

Businessman Ivica Mudrinic on Friday strongly denied claims made by Nikola Grmoja, a lawmaker of the Bridge party, who warned again about what he described as corruption in the HT telecommunications operator, noting that by doing so he wanted to encourage the state to build the telecommunications infrastructure with money from EU funds.

Bridge MP warns of corruption in HT

Member of Parliament Nikola Grmoja of the ruling Bridge party on Friday warned again about what he described as corruption in the HT telecommunications operator, noting that by doing so he wanted to encourage the state to build telecommunications infrastructure with money from EU funds.

Grmoja: Had we voted for Barisic's dismissal, there would be new elections

Nikola Grmoja, a member of the Croatian parliament from the Bridge party, the junior partner in the ruling coalition, on Sunday commented on the party's abstention from Friday's vote of confidence in Science and Education Minister Pavo Barisic.

Grmoja says Bridge will vie against HDZ and other parties in local elections

The Bridge party vice president Nikola Grmoja, who is one of the founders of this political party that is a partner in the current government led by Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic of the HDZ, has said in in an interview with Hina that in the local units of self-government the Bridge would vie against the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and other political options in local elections which Croatia is to held in May.

Bridge MP: Minister Dobrovic won't be stopped by those connected with "waste mafia"

Nikola Grmoja, a member of parliament from the ruling Bridge party, on Wednesday countered accusations made by Social Democrat MP and former environment minister Mihael Zmajlovic against the incumbent minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party, saying that Dobrovic would not be stopped by those connected with "the waste mafia".

Bridge: HDZ and SDP haven't given guarantees

Spokesman for the Bridge party Nikola Grmoja said on Thursday that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had not responded to Bridge's guarantees (demands) which were to be the basis of any future cooperation, adding that these were not even close to what had been agreed to with Bridge at the last election.

Grmoja says Bridge never closed door to cooperation with SDP

We insist on changes and that is certainly a big problem for parts of the HDZ because some of the people in that party support what Bridge and this government are doing. I believe this government will succeed if we and our partners have the same goals.

Outgoing Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic says will sue Grmoja

Ostojic intends to sue Grmoja who claims that there are indications that Bridge leader Bozo Petrov was illegally investigated by the PNUSKOK police anti-corruption investigators.

Ostojic: USKOK confirmed Grmoja and Petrov's allegations false

An investigation has revealed that Petrov was not under surveillance, that his phone calls were not tapped or data on his phone contacts examined, USKOK said on its website.

Grmoja says investigation results as expected

Claims were already made in the past that there had not been any surveillance measures or examination of phone calls, but then new facts came to light. 

Anti-corruption office says Petrov wasn't under surveillance

The anti-corruption agency USKOK said on Wednesday that Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov had not been under any kind of surveillance measures.

Bridge: Agreement on six ministries reached in principle

Bridge has been demanding six ministries since the start of the talks with the Patriotic Coalition -- the environment protection, justice, agriculture, economy, administration and the interior, Grmoja told Hina.

Petrov says Ostojic should face parl. committee on home affairs, national security

"If the SDP had not tried to cheat us, his (Kosic's) speech would have definitely made me go with the Croatia Is Growing coalition."

Grmoja: Ostojic nervous and speaking inappropriately

Commenting on Ostojic's claims that Petrov had not been tapped, Grmoja said he had entirely expected such a reaction.

Ostojic reiterates Petrov was not under surveillance

Ostojic called on all those reporting such things to file criminal charges, so that he could defend himself from such charges but also to be able to prosecute them later, should evidence show that they were telling untruths.

Interior minister: Petrov was not under surveillance

Ostojic said that Bridge spokesman Nikola Grmoja was accusing him without providing any evidence and called on Petrov to face him publicly and discuss the allegations.

Petrov says USKOK hasn't summoned him for interview

Petrov also said that he did not talk with Bridge spokesman Nikola Grmoja, who earlier in the day gave a deposition at USKOK, because he was at talks with Karamarko.

Bridge spokesman gives deposition about Petrov surveillance

"I didn't say I had evidence. The parliamentary committee confirmed that the complaint arrived. Institutions should now do their job and establish if that is true or not," he added.

USKOK looking into Grmoja's claims about Petrov surveillance

The Police Directorate would not comment on Grmoja's claims, and outgoing Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojic said he would hold a news conference on Wednesday.

Bridge leader was under police surveillance, party spokesman claims

Grmoja made the statement in an interview with the N1 regional television channel while explaining why his party was seeking the top position in the Ministry of the Interior, a key department in combating corruption.

Bridge to back HDZ nominee for Parliament Speaker

"The HDZ needs more deputies from our slates (than the SDP), and this is probably why they have been to date fairer in our relations," Grmoja said.

Bridge: Milanovic should say by Friday who he is ready to cooperate with

"I think that Prime Minister Milanovic today put the brakes on and sent an encouraging letter. We hope that they will declare their position by Friday and that we will form a tripartite government,"

Bridge: It seems HDZ ready to uphold our proposals

"If the SDP rejects us, we are still willing to cooperate with them in parliament and support their proposals if we agree with them. We won't support the HDZ on issues we disagree on,"

Spokesman says SDP has refused Bridge, too, has until Tuesday to change its mind

Grmoja, however, told Hina that by refusing Bridge's proposal for a non-partisan prime minister and a tripartite government the SDP had also refused Bridge.

If Karamarko and Reiner are unacceptable to SDP, they're also unacceptable to MOST

"If that is unacceptable to the SDP, it is also unacceptable to us because we want a reformist government that will include all three sides.

MOST MP says SDP offered her position in executive authority

"Others in Bridge are being approached too," she said, adding that she had informed the party's president, Bozo Petrov, and spokesman Nikola Grmoja, about the SDP offer.

MOST member accuses president of 'disgraceful behaviour'

The president behaved disgracefully at the consultations for the new government with the Bridge delegation, which comprised me, two other members and Bridge president Bozo Petrov.

MOST: Exclusive economic zone will be condition for support to new government

The exclusive economic zone is among the party's last conditions for its support to the new government, but it is the most important one, he said.