Georgia, Korea and Kosovo interested in observing Croatia's election

In addition to local observers, foreign observers from Georgia, Korea and Kosovo have expressed their interest in observing Croatia's September snap election, the State Electoral Commission (DIP) reported on Tuesday.

Platforma 112 calls on parties to show how they treat liberal democary

Nongovernmental organisations that make up the Plaform 112 union on Friday presented their demands ahead of a snap parliamentary election, that is likely to be held in September, and asked political parties and independent candidates to express their positions on their demands and how they intend to treat fundamental values of liberal democracy.

NGOs say president should declare her ties to Football Federation, Mamic

"A politically and socially responsible reaction must focus on the poor and potentially criminal management of the HNS without democratic supervision. The HNS does not see itself as an organisation of public interest but as a 'private circle of football employees'.  

President Grabar-Kitarovic meets "Macelj 1945" association reps

In October 2005, remains of 1,163 victims exhumed in the wider Macelj area were buried in a memorial mortuary in Macelj, a north-western Croatian village near the border with Slovenia. They were exhumed in 1991 and 1992.

NGO: Croatia late in adding EU directives on public procurement to its legislation

Member-states had more than two years to embed those directives in the national legislation, and therefore it is surprising that Croatia is late, the association said in a press release on Tuesday.

Open-door days of civil society associations start

Open-door days of Croatian civil society associations started on Monday in Zagreb with a conference on the role of NGOs in societal and economic growth and in democratisation of society.

Documenta calls for tribute to all victims of WW2 and its aftermath

"We must not forget retaliatory executions at Tezno (Slovenia) and other sites of mass murder in Slovenia and Croatia as well as impermissible abuse of those who survived those death marches," the NGO said in the appeal issued on Friday.

Activists again demand renaming of Zagreb's Marshal Tito Square

The "Krug za trg" (Circle for the Square) civic initiative, on Saturday held its tenth annual protest rally demanding that the present Marshal Tito Square in the capital of Zagreb should get another name.

NGOs say government's only reform is about turning Croatia into non-liberal democracy

He said that the number of bills and public policies submitted to parliament for consideration was minimal, which he said made it even less likely that changes would happen that would improve life for citizens.

NGOs: Croatian authorities ignore Turkish president's human rights violations

"The economic benefit (of the investments) for Croatia is extremely suspicious and unclear, however, information and evidence of violation of a number of rights in Turkey is well-known and very much substantiated," the NGOs said in a statement.

NGOs say gov't has moved persecution campaign from streets to culture ministry

Rakic, who chaired the Electronic Media Council and the Electronic Media Agency, resigned earlier in the day, citing unbearable pressure.

NGOs: Authorities systematically violate refugees' rights with forcible detention

The associations warned that the new way of making decisions on people's destinies did not exculpate the Croatian authorities from violation of human rights, disregard for laws and international law.

Five NGOs against deploying army to manage migrant crisis

Five non-governmental organisations on Wednesday expressed dissatisfaction with announcements by some Croatian office-holders that they are considering the deployment of army troops at the country's border in an attempt to improve refugee crisis management.

Environmentalists welcome possibility of Plomin C project being scrapped

Croatian environmentalists have welcomed the possibility of the government abandoning its plan to build a coal-fired thermal power plant, as announced by Environment Minister Slaven Dobrovic on Saturday.

NGOs urge authorities to press charges for hate speech at protest rally

Two non-governmental organisations have called on the competent authorities to press charges for hate speech used at a protest rally outside the offices of the Electronic Media Council in Zagreb on Tuesday, organised by the local branch of the Homeland War Disabled Veterans' Association (HVIDR) in protest at the temporary revocation of the broadcasting licence from the local Z1 television channel.

HHO dismisses accusations against new culture minister

The HHO insists that Croatian anti-Fascists-Communists, who were "Stalin's proxies", conducted the armed and ideological struggle against the idea of Croatian state and persecuted and executed advocates of the idea of the Croatian state.