New Zealand

Kim Dotcom loses latest round in extradition saga

German internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has lost another legal round after the New Zealand High Court ruled that he and three of his colleagues can be extradited to the United States, but he said Monday his fight is far from over.

Record-breaking 32,828 quakes hit New Zealand in 2016

New Zealand seismologists have dubbed 2016 “the Groundbreaker” after the country was shaken by 32,828 earthquakes, including two tremors greater than magnitude 7.0.

Climber falls to death in New Zealand's Southern Alps

A mountaineer fell several hundred metres to his death Wednesday at Mount Aspiring in New Zealand's Southern Alps, police said.

Two killed when bus carrying over 45 people crashes in New Zealand

Two people were killed and several others were injured when a bus carrying at least 45 passengers crashed 100 metres down a bank in New Zealand.

Bill English named New Zealand prime minister

New Zealand's conservative National Party caucus in Wellington elected Bill English its new leader on Monday, officially paving the way for him to succeed John Key as prime minister.

Bill English to become New Zealand prime minister

Bill English is set to become New Zealand's new prime minister after he secured the support of the majority of his party and the two candidates running against him for the role both withdrew Thursday.

New Zealand's prime minister announces surprise resignation

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key shocked the nation Monday after announcing his resignation for personal and political reasons, after eight years in the job.

Seven dead, one still missing after New Zealand boating accident

Seven people are dead and an eighth person is missing, presumed dead, after a boating accident on New Zealand's North Island, police said Sunday.

Strong earthquakes rattle New Zealand

New Zealand was struck by several large earthquakes on Tuesday, with a 5.7 magnitude quake jolting residents near Christchurch just hours after a 5.4 magnitude quake hit the east coast of the North Island.

Earthquake moves New Zealand’s two main islands closer together

New Zealand’s two main islands, the North and South Islands, have moved closer together following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck the country just after midnight Monday, killing two people.

World's first pizza delivery by drone in New Zealand

Domino's Pizza has carried out the world's first pizza delivery by drone in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, according to a video posted on Facebook.

6.3 aftershock strikes New Zealand, PM tells of devastation

New Zealand was hit by a 6.3 aftershock Monday afternoon while the government was assessing damage from the 7.5 magnitude earthquake which struck the country just after midnight on Monday.

Two dead, towns cut off after 7.5 New Zealand quake

Two people are dead and there is widespread damage to roads and infrastructure after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand just after midnight on Monday.

At least two killed after massive earthquake hits New Zealand

Sydney (dpa) - A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand's South Island, generating a tsunami, triggering evacuations from many low-lying areas on the eastern shore and killing at least two people.

Tsunami warning issued for New Zealand after 7.1-magnitude quake

A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the north-eastern coast of New Zealand early Friday, the US Geological Survey said.

New Zealand Pokemon Go players catch alleged thief

A group of late night Pokemon Go players searching for virtual monsters on their smart phones instead became part of a real life crime drama capturing an alleged thief and holding him until police arrived.

New Zealand hit by 5.7-magnitude earthquake

New Zealand’s North Island was struck by a 5.7-magnitude earthquake on Thursday morning, but there were no initial reports of damage.

Dotcom’s extradition appeal streamed live on YouTube from New Zealand

Kim Dotcom’s appeal against extradition to the United States began streaming on YouTube on Wednesday, the first ever New Zealand court case to be broadcast live on the internet.

Dotcom’s extradition appeal to be streamed on YouTube

Kim Dotcom’s appeal against extradition to the US to face charges of copyright infringement is to be streamed on YouTube from the Auckland High Court, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Dotcom requests court hearing be live streamed on YouTube

Kim Dotcom’s appeal against extradition to the United States began in the Auckland High Court on Monday morning with a bid by his lawyers to live stream the entire hearing.

Mama Mia! Drones to deliver pizzas in New Zealand

Domino's Pizza on Thursday said it would trial the use of drones to deliver pizzas in New Zealand in what it said was a world first.

Tourist found a month after hiking partner killed in New Zealand

A Czech tourist has been found sheltering in an alpine hut, almost a month after her hiking partner fell to his death down a steep slope in a New Zealand national park, police said Thursday.

Sydney police probe "listening device" found in NZ rugby team hotel

Australian police said Saturday they would investigate a listening device found hidden in a meeting room used by New Zealand's All Blacks rugby team at a Sydney hotel.

New Zealand court: Mega must reveal user details to Kazakh government

Cloud storage company Mega is to supply sensitive IP addresses and email contact details to the Kazakhstan government as early as next week, Radio New Zealand reported Wednesday.

Fiji shock New Zealand in rugby sevens and eye first medal

A shock win over New Zealand in the rugby sevens has carried Fiji into the semi-finals of the men's tournament and put the country on the verge of a first-ever Olympic medal.

Japan shock New Zealand in Olympic rugby, Williams out of tournament

Japan shocked world champions New Zealand 14-12 as men's rugby returned to the Olympics after 92 years on Tuesday.

New Zealand city forces all cats to be microchipped

Cat owners will be forced to microchip their pets after councillors in New Zealand's capital voted for the measure to protect the city's birdlife, local media reported Thursday.

Dotcom accused of breaching New Zealand court order

Kim Dotcom has been accused of breaching a court order freezing his assets, Radio New Zealand reported on Monday.

New Zealand police find 35 kilos of cocaine in diamante horse head

New Zealand police have arrested three men after the discovery of a record 35 kilograms of cocaine in a diamante horse-head sculpture that drug smugglers had sent from Mexico.

New Zealand nominates Helen Clark for UN secretary general

The New Zealand government said Tuesday it had nominated former prime minister Helen Clark for the position of UN secretary general.

New Zealanders stand by current flag in referendum

New Zealanders on Thursday voted to retain their national flag, rejecting an alternative design featuring the native silver fern in place of the British Union Jack.

New Zealand begins final vote on new flag

New Zealand Thursday began the final vote on whether to change its current flag to a new design featuring a silver fern.

Magnitude-5.7 quake hits New Zealand

A magnitude-5.7 earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch Sunday but caused no major damage, Radio New Zealand reported.

Protest action marks signing of Pacific trade deal in New Zealand

Thousands of protesters caused traffic chaos in the streets of Auckland on Thursday as trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries, including the United States and Japan, met to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal.

Chess champ once accused of sexism defeats 20 women in New Zealand

 A British chess grandmaster who once famously declared that men were better suited to the game than women played against 20 women simultaneously in Auckland on Wednesday and didn’t lose a match.