New Jersey

1 killed, 108 injured in train wreck inside New Jersey station

One person was killed and 108 injured when a commuter train hurtled into a rail terminal and struck a barrier Thursday in New Jersey, just outside New York City, authorities said.

Bomb experts accidentally detonate explosive device in New Jersey

One of several explosive devices discovered in a suspicious package at a train station in the north-eastern US state of New Jersey detonated early Monday as bomb experts were working to defuse it, the FBI said.

Bomb explodes along planned route of US military charity run

A bomb hidden in a garbage container exploded Saturday in the north-eastern US state of New Jersey along the planned route of a 5-kilometre charity run sponsored by the US Marines.

Deadly blizzard cuts power to thousands in US

Tens of thousands were without power in the eastern US state of New Jersey and authorities in New York were enacting a travel ban on local roads Saturday as snow continued to fall in a blizzard that has left at least nine dead.