Croatia won't accept "inappropriate" protest notes from Serbia

Croatia will not accept "inappropriate" diplomatic notes from Serbia which instead of sending "unproductive" notes should be concerned with the europeanisation of its society, the Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Ministry (MVEP) said on Monday following the latest protest notes from Belgrade.

MVEP and HND condemn attack on Croatian reporter in Banja Luka

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MVEP) on Sunday strongly condemned a physical attack on a reporter with the RTL Croatia commercial television channel during a demonstration in the northwestern Bosnian city of Banja Luka on Saturday.

Zagreb protests against Slovenia's wire on Croatia's territory

The note forwarded to Slovenia's embassy in Zagreb reiterates Croatia's demand that the razor-wire fence on Croatia's territory must be removed without delay.

Croatia has no comment on call from arbitral tribunal

"The foreign ministry has no comment, because it is well known that Croatia left the arbitration process, following a unanimous decision of all deputies in the Croatian parliament,"

Foreign ministry delivers another protest note to Slovenian embassy

By fencing off the two border crossings Slovenia has violated the 1997 Agreement on Local Border Traffic and Cooperation and it has brought into question the purpose of that agreement, 

Croatia says Slovenia using refugee crisis to provoke incidents and exert pressure

"Statements by Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec are in support of what should certainly be avoided, and that is using a humanitarian crisis and the plights of vulnerable groups ...

Slovenia presented with protest note for barbed wire on Croatian territory

"Slovenia thus violated the territory of the Republic of Croatia which even according to the official Slovenian land records does not belong to the Republic of Slovenia," 

Croatia protests against Slovenia's fence on its territory, Slovenia says didn't cross borderline

"Slovenia has been requested to remove the fence in the shortest time possible," the ministry said in a statement