Murder of Bangladesh gay rights activists claimed by al-Qaeda branch

A Bangladeshi extremist group affiliated with al-Qaeda on Tuesday claimed this week's killing of two gay rights activists.

Italian news media name Egypt police officer behind student's murder

Two Italian news outlets claimed Wednesday that the police officer who led the initial investigation into the death of Giulio Regeni had ordered the abduction and torture of the Italian student.

Moscow nanny charged with murder in child decapitation case

A nanny detained by Moscow police while holding the severed head of a 4-year-old girl has been charged with murder, Russia's federal Investigative Committee said Friday.

Moscow nanny in child murder case to be psychologically evaluated

A nanny detained by police while holding the severed head of a 4-year-old girl is to undergo a psychological evaluation as part of the murder investigation, Russia's federal Investigative Committee said Thursday.

Moscow nanny tells court "Allah commanded me" to kill child

A nanny detained by police while holding the severed head of a 4-year-old girl told a Moscow court on Wednesday that "Allah commanded" her to kill the child, the Interfax news agency reported.

Convicted rapist again given 40 years for murder of teenage girl

Truck driver Dragan Paravinja was sentenced to 40 years' imprisonment in a repeated trial at Split County Court on Tuesday for the attempted rape and subsequent murder of teenager Antonija Bilic in June 2011.

Couple on trial for murder of man who contacted daughter on Facebook

A couple have gone on trial in Germany for allegedly stabbing to death a man they believed to be a pedophile after he made contact with their 12-year-old daughter over the social network site Facebook.

Life, 21 years jail for Israeli teens who murdered Palestinian youth

Two Israeli teens were sentenced Thursday to life and 21 years in prison respectively for the 2014 murder of a 16-year-old Palestinian that shocked Israelis and Palestinians and contributed to the Gaza war that year.

Ex-ICTY convict Martinovic cleared of 1996 Mostar murder

Vinko Martinovic also known as Stela, who holds both Croatian and Bosnian citizenship, on Friday was cleared of charges of murdering Jasmina Djukic in 1996 in Mostar,