Interior Ministry reorganisation means 339 organisational units less

Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic says that according to the preliminary plan for the Interior Ministry's reorganisation, it will have 339 fewer organisational units at the national level and at...

Orepic: Refugee profiling to start at Greek-Macedonian border

"A huge step forward has been made with regard to refugees because profiling will be conducted on the Macedonian border," Orepic told reporters after the government meeting.

Slovenia hasn't returned any migrants to Croatia

The Croatian Interior Ministry (MUP) has not voiced its official reaction to claims by the civil initiative which calls itself "Welcome" that Croatian authorities had conducted systematic violence...

Croatia sets high standards in refugee treatment - conference

The two-day conference was organised by the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, the UNHCR Office and the Croatian Red Cross (HCK).

Decrease in number of migrant arrivals evident - say police

The number of persons entering Croatia is markedly dropping in comparison with 6,000-7,000 people that were entering Croatia on a daily basis before.

Over 430,000 migrants have passed through Croatia since mid-Sept

Form Saturday midnight to 9 am Sunday, 3,137 arrivals were registered on Croatia's eastern borders, the ministry said on its web site.

No economic migrants recorded in Croatia since notification to Serbia, Macedonia

Slovenia made a request to Croatia on Wednesday to take back 162 economic migrants, which the Croatian authorities rejected, 

Slovenian minister calls for rationing refugee intake

Gjerkes Znidar said that "we have to ensure maximum control of the refugee influx, even if Croatia pushes us into an unfavourable position."

More than 400,000 migrants pass through Croatia since start of crisis

U zimskom prihvatno-tranzitnom centru u Slavonskom Brodu trenutačno se nalazi 3.286 osoba. I dalje se očekuje dolazak migrantskog i izbjegličkog vala iz Srbije

Croatian police confirm one of suspects in Paris attacks registered in Croatia on Oct 8

"At France's request we have made checks and found that the person named in their query passed the registration process at the Opatovac reception centre on October 8.

Over 320,000 migrants pass through Croatia, 2,000 currently in Slavonski Brod

The transit centre in Opatovac near the border with Serbia is being dismantled.

Close to 280,000 migrants enter Croatia since mid Sept

A total of 5,847 migrants entered Croatia from midnight to 9 pm on Thursday, and 279,830 have passed through the country since the migrant crisis spilled over to Croatia

As many as 11,500 migrants enter Croatia in last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours 11,500 refugees and migrants have entered Croatia, the largest number to arrive in a single day in nearly 40 days since the refugee influx ...

Daylight saving time ends, clocks to go back 1 hour

Drivers must keep their headlights on during standard winter time in Croatia.

Nearly 150,000 migrants have entered Croatia

 The ministry expects that migrants will continue to arrive from Serbia.