Bayern round the clock - German champions launch own TV channel

Bayern Munich fans will be able to follow goings on at the Bundesliga record champions in a new way from next week when the club launches its own television channel.

Germany deports 18 rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan

A Kabul-bound plane with 18 Afghan migrants on board took off from Munich Airport late Wednesday, its passengers becoming the third group of rejected asylum seekers to be deported by German authorities back to Afghanistan.

German state approves full-face veil ban

Legislation that bans face veils in select public spaces and situations was agreed by the government of the southeastern German state of Bavaria on Tuesday.

Ancelotti makes charity donation after middle finger gesture

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti has agreed to donate 5,000 euros (5,200 dollars) to a charity run by the German football federation DFB following his middle finger gesture towards Hertha Berlin fans.

Turkey's Erdogan to bring constitutional reform campaign to Europe

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing to bring a campaign for constitutional reform to Turks living in the European Union, his premier told journalists in Munich on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia "very optimistic" about cooperation with Trump

Saudi Arabia is "very optimistic" about its cooperation with the administration of US President Donald Trump, the Saudi foreign minister said Sunday at the Munich Security Conference.

Grabar-Kitarovic says Lavrov appreciates her sincerity about Russia's role in SE Europe

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov appreciates honesty and we have had a good, constructive relationship for years, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said in Munich on Saturday, two days after she said that Russia was interfering in the integration of Southeast European countries with Euro-Atlantic associations.

Guterres: UN reform is necessary in light of terrorism, conflict

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Saturday that fundamental reform of the United Nations is required to tackle new global challenges including international terrorism, war and conflict.

Russia 'disappointed' with Pence's remarks on Ukraine conflict

Russia is "disappointed" with US Vice President Mike Pence's comments regarding Moscow's implementation of a ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine, a senior Russian lawmaker says.

Pence reassures allies of Trump's NATO support, tough Russia stance

US Vice President Mike Pence sought to reassure European allies on Saturday of his country's "unwavering" support of NATO, amid unease about President Donald Trump's unpredictable foreign policy stance, particularly towards Russia.

Boris Johnson: No crises in Ukraine, Syria with Trump in charge

The crises in Ukraine and Syria wouldn't have happened had Donald Trump been US president at the time, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Friday.

NATO needs to adapt to remain credible, says Mattis at Munich talks

NATO needs to adapt to remain credible, US Secretary of Defence James Mattis said Friday, while also affirming US President Donald Trump's commitment to the military alliance for international allies.

World leaders await chance to gauge Trump foreign policy in Munich

World leaders and foreign and defence officials will get an opportunity to get a better handle on the foreign policy goals of US President Donald Trump on Friday as the Munich Security Conference enters its first day.

Croatian president says Russia's meddling posses threat to EU and NATO enlargement

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said in Munich on Thursday that interference by some countries, notably Russia, posed a threat to the integration of the Southeast European countries with the European Union and NATO.

Report: German migration agency sees no mistake in Berlin attack case

Germany's immigration authority committed no errors when it allowed Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri to seek asylum, even though it knew about his multiple aliases and criminal background, says the agency's head.

Merkel tells sister political party: No ceiling on refugee numbers

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday ruled out imposing a ceiling for the number of refugees Germany will take should she win September elections, highlighting a key differences in her conservative political bloc regarding asylum seekers.

German conservatives unite behind Merkel as Social Democrats surge

Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives rallied behind her bid for a fourth term as German leader on Monday, laying aside months of disunity to help head off a surge in support for the rival Social Democrats (SPD).

Carbon monoxide from gasoline generator killed 6 teens in Germany

Six teenagers found dead in an allotment shed in the German town of Arnstein at the weekend were killed by carbon monoxide that was being emitted by a gasoline generator, police and prosecutors said Thursday.

Six teens found dead in Germany killed by carbon monoxide poisoning

Six teenagers who were found dead in an allotment shed in the German town of Arnstein at the weekend died of carbon monoxide poisoning, police said Tuesday.

VW recalls almost 600,000 cars in US; mostly Audis affected

German carmaker Volkswagen is recalling almost 600,000 cars in the United States, with the action mainly affecting Audi models, a spokesman for the subsidiary told dpa on Sunday.

Anti-state extremist carrying 'fantasy ID' resists arrest in Germany

A wanted member of Germany's Reichsbuerger movement, which does not recognize the authority of the modern German state, presented police with a 'fantasy ID card' upon his arrest near Frankfurt, according to a police statement released on Thursday.

Six dead, 10 injured after autobahn crash in southern Germany

Six people were killed, including four teenagers, in a multi-car crash on a motorway in southern Germany shortly after midnight on Sunday, local police said.

Bayern Munich with another record-breaking financial season

Bayern Munich have generated a record turnover of 626.8 million euros (661.3 million dollars) in the 2015-16 season, an increase of more than 100 million euros, the Bundesliga champions said on Friday.

Bird flu spreads in Germany ahead of planned cull of 8,800 geese

New cases of bird flu have been recorded in several cities and districts of southern Germany, local authorities said on Sunday, days before the planned cull of 8,800 geese in the north of the country.

Siemens to buy US software company Mentor for 4.5 billion dollars

German industrial giant Siemens said Monday that it plans to acquire US software company Mentor Graphics for 4.5 billion dollars in an effort to expand its industrial software portfolio.

Motion to end support for Merkel fails at sister party rally

A proposal to withhold support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel should she once more campaign for the job didn't pass at a convention of her party's Bavarian affiliate.

Midwife sentenced to 15 years for trying to kill pregnant women

A 35-year-old midwife was found guilty Friday of seven counts of attempted murder and handed 15 years in prison for giving blood thinners to women due to deliver their babies via caesarean section.

Climbing accident leaves man hanging upside down over 200-metre drop

A 75-year-old rock climber was left hanging upside down by a rope over a nearly 200-metre drop after a fall in Austria's Tirol region, local police reported Sunday.

Bosch, Siemens recall 170,000 potentially explosive gas ovens

German household products manufacturers Bosch and Siemens are starting a recall of 170,000 gas ovens that pose the risk of exploding, the licensee of the two brands, BSH housewares group, announced Tuesday in Munich.

Oktoberfest opens in Munich under heightened security

Oktoberfest opened in Munich on Saturday under heightened security, with backpacks banned and a fence erected around the beer festival's grounds to ensure that all visitors are screened.

Report: Cluster bombs still killing civilians in Syria, Yemen

Dozens of cluster bombs are still being dropped on Syria and Yemen during the conflicts there, an arms monitoring organization said Thursday.

Police catch Munich shooter's suspected arms dealer in bogus sale

A weapons dealer thought to have sold a gun to the 18-year-old who carried out a deadly shooting rampage in Munich has been detained, German prosecutors said.

German police searching for drone pilot after close call with Airbus

German police were searching for the pilot of a drone after a near-collision with a Lufthansa passenger plane in Munich airspace last week.

Munich shooter's father: "We're receiving death threats"

The parents of the Munich teen who shot dead nine people at a McDonald's restaurant and a nearby shopping centre before turning the gun on himself, have been receiving death threats, his father said in an interview with German Sunday paper Bild am Sonntag.

Report: Munich shooter right-wing extremist, "hated Turks and Arabs"

An Iranian-German teenager who killed nine people during a mass shooting outside a Munich shopping centre was a right-wing extremist who "hated Turks and Arabs," Germany's FAZ newspaper reported Wednesday citing investigators.

Prosecutors request life imprisonment for Perkovic and Mustac

German prosecutors have requested life imprisonment for Yugoslav-era Croatian intelligence officials Josip Perkovic and Zdravko Mustac over the murder of Croatian dissident Stjepan Djurekovic near Munich in 1983.

Friend of Munich shooter may have known of attack in advance

A friend of the Munich shooter, an Afghan teen, may have known in advance of the attack in which nine people were gunned down, prosecutors said Monday.

Recent high-profile attacks in Germany

Over the past five years in Germany there have been several high-profile attacks in which people have been injured or killed. The number has risen sharply after a recent spate of attacks.

Munich teen inspired by mass shootings, Islamic State link ruled out

A lone 18-year-old German-Iranian attacker who shot dead 10 people, including himself, in Munich was inspired by other mass shootings around the world with police on Saturday ruling out any link to the Islamic State extremist group.

Munich shooting draws condemnation, empathy from around the world

Leaders from around the world react to the shooting rampage in Munich which left 10 people dead, including the gunman, and more than two dozen injured.

Munich area football to go ahead after shooting; 1860 cancel fanfest

Football club 1860 Munich has cancelled a fanfest scheduled for Sunday while lower-league matches in the region will go ahead as planned over the weekend in the wake of the deadly shooting spree in Munich.

Police say teen Munich gunman inspired by Breivik massacre in Norway

German police believe that the lone, teenaged German-Iranian gunman who shot dead 10 people, including himself, in Munich was inspired by the massacre in Norway five years ago of 77 people by Anders Behring Breivik.

Croatian FM says no information about Croats being among victims of Munich attack

Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac said late on Friday evening the ministry had no information if there were any Croatian citizens among those killed or injured in the attack on a crowded Munich shopping mall in which nine people were killed.

Shooting touches off panic, fear in normally placid Munich

Nice, Wuerzburg and now Munich. The European cities that have suffered terrorist attacks is growing. At least eight people were killed Friday in the capital of the south-eastern state of Bavaria. The likelihood that it is a terrorist attack set off fear and panic across the city.

Police speak of "acute state of terror" in Munich shooting spree

Police spoke of an "acute state of terror" in Munich Friday after several people were killed and several others injured in a shooting at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich.

Witnesses report three shooters at Munich shopping centre, police say

Police in Munich assume that there were three shooters at the Olympia shopping centre.

Several people killed in Munich shopping centre shooting, police say

Several people were killed on Friday in a shooting at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich, a police spokesman told dpa.

Police: we don't know where Munich shopping centre shooters are

The situation in Munich is still unclear after the shooting at the Olympia shopping centre, police say.

At least one dead, several injured in Munich shopping centre shooting

At least one person was killed and several others injured on Friday in a shooting at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich, a spokesman for the Bavarian Interior Ministry told dpa.

Some injured and possibly dead after shooting in Munich, police say

A shooting at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich has left victims injured and possibly dead, a police spokesman says.

Remains found in German forest "likely" of child missing for 15 years

Human bone fragments discovered in a forest in the German state of Thuringia are "highly likely" the remains of a young girl who disappeared 15 years ago, investigators said on Monday.

Iranian film Forushande wins top prize at Munich Film Festival

The 34th Munich Film Festival ended on Saturday with the top prize going to the family drama Forushande (The Salesman) by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi.

Bavaria initiates push to ban face veil in German courts

The southern German state of Bavaria initiated on Tuesday a push for a nationwide ban on wearing a face veil during court proceedings.

Police find no Islamist links to German knife attacker who killed one

Investigators in southern Germany said they have been unable to link a knife-wielding attacker who killed one man and wounded three others at a train station early Tuesday to any Islamist or extremist groups.

One dead after man stabs commuters at rail station outside Munich

One man has been killed and three others wounded in a knife attack at a railway station east of Munich early Tuesday, prosecutors said, adding that the incident may have been politically motivated.

Croatia and Bavaria must intensify relations

"I am happy that after a longer pause I can welcome a Croatian Prime Minister in Munich. This is the continuation of our good relations and, one could say, friendship," Seehofer said after his meeting with Oreskovic.

German IT project develops system to predict Game of Thrones deaths

A group of IT students at Munich's Technical University has developed an algorithmic piece of software to predict deaths of characters in the upcoming season of the cult television series Game of Thrones.

New science suggests children catch obesity at birth from mum or dad

Expectant mothers are encouraged to switch to a healthy diet and stop smoking, but scientific studies are showing by then it may be too late: the parents' pre-pregnancy lifestyles, even including a father's bad diet, are not forgotten by the genes.

Munich Pegida official investigated for injuring 75-year-old woman

An official of Germany's anti-Islam Pegida movement is being investigated for injuring a 75-year-old woman in the southern city of Munich, a police spokesman said Saturday, confirming media reports.

BMW i8 is world's best-selling hybrid sports-car

BMW's attention-grabbing i8 is the world's top-selling hybrid sports car, says the Munich maker, with 5,456 of the i8 sold globally last year.

Microsoft aims for entry-level business users with new Lumia 650

After releasing the fairly high-priced Lumia 950 and 950XL, Microsoft has now set its sights on entry-level business users by adding the mid-range Lumia 650 to its Windows 10 smartphone lineup.

Croatian trades to be promoted at IHM fair in Munich

As many as 27 Croatian exhibitors will take part in the Munich international trade fair for craft trades from 24 February to 1 March, the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Trades (HOK) announced on Monday.

German police: Arsonists may have set ablaze planned refugee housing

A fire at planned refugee accommodation in eastern Germany could have been started deliberately, police said Sunday, adding that the case was now being handled by a specialist department for extremist crimes.

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" Asylum seekers boost sales of language books

Not everyone in Germany has welcomed the recent influx of migrants to the country with open arms

Asylum seeker dead after stabbing in German refugee centre

A 20-year-old asylum seeker is dead after a stabbing in a Bavarian refugee centre, German police said Sunday.

FM: No mention of Hasanbegovic, Lozancic in Munich

Foreign Minister Miro Kovac has said that during his talks at a Munich security conference there was no mention of Culture Minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic, whose resignation has been demanded by the Opposition, nor of the case of Dragan Lozancic, ...

Grabar-Kitarovic says real causes of refugee crisis finally discussed

"I am glad that we have finally started talking about the real problems rather than only about refugee quotas. That we have started to focus on what I have been warning about the whole time... the root causes of the crises that result in migrant tides," 

Kremlin: Putin, Obama in "frank and constructive" call on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama had a "frank and constructive" phone conservation Sunday, two days after world powers agreed to implement a temporary truce in Syria in one week's time, the Kremlin says.

McCain: Russia's Syria action seeks to divide NATO, undermine EU

President Vladimir Putin's military intervention in Syria is an attempt to reestablish Russia as a major power by dividing NATO and undermining the European project, US Senator John McCain says Sunday.

Russia doubts success of Syrian truce amid "intensified" air campaign

Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, said there was a "49-per-cent" chance that a temporary truce between regime forces and the Syrian opposition would succeed.

France unwilling to take on more refugees, prime minister says

France will not take in more than 30,000 refugees, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Merkel gets praise from Kerry for pro-refugee stance

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday commended Angela Merkel and other European leaders for their role in seeking to control the migration crisis, even as the German chancellor campaigned for her pro-refugee policies.

Kerry: Russian sanctions will remain until full Minsk implementation

Economic sanctions against Russia will remain until the Minsk peace agreement for Ukraine is fully implemented, US Secretary of State John Kerry says.

Contact group plans consultation on eastern Ukraine elections

Representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France have agreed to work on the best way forward for local elections in eastern Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Saturday at the Munich Security Conference.

Ischinger: Germany should take greater role against Islamic State

Germany should take a greater military role in the fight against Islamic State, diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger said ahead of the Munich Security Conference, where foreign policy and defence officials will meet from Friday to discuss global crises.

World powers agree to partial "cessation of hostilities" in Syria

The "nationwide cessation of hostilities" set to be implemented in Syria by world powers in one week's time will not apply to the Islamic State militant group, US Secretary of State John Kerry said early Friday.

Number killed in German train crash rises to 11

The number of people killed in a head-on collision of two commuter trains in Bavaria earlier in the week has risen to 11, German police confirmed on Thursday.

First black box from German crash shows no sign of technical failure

Information obtained from the first of three black boxes out of two commuter trains that collided head on in southern Germany shows no indication of a technical failure, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said Wednesday.

German train crash death toll set at 10; police end search for bodies

German police said Wednesday they have concluded their search for victims of a head-on collision of two commuter trains the day before that left 10 dead and 81 injured.

"Human error" responsible for German train crash that killed 10

The head-on collision of two commuter trains in southern Germany that left 10 people dead and dozens injured was caused by "human error," a source close to the investigation told dpa of the initial findings.

Ten dead, dozens injured in head-on train collision in Germany

The head-on collision of two commuter trains in southern Germany early Tuesday left 10 people dead, dozens injured and one person missing, police said.

Nine dead, two missing, 81 injured in train collision in Germany

Nine people are dead and two are still missing after the head-on collision of two commuter trains in southern Germany, police said Tuesday, adding that two train drivers were very likely among the casualties.

Eight dead, 90 injured in head-on train collision in southern Germany

At least eight people are dead and another 90 injured after two commuter trains collided head on and partially derailed near the southern German town of Bad Aibling on Tuesday, police said.

Popping joints are usually harmless, spine expert says

Joints that crack may sound alarming, but it's almost always harmless, says a top spinal doctor.

Will Netflix bring the long-awaited digital revolution to TV viewing?

Some industries have been transformed by the internet within a matter of years, but television is one that’s proven harder to crack.

Plague pathogens may have survived for hundreds of years in Europe

German scientists have discovered Asia and Africa may not be to blame for the plague that claimed the lives of millions of Europeans in several waves over centuries. The pathogen may also have survived in European lice over long periods.

WADA report: Diack sought IAAF sponsorship money for Olympic vote

A report on corruption and doping in athletics suggested Thursday that heavily implicated former IAAF president Lamine Diack tried to sell his vote for the 2020 Olympics host city in exchange for sponsorship money for the ruling athletics body.

Merkel refuses to bow to ally-turned-critic's call to cap migration

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her opposition to limiting the number of migrants and refugees allowed to enter the country, as she sought to settle tensions within her bloc at a key coalition partners' party conference on Wednesday.

Merkel to attend allies' conference amid debate on migration cap

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was scheduled to appear at a party conference of her Bavarian allies on Wednesday amid mounting tensions within her conservative bloc over a proposed cap on the number of migrants to enter Germany over the course of 2016.

Minister: More than 33,000 refugees entered Bavaria in last 10 days

Bavaria's interior minister said Tuesday that 33,300 refugees have entered the country through the borders of the southern German state in the last 10 days

The investigation into Munich's New Year terrorism scare

Police in Munich, Germany, cleared two city train stations

Munich terror alert lifted as investigators seek potential suspects

The terror alert in Munich was lifted Friday as investigators puzzled over the identities of potential attackers implicated in an intelligence tip-off that prompted the closure of two train stations on New Year's Eve.

Munich stations reopen after fears of suicide attack

Two Munich train stations reopened early Friday after they were closed on New Year's Eve over "concrete" intelligence about a threat of an imminent suicide attack linked to the Islamist State extremist movement, police said.

Police: Munich train stations threatened with suicide attack

A suspected terrorist plot that provoked authorities to evacuate Munich's main train station was an intended suicide attack, city police chief Hubertus Andrae says.

German authorities: Terrorist threat linked to Islamic State movement

The suspected threat of an attack overnight in Munich arises from the Islamic State extremist movement, Bavarian state Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann says, citing information received from an allied intelligence service.

Police: New Year's Eve threat in Munich linked to Islamists

The threat that prompted the evacuation of two Munich train stations was connected to Islamist suspects, a police spokeswoman says.

Munich police close train stations over "concrete" terrorist threat

Munich police warned late on New Year's Eve of a threat of a terrorist attack in the Bavarian state capital.