Over 70 reported dead in tanker explosion in Mozambique

About 73 people were killed Thursday when a fuel tanker exploded in central Mozambique, media reports said.

Mozambique's gas boom threatens to falter as economy stumbles

Mozambique's huge gas discoveries could raise it from poverty into a middle-income country. But as massive debts threaten to devour the profits, will Mozambique be able to seize the chance?

Mozambique's secret debt rocks relations with donors

Mozambique's relations with donors have been rocked by a revelation that the government had taken dubious loans worth more than 2 billion dollars for three companies.

UNICEF: A million children need treatment for malnutrition in Africa

Almost 1 million children are in need of medical treatment for severe acute malnutrition in drought-hit parts of eastern and southern Africa, the UN children's fund (UNICEF) said Wednesday.