Top Shiite cleric says victory over Islamic State in Iraq imminent

Iraq’s top Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani said Friday that an Iraqi military victory over Islamic State was imminent.

Pro-government militias say Mosul cut off from rest of Iraq

Iraq's mainly Shiite pro-government militias Wednesday said they have reached Kurdish Peshmerga positions west of Mosul, cutting off the Islamic State stronghold from the rest of Iraq and from...

Army officer: Islamic State shelling near Mosul kills 31 civilians

Shelling by Islamic State on a district recently liberated from the extremist militia near its key stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq has killed 31 civilians, an army officer said on Thursday....

Pro-regime Iraqi militia takes airport seen as key to Mosul operation

The Popular Mobilization Forces, a pro-Iraqi government Shiite militia, managed late Wednesday to wrest control of a critical airport from Islamic State forces, according to a statement by the...

Islamic State ramps up attacks on Iraqi forces near Mosul

Iraqi forces on Wednesday repulsed "fierce" counter-attacks by Islamic State near the extremist militia's key stronghold of Mosul, an army officer said.

Iraqi forces claim ancient Nimrud city from Islamic State

Iraqi forces have retaken control of the ancient city of Nimrud from Islamic State near the militant organization's stronghold of Mosul, a senior army officer said on Sunday.

Iraqi forces advance on Islamic State stronghold despite car bombs

Iraq said its forces on Saturday recaptured two districts near Islamic State’s key stronghold of Mosul despite the car bombs used by the militant group in an attempt to hamper the US-backed...

UN: Islamic State hangs bodies of 40 executed civilians in Mosul

Islamic State reportedly shot dead 40 civilians this week and hung their bodies from electricity poles in the militant organization's stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq, the United Nations said...

Iraq claims villages from Islamic State near Mosul

Iraqi forces have liberated four villages from Islamic State as part of an ongoing major campaign to retake the extremist militia’s key stronghold of Mosul, an army commander said on Thursday.

Islamic State extremists abduct 300 people near Mosul, UN says

Over 300 former Iraqi security forces and sheiks have been abducted by Islamic State extremists near Mosul in recent days, the UN Human Rights Office reported on Tuesday.

Iraq Army: Mass grave with 100 decapitated bodies found near Mosul

A mass grave of 100 headless bodies has been found south of Mosul in a town that was recently recaptured from Islamic State, the Iraqi Army said on Monday.

Iraqi Kurds "capture" Islamic State-held town of Bashiqa, near Mosul

Iraqi Kurdish troops Monday said they had captured the Islamic State-held town of Bashiqa near Mosul, two weeks after they surrounded it and cut off its jihadist defenders.

Iraqi forces claim key town near Mosul as refugee numbers swell

Iraqi forces said Saturday they had captured a key town some 15 kilometres south of Mosul, while an aid agency reported a sharp rise in the numbers of civilians fleeing since fighting reached the...

Iraq reports gains against Islamic State in Mosul

Iraqi forces on Friday made territorial gains against Islamic State in the extremist militia's stronghold of Mosul, a senior army officer said.

Iraq retakes over 50 villages near Mosul amid strong resistance

Joint Iraqi forces liberated Wednesday more than 50 villages bordering Mosul as part of an operation to dislodge Islamic State from the northern city, while intense fighting erupted again in a...