Petrov: HSS decision to back Plenkovic won't change Bridge-HDZ relationship

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, said on Wednesday that the decision by the presidency of the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) that their five members of Parliament would support Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic as prime minister-designate would not change the Bridge-HDZ relationship or the recently begun talks on government formation.

Plenkovic, Petrov reach compromise regarding some demands submitted by Bridge

"We agreed that some of these topics (seven demands Bridge submitted for the forming of the new government) were realistically achievable at beginning of the work of the next Croatian parliament while some will most definitely be part of the programme of the new government with a clearly defined flow-chart, which will be realised," HDZ chief Plenkovic told reporters on Monday evening.

More instability may loom for Croatia after another hung election

More instability looms ahead for Croatia after Sunday's snap parliamentary poll again produced no clear-cut winners, according to exit polls.

Petrov expects to win more than 12 seats in election

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, said in an interview with RTL on Thursday evening that he expected to win more than 12 seats in the coming early parliamentary election and that his party would score even better than projected by analysts.

Bridge: HDZ and SDP haven't given guarantees

Spokesman for the Bridge party Nikola Grmoja said on Thursday that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had not responded to Bridge's guarantees (demands) which were to be the basis of any future cooperation, adding that these were not even close to what had been agreed to with Bridge at the last election.

Bridge says wants the voice of the people to win in parliament

The Bridge party wants the voice of the people to win in parliament because Bridge members did not enter politics to feather their nest but to bring changes for the better, Bridge leader Bozo Petrov said at the party's final election rally on Tuesday.

Petrov urges voters not to vote out of fear of the Right or the Left

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, on Sunday called on voters not to vote out of fear of the Right or the Left in the September 11 early parliamentary election because members of those two camps "are neither right nor left under the skin."

HDZ leader: Bridge's terms interesting, but let's wait for elections to be over

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic said in Sibenik on Saturday that the terms for cooperation with the HDZ and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) the Bridge party made public earlier in the day were "interesting" but that one should wait for the elections to be over.

Bridge party presents seven terms for cooperation with SDP, HDZ

Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov on Saturday made public his party's seven terms for cooperation with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), which, he said, those two parties would have to accept within 30 days from the inauguration of the next parliament if they wanted Bridge's support to form a government.

Bridge: We aren't dividing Croatia into left and right

The Bridge party on Thursday presented its candidates for the constituency covering the Zagreb area in the September snap election, saying that Bridge isn't dividing Croatia into left and right.

Bridge and HDZ reps trade accusations over lack of reform

Public Administration Minister Dubravka Alibegovic of the Bridge party on Thursday accused the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of having halted the reform in the public administration, while Ivana Maletic of the HDZ countered that this reform failed due to the inability of the relevant ministry led by the Bridge party to draw up an acceptable action plan.

Bozo Petrov: Serbia should ask itself what it did

The leader of the Bridge party, Bozo Petrov, on Wednesday commented on the current tensions in Croatian-Serbian relations, describing protest notes and statements coming from Serbia as "a circus" and noting that Serbia should ask itself what it has done.

Bridge candidates alert of women's under-representation on slates

Presenting its election platform in Rijeka on Monday, six female Bridge candidates including former MP Ines Strenja Linic said that the party wanted to draw attention to the importance of stronger participation of women in politics because, Strenja Linic underscored, women are under-represented on party slates and have to work a lot harder to be included on them.

Petrov expects same number of MPs, hopes for more

Bridge president Bozo Petrov said in Osijek on Tuesday he expected his party to win at least the same number of seats in September's early parliamentary election as last year and that he hoped it would win more.

Petrov: We'll keep changing system tailored by HDZ and SDP

Leader of the Bridge party Bozo Petrov on Tuesday said in Osijek that in the past period Bridge had endeavoured to change "malignant duopoly" tailored by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Social Democratic Party (SDP), two major political parties.

Petrov heading Bridge slate in Constituency No. 10, Orepic in Constituency No. 1

Bridge leader Bozo Petrov confirmed on Friday that he would be heading his party's slate in Constituency No. 10 and that Vlaho Orepic would be heading the slate in Constituency No. 1, which covers Zagreb, dismissing remarks that he was not running in Constituency No. 1 because he was afraid of the confrontation with Social Democratic Party leader Zoran Milanovic and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Andrej Plenkovic.

Petrov wants TV debate with Plenkovic, Milanovic

Bridge party president Bozo Petrov said on Sunday that he would like to take part in a TV debate with Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic and Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Zoran Milanovic, and announced that his party would soon decide whether he would run against them in Constituency I.

Petrov: Bridge isn't for new election but isn't for old models of conduct either

Bridge leader Bozo Petrov said on Friday the party was not for a new election but that it could not back old models of conduct, voicing confidence that First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko would assume responsibility and the ruling Patriotic Coalition nominate a new candidate to replace him.

Lawmakers pass 1st law sponsored by new government

Croatia's Parliament on Friday adopted the first law sponsored by the cabinet of Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic and this was a bill of amendments to legislation on the management of state-owned property.

Bridge says HDZ, SDP stop amendment of MP benefits' law

The Bridge party has posted on its Facebook that MPs of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) have stopped a bill of amendments to the law on MPs' benefits, and that Bridge, by requesting the amendments, "has fulfilled its pledge," but these claims have been met with numerous negative comments.

Council for Cooperation between Patriotic Coalition, Bridge appointed

The secretary-general of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), Milijan Brkic, has confirmed that the Council for Cooperation between the HDZ, the Bridge party and the Milan Bandic 365 party has been established in line with an agreement signed by the three sides to that effect, noting that the Council will have 16 members instead of the originally planned 14.

Croatian veterans affairs minister resigns from 6-day-old cabinet

Croatian Veterans Affairs Minister Mijo Crnoja resigned Thursday under pressure of scandals and a democratically dubious proposal, less than a week after the country's new cabinet took office.

Karamarko says Patriotic Coalition, Bridge cooperating well

Speaking to the press in Split, he said there were attempts by "some media" to create disagreements between the Patriotic Coalition and Bridge, but that the two sides "are cooperating very well" and communicating well.

Karamarko: HDZ, Bridge have enough quality people to form govt.

The HDZ and Bridge have enough quality personnel to form the government, which does not mean that we won't consider and acknowledge other proposals too, Karamarko said, adding that Prime Minister-Designate Tihomir Oreskovic would have the last word.

Grmoja: Ostojic nervous and speaking inappropriately

Commenting on Ostojic's claims that Petrov had not been tapped, Grmoja said he had entirely expected such a reaction.

Bridge party says Christmas 2015 will be remembered

We have a non-partisan expert who can manage big systems. All the faces we have been watching on the political scene no longer represent our country.

Karamarko: Parliament and expertise give Oreskovic legitimacy

We have a prime minister-designate. Now that he is a businessman of world renown, now that a Croat has come from abroad, a top expert, now legitimacy is a problem.

Petrov will be one of deputy PMs, Patriotic Coalition to nominate parliament speaker

Each government sector will have to be agreed between Bridge, the Patriotic Coalition and the prime minister, but competence will come first, said Martinovic.

Zoran Milanovic: Voters in Croatia deceived

This violates democratic rules and standards that we fought for for years and we will never give them up," SDP's leader wrote.

Bridge: We continue to insist on reforms

The main purpose of such an agreement will be to set out reforms that are to be implemented and to define time limits for their implementation and evaluation, the party said in a statement.

News agencies: Croatian PM-designate is technocrat without political experience

Reuters reported that Bridge, "made up of municipal politicians and independents, insisted on a technocrat prime minister as a guarantor of reformist intentions on fiscal management and the economy."

President entrusts Oreskovic with mandate to form gov't

He called both on the parliamentary majority and on the Opposition to help him in this endeavour.

Karamarko, Petrov: Oreskovic Patriotic Coalition's choice

HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko refuted some interpretations that the prime minister-designate "shouldn't be someone without legitimacy from the election."

Oreskovic arrives at President's office for PM-designate mandate

According to the Constitution, the President appoints a prime minister-designate based on the support of a majority of elected MPs and consultations.

HDZ, Bridge propose Tihomir Oreskovic as PM-designate

The Bridge party and the Patriotic Coalition are nominating Tihomir Oreskovic, until now a member of the Pliva drugs company supervisory board, for prime minister-designate.

HDZ invites Bridge to continue negotiations

He recalled that they had sent a letter to Bridge on Monday stating that they were prepared to continue with negotiations. 

Minority MPs support Petrov, Italian MP's support conditional

Vice President of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) Milorad Pupovac on Tuesday confirmed that he would give his support to Petrov.

Elected MP Simic stands firmly by Petrov

 This organisation insists that any decision on election and post-election cooperation with other parties is only within the remit of GOGO Main Committee.

Elected deputy Simic leaves Bridge

The statement ensued after the Social Democratic Party and its coalition seemed to be finalising a post-election cooperation agreement with Bridge, offering Bridge leader Bozo Petrov signatures for his nomination as PM-Designate.

Petrov offered SDP coalition signatures, asks more timeeleci

The president said then that none had yet secured the necessary majority support of 76 elected deputies in the parliament to be nominated Prime Minister-Designate.

Petrov says offer that he be PM-designate to be discussed tonight

Asked by the press before a meeting of the Bridge National Council if he would accept the offer, he said, "It will be discussed at the meeting among other things."

President to hold third round of consultations on Tuesday afternoon

 The President will first meet with the elected representatives of ethnic minorities and then with the leaders of parties and coalitions.

Milanovic says tripartite alliance untenable, supports further talks with Bridge

In conclusion, he said that "Croatia needs a stable government with strong support in parliament, which will be led by a person with electoral legitimacy."

HDZ chief says it's imperative to form parl. majority

The HDZ is preparing an initiative to be presented to the Bridge reformist party and Karamarko described the initiative as "good and a possible solution in the present circumstances".

Petrina says new elections are nothing to be afraid of

Petrina said in a political talk show aired on Croatian Television that he would not support the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) but that this did not mean that he would support the Social Democratic Party either.

Lovrinovic: MOST will ask for position of prime minister

We did not come here to play, we want a quality government to be formed and this process can last, we will not halt it, Lovrinovic said.

All three sides to attend cross-party meeting on Monday

"I will attend that meeting and I am willing to talk," Karamarko said after the meeting. "One must talk, we have agreed on that," Karamarko said, adding that no offers were made today.

Official says SDP ready both for talks and for elections

This is the first time we have a situation of this kind at the state level, but at the local level there have been many situations that were decided by a third political camp

HDZ accepts MOST's invitation to meet on Monday

"This soap opera cannot last long. It's either a new election or an agreement. I think the citizens are finding it increasingly hard to tolerate all this,"

MOST invites two party blocs for joint meeting

In the event that only one of the two blocs appears at the scheduled meeting, Bridge will resume negotiations with that side on forming a reformist government, 

Petrov says responsibility cannot be shifted onto 10 pct of MPs

At this moment I would like to see them finally reach an agreement and let them elect their parliament speaker

Karamarko: We didn't support Podolnjak because of 'done deal' approach

Asked why the HDZ had given up on Zeljko Reiner as its candidate for Parliament Speaker, Karamarko said that they had wanted to see what would happen during the session.

Bridge MP disappointed with failed attempt of new parliament

Lovrinovic claimed that it was clear that it was not Bridge that was obstructing the government's formation and the election of the chairman of the eighth legislature.

First attempt to inaugurate parliament fails

Podolnjak said that he would accept his appointment only if the parliament voted him in by consensus, ...

Podolnjak says MOST can't nominate its parliament speaker candidate

He also said that at talks with both the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Bridge discussed all possibilities and potential names.

Petrov says both HDZ and SDP agree with MOST reform proposal

In his brief statement to the press, Petrov said the talks also focused on Bridge's vision of forming a reformist government consisting of representatives of the SDP, the HDZ and Bridge.

SDSS, MOST officials interviewed in police probe into political trade-offs

"I gave a statement to the police and guaranteed with my signature that I would not divulge its contents to the media," Grmoja told Hina,

If Karamarko and Reiner are unacceptable to SDP, they're also unacceptable to MOST

"If that is unacceptable to the SDP, it is also unacceptable to us because we want a reformist government that will include all three sides.

Petrov sends email to MPS and Bridge members

"Unfortunately a lot of things remained only at the level of political dialogue, just as a show for the public," Petrov said.

HDZ and MOST agree on main objectives

Presenting the Patriotic Coalition's 137-page responses, Maletic said the HDZ was satisfied with the negotiations (on a post-election coalition) and with what had been achieved.

Karamarko: HDZ against abolishing of counties, SDP's replies absurd

"Our answers to Bridge are based on our reform platform on which we have been working for the last three years and on which there is a high degree of agreement between us, ...

Karamarko says HDZ responses to MOST reform proposals ready

"I can say what the topic was. The president said, 'Try to agree as much as you can, so that we come out of this time vacuum which is entirely unnecessary,"

SDP coalition: Exclusive economic zone acceptable if in accordance with commitments

The coalition agrees in principle to reducing wage levies, but warns that such reductions should not threaten the health system.

SDP-led coalition responds to Bridge's reform proposals

Croatia today is growing. That's a result of the targeted and planned work of our government and the results of that work are clearly visible in numbers.

Milanovic again offers Petrov office of parliament speaker

That's what Bridge requested. Engaging the best we have, which is indeed the best in Croatia, we responded, adding something too.

Petrov says president wanted for warn about gravity of situation

"In that part of the meeting, (the president) just warned once again that such situations call for responsibility, that the situation is quite difficult,  ...

MOST MP says SDP offered her position in executive authority

"Others in Bridge are being approached too," she said, adding that she had informed the party's president, Bozo Petrov, and spokesman Nikola Grmoja, about the SDP offer.

MOST member accuses president of 'disgraceful behaviour'

The president behaved disgracefully at the consultations for the new government with the Bridge delegation, which comprised me, two other members and Bridge president Bozo Petrov.

Karamarko says Milanovic has no right to offer functions

Karamarko told reporters that Petrov responded well to Milanovic's offer by saying that it missed the point and that reforms were the most important thing to Bridge.

HDZ: Milanovic trying to stay in power to prevent investigations

Milanovic first attempted to cause in a rift in the Bridge party by organising secret talks under cover of night, then he blackmailed, through middlemen, members of ethnic minorities 

HDZ, SDP have until Monday to take official positions on Bridge's proposals

We are fully aware of the difficulty of the process we have launched and which questions the years-long practice of governance which was not focused on Croatia's well-being 

Petrov says Milanovic's offer missing the point

"It seems to us that we are still speaking a different language because the most important thing to Bridge is implementing reforms and reaching a consensus on them, 

Milanovic calls on MOST to back him, offers Petrov to be parl. speaker

If Petrov cannot or will not accept the offer, the SDP will accept that and will "as the relatively biggest group in the Sabor" propose a person for the post of Parliament Speaker.

Karamarko says has many credible signatures of support

"We must have a strong government with finished programmes and we have them. The economic aspect is very important as is the security aspect,"

Milanovic says hasn't enough votes of support, talks with Bridge to continue

"Everything is clear for now; as a candidate for Prime Minister-Designate I have 66 signatures, which is not enough. We will see how many the others have.

Bridge party hasn't backed either coalition for forming new govt.

He told reporters that Bridge had 16 votes at the moment and that a decision on the other two seats in parliament would be made by Sunday.

HDZ says high degree of agreement with Bridge on exclusive economic zone in Adriatic

We have reached a high degree of consensus and agreed that we will both support a decision to declare an exclusive economic zone. 

Bridge, SDP to continue discussing exclusive economic zone

Regarding the Exclusive Economic Zone, we have exchanged our opinions and shown Croatia's international obligations. We will continue discussing this, Bauk said.

Official says SDP coalition has collected signatures of 67 MPs so far

"What you have read in media is true, at this moment we have 67 sigfnatures. Surprises are always possible, but they do not happen frequently," 

Petrov: MOST still has 18 MPs

He said that their case had nothing to do with the case of Drago Prgomet, who had been expelled from Bridge's National Council because he "worked behind their back".

MOST: Exclusive economic zone will be condition for support to new government

The exclusive economic zone is among the party's last conditions for its support to the new government, but it is the most important one, he said.

MOST official says HNB governor supports party's reforms

According to the statement, Vujcic stressed that structural reforms were necessary and that he was happy that Bridge advocated reforms, 

Neither SDP nor HDZ parties want TIH observers at talks

"When they (TIH) win seats in elections, we will negotiate with them, too," Maric said.

Lovrinovic says HDZ, SDP very interested in changes

"We regret that the two parties failed to understand the need for changes sooner. However, better late then never," Lovrinovic said after the three-hour talks. 

MOST unveils details of proposed monetary, fiscal, education and science policies

The party says that a public debt management policy is necessary given the complexity of the situation and its impact on all other areas. 

MOST, SDP say gov't, central bank should intensify cooperation

Responding to criticism that he was proposing radical solutions in the monetary policy, Lovrinovic denied that he advocated a devaluation of the national currency.

Bridge party agrees to TIH observers monitoring negotiations with HDZ and SDP

TIH is now waiting for the written consent of the HDZ and the SDP before it joins the negotiations, she added.

HDZ leader says SDP-HDZ-MOST gov't not a good idea

"Both they (Bridge) and we have been fighting for four years against a bad government that has brought the state into the current situation and now we should amnesty it ...

Prgomet says will form party, supports Bridge

Asked if his supporters who stayed in Bridge would cross over to his new party, he said that they would make their own decisions about their political work.

Petrov still hopeful of MOST-SDP-HDZ gov't

"If all of us agree on what should be done, then I can't see any problem in forming a reform government even if its term will be only two years,"

Bridge says Prgomet wasn't invited to Sunday meeting

 Bridge's meeting, scheduled for Sunday, will start at 10 am in Zagreb's Antunovic Hotel and the coalition's members will address the media at 4 pm.

Bridge to hold closed-door meeting on Sunday; Prgomet says will attend it

Asked about their possible participation in the government, Grmoja repeated that no political negotiations on that had been conducted yet.

HDZ, Bridge in "mild dispute" only on primary waste selection

"We have the same interest, firm and common family farming, the farmland issue, direct payments, rural development," said Krunoslav Zmaic, chair of the HDZ Agriculture Committee.

Bridge presents reform demands for agriculture, environment, energy

As for reform demands in the sector of energy, Bridge wants a new energy strategy with implementing documents to be made in the first quarter of next year to make energy serve the economy.

Bridge, SDP-led coalition say negotiations on agriculture constructive

Grcic said the two sides agreed that it was necessary to support family farms through financing, solvency, state aid, and a balanced allocation of farmland.

Unions: Post-election talks futile, it's time for compromise

The union leader noted that currently 36,777 busineses and more than 321,000 citizens have had their accounts frozen for more than 60 days, 

HDZ wants to see alternative to present number of counties

"Why would all the Serbs in Croatia support a leftist government, or all the Italians, Czechs or Slovaks? 

SDP, Bridge agree number of counties should be reduced

Grcic declined to speculate how long negotiations with the Bridge party could last.

MOST publishes reform demands for local government, public administration

Bridge also proposes reducing by at least 20 percent the number of members of representative bodies, namely councillors, from the current 8,354.

MOST, SDP-led coalition continue talks; HDZ chief says there's political will to prune public administration

One of the SDP's negotiators, Public Administration Minister Arsen Bauk, said he expected some of the issues related to the political system to be opened today.